Bubba's Big Brother Series
Genre Reality competition
Starring Various Big Brother Housemates
Country of Origin Netherlands
Based on United States
Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 1 (current)
Executive producer(s) Duffybutt11(Bubba) [Season 1-Present]
Ericdiz2134 (Eric) [Season 1-Present]
Original Run December 1, 2013 – present
Original Site Tengaged Groups

The show puts a number of 'houseguests' into a studio built house where they will live in total confinement, cut off from the outside world and will not leave until they are either evicted or are crowned the winner of the season. Each week, the houseguests will battle for power and form alliances to stay in the game. At the end of the season, the jury will vote between the final 2 on who they believe the winner of the season should be.


Ordinary people will be secluded into a house like no other. There is no contact what-so-ever with the outside world. Each season will consist of about a month in length. Each week there is a Head of Household (HoH)who will have to nominate two fellow housemates. There is also a Power of Veto (PoV) competition each week. That gives the winner a chance to remove themselves of the nomination block. After the final nominees have been announced the other houseguests will have to vote to evict one of the two nominees. This is repeated until there are three left. At Final three, the HoH competition is split into three parts. Winner of part one is guaranteed a spot in part 3, same for part two winner. The part one and two winner will battle it out in the Final HoH Competition (part three). The final HoH winner will get to evict one other person to join the jury made of the past seven evicted houseguests! The jury will each cast a vote not to evict, but for a winner. after the jury has selected voted there is a live Finale where the host reads the votes and there is an overall winner!

Season detailsEdit

Season HouseGuests Duration Winner Runner Up Launch Finale
Season One 13 XX days TBA TBA December 1, 2013
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