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Survivor is the the Tengaged version of the classic American version of Survivor. The show follows between 16-20 castaways marooned in an exotic location for a 39 day challenge. They must survive the wilderness in two, three or four teams (known as tribes), comepte in immunity challenges, and the vote at tribal council (AKA Elimation). $1,000,000 is awarded to the Sole Survivor (AKA winner) of each season. There are also Player of the Seasons chosen for each season. The series is hosted by JETTEJoff of Tengaged.

Many castaways will compete in the grueling 39 day challenge, and only one will come out the Sole Survivor.


# Name Location Tribes Winner Runner-Up(s) Vote Notes
1 The Australian Outback Herbert River at Goshen Station, Queensland, Australia Two tribes
of eight
Andrew Haters Josh "Em" Jay 4-3 First season.
2 Samoa Upolu, Samoa Alexis "Lexi" Vazquez Sally Twontu 6-3 First season with a quitter. First season with 11 castaways at the merge. First season with 9 jury members.
3 Tocantins Jalapão, Tocantins, Brazil Brittany Fierce Courtney Sparrow 5-2 First season to have people switch tribes. Featured the Mutiny twist. First season with 9 people merge.
4 Nicaragua San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua Two tribes of nine Christian Michaels JoJo Palmer 5-4 First season with 18 castaways.
5 All-Stars Courtney Sparrow Ethan Zee Ashley Rivera 4-3-0 First season with the same location as another; first season with all veteran players. First Season With a Final 3. First season with hidden immunity idols. 
6 One World Upolu

, Samoa

One tribe of fifteen Graham "Game" Time Jeff Wilde 5-2 First season with one tribe.
7 Gabon Wonga-Wongue Presidential Reserve, Estuaire, Gabon Two tribes of nine Brianna Queen Vladmir "Vlad" Zelhini Yasser Afarat 4-2-1 First season with 18 castaways to not have a tribe switch. First season to have a medical evacuation.
8 Panama- Exile Island Pearl Islands

, Panama

Four tribe of four Jason Who Violet Choo 5-2 First season with four tribes; First season to feature Exile Island;Had 2 tribe's of all women and two tribes of all men
9 Bermuda Triangle Jobson's Cove, Hamilton, Bermuda Three tribes of six Mona Vanderwall Sebastian Itas Whitney Starr 5-2-2 First season with three tribes. First time with a merge of twelve.
10 Palau Koror, Palau Two tribes of ten Robby Millford Cedric DaBus Tony Vaha 5-3-0 First season with 20 Castaways. First season without idols since Nicaragua
11 Micronesia- Fans vs. Favorites Peach Ophree Blair Woldorf 7-2 10 New Players (called "Fans") versed 10 veteran players (called "Favorites"), First season to have a final 2 with one veteran and one newbie. First season with no ties.
12 Vanuatu- Second Chances Efate, Shefa Province, Vanuatu Two tribes of nine Missy Avanto Roshy Singh 4-3 First season with more than one tribe swap. Featured 18 castaways returning for a second chance.
13 South Pacific Tonga Nora DeJapoli TJ "Hurricane" Midnight Matthew Gentle 4-2-1 First season with ties since Micronesia. First season since Palau to feature a final 3 format. 
14 China Zhelin Reservoir,

Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China

Two tribes of eight Lindsey Pickman Tobias "Tobi" Smith 5-2 Featured 3 ties and had 3 people 'idoled' out of the game. The first person eliminated was purple rocked instead of voted out.
15 Marquesas- Back To Basics Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia, France Elliot Sidney Spidera "Big Daddy" Boom 6-1 Went "Back To Basics" which featured no hidden immunity idols and a normal merge. Elliot Sidney made Survivor history as the first finalist to make it to the end with 0 votes against him.
16 Thailand- Garden of Eden Ko Tarutao, Satun Province, Thailand Featured the Garden of Eden twist.

Season RankingsEdit

1. All-Stars
2. Vanuatu-Second Chances
3. Micronesia-Fans Vs. Favorites
4. Australian Outback
5. China
6. Panama-Exile Island
7. Samoa
8. Palau
9. Tocantins
10. Bermuda Triangle
11. Gabon
12. South Pacific
13. Marquesas
14. One World
15. Nicaragua

Winner RankingsEdit

1. Courtney Sparrow (All-Stars)
2. Andrew Haters (Australian Outback)
3. Alexis "Lexi" Vazquez (Samoa)
4. Missy Avanto (Vanuatu)
5. Lindsey Pickman (China)
6. Graham "Game" Time (One World)
7. Mona Vanderwall (Bermuda Triangle)
8. Elliot Sidney (Marquesas)
9. Robby Millford (Palau)
10. Jason Who (Panama-Exile Island)
11. Brittany Fierce (Tocantins)
12. Peach Ophree (Micronesia)
13. Nora DeJapoli (South Pacific)
14. Christian Michaels (Nicaragua)
15. Brianna Queen (Gabon)

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