Ultimate Idol
Season 1
Ultimate Idol
Broadcast from 27 March 2013 - 20 April 2013
Judges Thomas (ThomasSwift)
Janelle (Janelle_Pierzina)
Katia (katia929)
Ryder (BBobsessor)
Davy (Guess_Who)
Mentor(s) Ashley (BigBruv)
Host(s) Thomas(ThomasSwift)
Broadcaster Tengaged
Song Who Knew
Taylor Swift
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Season 2

The first season of Ultimate Idol premiered at the end of March 2013. It is the debut season of the franchise. The season sets out to find a solo artist that has the whole package and can claim a gift at the end of the season. The competition is based on the format of American Idol/Pop Idol. P!nk (Chloeox) was announced the Ultimate Idol on May 20th 2013. 

The judging line up for the first season consists of four very talented professionals who are experienced within the music industry. Thomas, who is the current head judge/mentor and excecutive producer on the show Janelle's X Factor, he is also the creator of the franchise. Janelle, a long-term trusted friend and collegue of Thomas' she is the creator of Janelle's X Factor and has been a judge on it for four seasons. Katia, the host and creator of a similar music based competition Idol: Tengaged Edition which is on its second season. Finally, Ryder is a experienced judge on another music based competition Tengaged (Karaoke) Idol which is in it's eigth season. The four experienced judges will help the season debut. 

Ashley, was added as a mentor to the finalists to help them with their song choice on certain themes and also gave critical opinions in the results show on the finalists. Ashley gives one-on-one mentoring with the finalists. 

From the Top 11 onwards, there were only 3 judges as Katia was removed from the panel. Therefore towards the end of the season, the panel consisted of Thomas, Janelle and Ryder. During week 2 of the Live shows Davy replaced Janelle on the panel. Davy is also set to return during season 2. 

Regional auditionsEdit

Auditions were held in Atlanta, Chicago,, Dallas, Miami, New York City and Seattle in March/April of 2013.

Episode Air Date  Audition City Golden Tickets
27th March 2013 Seattle, Washington 6
28th March 2013 Chicago, Illinois 7
29th March 2013 New York City, New York 6
30th March 2013 Atlanta, Georgia 7
31st March 2013 Dallas, Texas 8
1st April 2013 Miami, Florida 8
Total Tickets to Hollywood 42

At each audition date ten contestants will audition in front of the judges and try to impress them. The contestants need the majority of the judges to say 'YES' in order to receive their goldeon tickets to Hollywood. However, if the judges do not say 'YES' as a majority the contestant will go no further. There may be a possible 'call back' date added depending on how many contestants receive a golden ticket to Hollywood. 

Hollywood weekEdit

This stage of the competition takes place in Hollywood. The number of contestants that get through to this round is dependent on the amount the judges put through in the auditions stage. The contestants will be tested in a certain area to see how well they work with it and their versatility, The judges will score each act out of 10, without commenting on them. The 14 highest scoring contestants will be able to advance straight to the semi-finals, the next 20 are sent to Las Vegas for one more chance to get into the semi-finals while the rest are cut from the competition and will not advance no more. 

Task 1: '45 seconds to impress'Edit

The 42 contestants that made it through auditions and into Hollywood were all called on stage for their first task of Hollywood. They were told that they could perform whatever song they wanted, but it had to impress the judges right of the mark as each contestant only had a 45 second time frame to perform. The judges would then each score the contestants out of 10. It was then revealed that the 10 highest scoring contestants this round would advance straight into the semi-finals. 

At the results, the contestants were called onto the stage. It was announced that Chris Brown, Toby Keith and Ke$ha were to be immediately cut from the show. Nickleback were also disqualified for being a band. Ten people then auto-advanced into the semi-finals, Christina Aguilera, Cascada, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Olly Murs, Shakira, Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars and Whitney Houston. The remaining 28 contestants were sent to task 2, for another chance to get into the Semi-Finals.

Task 2: 'Judges Decision' Edit

The 28 contestants that never auto-advanced to Hollywood, but never got cut were called back on stage for their second task at Hollywood. They were split into four groups of 7, and had to perform a solo song, a judge would 'head' each group and at the end send one of the contestants into the semi-finals (in total 4), however they would also need to cut two of them (in total 8). The other 4 (in total 16) will head to Las Vegas to battle it out for one last time. The selection of what happens to each contestant is down to the judge heading their group solely. 

Group Judge Contestants Judge's choice to advance Judge's choice to eliminate
A Katia Ellie Goulding, Hitada Hikaru, Usher, Janelle Monae, Natasha Beddingfield, Taylor Swift, Glee (Solo). Glee (Solo) Ellie Gouding
Hitada Hikaru
B Thomas Jordin Sparks, Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, Cher Lloyd, Emile Sande, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne. Jordin Sparks Austin Mahone
Cher Lloyd
C Ryder Max Schneider, Kenny Chesney, Bobby Van Jaarsveld, Jason Mraz, Rhianna, Leona Lewis, Marina & The Diamonds. Leona Lewis Bobby Van Jaarsveld
Marina & The Diamonds
D Janelle Mary J. Blige, David Cook, Stevie Wonder, P!nk, Shawn Desman, Cher, Jason Derulo.  Mary J. Bige Stevie Wonder
Shawn Desman

Las Vegas roundEdit

This stage of the competition takes place in Las Vegas. 16 contestants that never scored high enough to advance to Hollywood, but were too good to cut get one final chance to make it into the semi-finals. The contestants are given another task again, half will go home while the other half join the semi-finalist's. 

Task: 'Groups'Edit

The 16 contestants going to Las Vegas for a last chance of 10 spaces in the semi-finals were split into 4 random groups of four. They were told that they would have to perform a live song together, the judges would score the groups as a whole and then rank them alone from best to worst. The two groups that score the highest overall from the judges will all advance, then the highest rankers from the losing groups will also advance, making up ten.

Group Contestants Overall Group Score Highest Ranker
A Cher, P!nk, Max Scheneider, Usher 24 P!nk
B Kenny Chesney, Avril Lavigne, Emile Sande, Lady Gaga 29.5 Kenny Chesney
C Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Natasha Beddingfield, Jason Mraz 28 Justin Bieber
D Janelle Monae, David Cook, Rihanna, Taylor Swift 29 Rihanna


The following is a list of semi-finalists who failed to reach the finals

Contestant Age Date of Birth Audition City
David Cook 30 December 20, 1982 Miami, Florida
Jordin Sparks 23 December 22, 1989 Dallas, Texas
Beyonce 31 September 4, 1981 Seattle, Washington
Janelle Monae 27 December 1, 1985 Dallas, Texas
Glee (Solo) Seattle, Washington
Mary J. Blige 42 January 11, 1971 Chicago, Illinois
Lady Gaga 27 March 28, 1986 New York City, New York
Mariah Carey 43 March 27, 1970 Miami, Florida
Justin Bieber 19  March 1, 1994 Atlanta, Georgia
Christina Aguilera 32 December 18, 1980 Atlanta, Georgia
Emili Sande 26 March 10, 1987 New York City, New York
Kenny Chesney 45 March 26, 1968 Seattle, Washington
Olly Murs 28 May 14, 1984 Dallas, Texas

Semi-finals Edit

The Top 24 will perform in three groups over 3 days, eight per show. The public vote for their favorite and the three highest scoring from each show are revealed, along with six wildcards the day after the 3rd show. 

Semi-Final Group 1 - Billboard Hot 100 hitsEdit

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Christina Aguilera "Beautiful" Wild Card
2 Beyonce "Dance For You" Eliminated
3 Shakira "She Wolf" Advanced
4 Jordin Sparks "No Air" Eliminated
5 Carrie Underwood "Two Black Cadillacs" Advanced
6 Mariah Carey "One Sweet Day" Eliminated
7 Bruno Mars "When I Was Your Man" Advanced
8 Emile Sande "Read All About It" Wild Card

Semi-Final Group 2 - Billboard Hot 100 hitsEdit

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Justin Beiber "All Around The World" Eliminated
2 Taylor Swift "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Advanced
3 Cascada "Evacuate The Dance Floor" Advanced
4 Glee (SOLO) "It's Time" Eliminated
5 Lady Gaga "Telephone"  Eliminated
6 Kenny Chesney "Pirate Flag" Wild Card
7 Avril Lavigne "Sk8er Boi" Advanced
8 Whitney Houston "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" Advanced

The Top 4 from group 2 advanced due to a tie for 3rd place, as a result only one wildcard was selected from this group. 

Semi Final Group 3 - Billboard Hot 100 hitsEdit

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Olly Murs "Troublemaker" Wild Card
2 P!nk "Please Don't Leave Me" Wild Card
3 David Cook "Come Back To Me" Eliminated
4 Kelly Clarkson "Catch My Breath" Advanced
5 Mary J. Blige "Be Without You" Eliminated
6 Leona Lewis "Happy" Advanced
7 Rihanna "We Found Love" Advanced
8 Janelle Monae "I Want You Back" Eliminated

Wild Card Round - 'Give Me A Second Chance' Edit

Six contestants that didn't make it to the live shows (two from each group) are given a second chance to impress the judges, the act that impresses the judges the most joins the other ten to form the Top 11 finalists.

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Olly Murs "Oh My Goodness" Eliminated
2 Emile Sande N/A Eliminated
3 Kenny Chesney What I Need To Do" Eliminated
4 Christina Aguilera "Fighter" Eliminated
5 P!nk "Try" Advanced

Emile Sande failed to post and was therefore auto-elimiated by the judges. The judges ultimately decided to put P!nk through to the finals. 

Top 11 FinalistsEdit

  • Shakira
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Bruno Mars
  • Whitney Houston
  • Cascada
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Rihanna
  • P!nk
  • Leona Lewis
  • Taylor Swift
  • Avril Lavigne
The Top 11 (originally planned to be the Top 10) were selected by the public to advance to the finals, apart from P!nk who was selected by the judges as a Wildcard after she failed to make it via the public polls.

P!nk, Rihanna and Taylor Swift all originally auditioned in Seattle, Washington. Taylor and Rihanna both received 4 Yes' from the judges, whereas P!nk only received 3 as Janelle gave her a No. All 3 failed to advance at Hollywood, Taylor and Rihanna both advanced together as part of a group, and P!nk advanced only as a result of her being the highest scorer of one of the losing groups. In the Semi-Finals Taylor advanced via the public polls in Group 2. Rihanna and P!nk both performed in Group 3, only Rihanna made it through via the public, P!nk was selected as one of the wildcards to perform again for the judges. P!nk advanced after impressing the judges the most at the wildcard show. 

Kelly Clarkson and Leona Lewis both originally auditioned in Chicago, Illinois. Both received 4 Yes' from the judges and advanced to Hollywood. Both then advanced to the Semi-Finals from Hollywood, Kelly advanced in Task 1, scoring high points from the judges, while Leona made it through at task 2 where Ryder selected her to advance. Both Kelly and Leona went against eachother in the Semi-Finals (Group 3) and the public voted them to advance to the Finals.

Bruno Mars, Shakira and Cascada all originally auditioned in New York City, New York. Bruno recieved 4 Yes' from the judges, while Shakira received 3 due to Katia saying No, as did Cascada due to Janelle saying No. All 3 auto-advanced during task 1 at Hollywood where the judges gave them all high scores. Bruno and Shakira both advanced to the finals via the public in Semi-Final Group 1, while Cascada advanced via the public in Semi-Final Group 2.

Avril Lavigne is the only finalist that originally auditioned in Atlanta, Georgia. Avril received all 3 Yes' (as Katia was absent) and advanced to Hollywood. Avril failed to advance at the Hollywood stage and so moved onto Las Vegas for one last chance. She, along with her group scored the highest and so all advanced into the Semi-Finals. Avril then advanced into the finals via the public vote in Semi-Final Group 2. 

Whitney Houston is the only finalist that originally auditioned in Dallas, Texas. Whitney received 4 Yes' from the judges and advanced to Hollywood. Whitney auto-advanced to the Semi-Finals at Task 1 in Hollywood after scoring high marks from the judges. Whitney was then voted into the finals via the public vote in Semi-Final Group 1. 

Carrie Underwood is the only finalist that originally auditioned in Miami, Florida. Carrie received 4 Yes' from the judges and received her golden ticket to Hollywood. Carrie was one of the 10 contestants that auto-advanced in Task 1 at Hollywood. She then advanced into the finals via the public poll in Semi-Final Group 1. 


Top 11 - Break Up AnthemsEdit

Mentor: Ashley 

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love" Bottom 3
2 Rihanna "Unfaithful" Safe
3 Bruno Mars "Grenade" Safe
4 Avril Lavigne "My Happy Ending" Safe
5 Kelly Clarkson "Because of You" Safe
6 Cascada "Draw The Line" Eliminated
7 P!nk "Just Like a Pill" Safe
8 Whitney Houston "Why Does It Hurt So Bad" Safe
9 Shakira "Beautiful Liar" Safe
10 Taylor Swift "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Safe
11 Carrie Underwood "Before He Cheats" Eliminated
Save Me Song
1 Cascada "Summer Of Love" Not Saved
2 Carrie Underwood "Jesus, Take The Wheel" Not Saved

Top 9 - Dance HitsEdit

Mentor: Ashley

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Whitney Houston "I'm Every Woman" Safe
2 Avril Lavigne "Smile" Safe
3 P!nk "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" Safe
4 Kelly Clarkson "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" Bottom 2
5 Bruno Mars "Marry You" Safe
6 Shakira "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)" Safe
7 Rihanna "S&M" Eliminated
8 Taylor Swift "22" Safe
9 Leona Lewis "Collide" Safe
Save Me Song
1 Rihanna "Shut Up and Drive" Not Saved

Top 8 (First Week) - Life Changing Lyrics Edit

Mentor: Ashley

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Taylor Swift "Mean" Safe
2 Kelly Clarkson "A Moment Like This" Safe
3 Shakira "Give It Up To Me" Bottom 3
4 Leona Lewis "Footprints In The Sand" Eliminated
5 Bruno Mars "Let It Rain" Safe
6 P!nk "Don't Let Me Get Me" Safe
7 Avril Lavigne "Here's To Never Growing Up" Safe
8 Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You" Bottom 3
Save Me Song
1 Leona Lewis "Better In Time" Saved
  • Shakira and Whitney were announced 'safe' at the same time as the vote went to deadlock and Leona was sent home. 
  • The Judges Save was used this week on Leona. As a result there will be a double elimination next week. 

Top 8 (Second Week) - A Rocky FeelingEdit

Mentor: Ryder

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Taylor Swift "I Knew You Were Trouble" Safe
2 Shakira "Objection (Tango)" Safe
3 Bruno Mars "Locked Out of Heaven" Safe
4 Avril Lavigne "What The Hell" Safe
5 P!nk "So What" Bottom 2
6 Whitney Houston N/A Ejected
7 Leona Lewis "Brave" Eliminated
8 Kelly Clarkson "My Life Would Suck Without You" Safe
  • Whitney Houston was ejected due to not performing, as a result only one other person was sent home in the redux.

Top 6 - Songs You Wish You WroteEdit

Mentor: Ashley

Order Contestant Song Result
1 P!nk "Nobody Knows" Safe
2 Shakira "Gypsy" Safe
3 Kelly Clarkson "Behind These Hazel Eyes" Safe
4 Taylor Swift "Fifthteen" Safe
5 Bruno Mars "Just The Way You Are" Eliminated
6 Avril Lavigne "How You Remind Me" Bottom 2

Top 5 - First Album, First Label; Alternative ChoiceEdit

Mentor: Thomas

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Kelly Clakson "The Trouble With Love Is" Safe
2 Taylor Swift "Our Song" Safe
3 Avril Lavigne "Losing Grip" Eliminated
4 P!nk "Family Portrait" Safe
5 Shakira "Suerte (Whenever, Wherever)" Bottom 2
6 Kelly Clarkson "Someone Like You" Safe
7 Taylor Swift "Picture To Burn" Safe
8 Avril Lavigne "Knockin' on Heavens Door" Eliminated
9 P!nk "Raise Your Glass" Safe
10 Shakira "I'll Stand By You" Bottom 2

Top 4 - Ballad Mania; No Ballad's AllowedEdit

Mentor: Ashley

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Taylor Swift "White Horse" Safe
2 P!nk "Nobody Knows" Safe
3 Kelly Clarkson "Cry" Eliminated
4 Shakira "Underneath Your Clothes" Safe
5 Taylor Swift "22" Safe
6 P!nk "Stupid Girls" Safe
7 Kelly Clarkson "Since U Been Gone" Eliminated
8 Shakira "La Tortura" Safe

Top 3 - Judge's Choice; Contestant's Choice; Duet'sEdit

Mentor: Ashley (for duet's only)

Order Contestant Song Chosen By Result
1 P!nk "Perfect" Davy Safe
2 Shakira "Hips Don't Lie" Ryder Eliminated
3 Taylor Swift "Love Story" Thomas Safe
4 P!nk "Try" Self Safe
5 Shakira "Addicted To You" Self Eliminated
6 Taylor Swift "You Belong With Me" Self Safe
7 P!nk "Just Give Me a Reason" (Nate Ruess) Self & Ashley Safe
8 Shakira "Lo Hecho Esta Hecho" (Pitball) Self & Ashley Eliminated
9 Taylor Swift "Both of Us" (B.O.B.) Self & Ashley Safe

Top 2 - Ashley's Choice; Song of The Season; Winning SingleEdit

Mentor: Ashley

Order Contestant Song Chosen By Result
1 P!nk "Family Portrait" Ashley Winner
2 Taylor Swift "Mean" Ashley Runner-Up
3 P!nk "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" Self & Ashley Winner
4 Taylor Swift "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Self & Ashley Runner-Up
5 P!nk "Who Knew" Self & Ashley Winner
6 Taylor Swift "Mine" Self & Ashley Runner-Up

Elimination ChartEdit

     Did Not Perform
     Top 3/Top 2
     Safe First
     Safe Last
     Judges Save
Stage: Semi-finals Wild Card Finals
Week: 9/4 10/4 11/4 13/4 18/4 21/4 29/4 2/5 5/5 9/5 12/5 15/5 18/5
Place Contestant Result
1 P!nk Wild Card Top 11 Safe Top 3 Safe Bottom
Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
2 Taylor Swift Top 11 Top 2 Top 3 Top 3 Top 3 Top 2 Safe Safe Safe Runner Up
3 Shakira Top 11 Safe Top 3 Bottom
Safe Safe Bottom
Safe Elim
4 Kelly Clarkson Top 11 Top 2 Bottom
Top 3 Safe Top 2 Safe Elim
5 Avril Lavigne Top 11 Safe Safe Safe Top 3 Bottom
6 Bruno Mars Top 11 Safe Safe Top 3 Top 3 Elim
7 Leona Lewis Top 11 Bottom 3 Safe Saved Elim
8 Whitney Houston Top 11 Safe Safe Bottom
9 Rihanna Top 11 Safe Elim
10 Carrie Underwood Top 11 Elim
11 Cascada Top 11
Christina Aguilera Wild Card Eliminated
Emile Sande Wild Card
Kenny Chesney Wild Card
Olly Murs Wild Card
final 3
David Cook Eliminated
Janelle Monae
Mary J. Blige
final 2
Glee (SOLO) Eliminated
Justin Bieber
Lady Gaga
final 1
Beyonce Eliminated
Jordin Sparks
Mariah Carey

Guest PerformancesEdit

Week Performer(s) Title Highest Peak in Billboard Hot 100 (US) Highest Peak in UK
Top 24 The Saturdays "What About Us" 27 1
Top 11 Bastille "Pompeii" 2
Jessie J Who's Laughing Now 16
Top 9 One Direction "One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)" 13 1
Top 8 (1) Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" 7 12
Will.I.Am (feat. Miley Cyrus) "Fall Down" 58 34
Top 8 (2)  Carly Rae Jepsen "The Kiss" 86 166
Top 6 Girls Aloud "Beautiful Cause You Love Me" 97
Misha B "Here's To Everything (Ohh La La)" 35
Top 5 Nicki Minaj 'Starships' 5 2
Nicole Scerzinger 'Boomerang' 1
Florence and the Machiner 'Shake it out' 72 20
Top 4 Lana Del Rey "Blue Jeans" 32
Tha Wanted "Chasing The Sun" 50 2
Top 3 Nate Ruess (with P!nk) "Just Give Me A Reason" N/A N/A
Beyonce (with Shakira) "Beautiful Liar" N/A N/A
B.O.B. (with Taylor Swift) "Both of Us" N/A N/A
F.U.N. "Some Nights" 3 7
B.O.B. "So Good" 11 7
Beyonce "Bow Down/I Be On"
Top 2 Top 11
Kelly Clarkson
Avril Lavigne
Leona Lewis
Carrie Underwood
Dark Side
A Moment Like This
Before He Cheats
Cast of Les Mis Medly
P!nk Who Knew (Winners Single)
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