Vinny's X Factor Series is a singing competition based off of the hit show "The X-Factor ". The series includes a panel of 4 judges who would critique the artists on their singing abilities. Each coach is assigned a category using "". The categories usually consists of Boys, Girls, Groups and Over 25's. Season 1 was a different style as the categories were changed up to Girls, Under 21's, Over 30's and Groups. The current panel consists of the host Vinny, Zoey, Brandon and Stuart. The show is being run by host/coach Vinny, who is also a judge on Janelle's Voice Factor  , replacing former coach on the show Lauren Jade.

Host and Coaches HistoryEdit

Vinny (WeAreAllWitnesses) created the X-Factor series on March 1, 2014. On Season 1 of The X-Factor season, he selected his panel of judges. They consisted of Brandon (Brandonh1), Zoey (ZoeyLacey) and Stuart (StuartLittle16). Host/Coach Vinny has a history in singing competitions. He has competed in multiple groups and is now currently a judge on Janelle's Voice Factor, replacing Lauren Jade on the panel after her departure. On March 22, 2014, due to Brandon's absense in the competition, Riley (BigBrotherManiac) took Brandon's place in the panel until he returns. Riley has experience coaching as he also is a judge on Janelle's Voice Factor and currently has been a judge since Season 1.

Season 1 - Week 1 - Everybody's On There Feet!Edit

On the season premiere of The X-Factor. The judges had been picked and it was time for the auditions. With multiple contestants trying to earn a spot in the competition, only 20 of them were picked to participate in the live shows. The contestants were all categorized in certain categories: The Groups, The Girls, The Under 21's and The Over 30's. After the 20 contestants were selected, the judges were assigned groups by Vinny got the Over 30's, Brandon got The Girls, Zoey got The Under 21's and Stuart got The Groups. After the first week, no one was eliminated. Amber Riley left the competition for an unknown reason which then allowed the contestants a free pass into the Final 19. Jessica Sanchez became the first ever #1 place on the rankings in Week 1.

Vinny Brandon Zoey Stuart
Jason Aldean Demi Lovato Madilyn Bailey Fifth Harmony
Beyonce Amber Riley Beth Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Mariah Carey Taylor Swift Miley Cyrus The Saturdays
Chris Daughtry Cher Lloyd Jena Irene Imagine Dragons
Christina Aguilera Ellie Goulding Jessica Sanchez Cascada

Week 2 - Emotions Are Running Wild!Edit

On Week 2, the contestants were asked to perform a song with loads of emotions. It was supposed to create lots of emotions from happy tears to sad tears. That week was the first week of an official elimination. The first official elimination of the season. The bottom 2 would battle it out to see who stays and who leaves. The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and The Saturdays were in the bottom 2 that week. The Saturdays managed to receive more votes and eventually The Yeah Yeah Yeah's were sent home and were the first to leave the competition. Beyonce recorded her first ever #1 ranking in the competition on her debut of The X-Factor.

Rank  Contestant
1 Beyonce "I Was Here"
2 Demi Lovato "Skyscraper"
3 Fifth Harmony "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger"
4 Christina Aguilera "Hurt"
5 Ellie Goulding "Your Song"
6 Jason Aldean "Laughed Until We Cried"
7 Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball"
8 Jessica Sanchez "Dance With My Father"
9 Taylor Swift "Ronan"
10 Mariah Carey "Vanishing"
11 Cascada "Draw The Line"
12 Madilyn Bailey "My Immortal"
13 Beth "Unconditionally"
14 Chris Daughtry "September"
15 Jena Irene "Unbreakable Me"
16 Imagine Dragons "America"
17 Cher Lloyd "Beautiful People" 
18 The Saturdays (2) "My Heart Takes Over"

Yeah Yeah Yeah's (2)* "Maps"

(2) - Bottom 2

  • - Eliminated 

Week 3 - Saturday Night Live!Edit

On Week 3, the contestants were asked to perform a live concert for the judges. It was a free-for-all for the contestants as they were allowed to choose any song as long as it was live. Beyonce had once again claimed another #1 place in the standings, becoming the first ever contestant on The X-Factor to stay at #1 back to back weeks. Cher Lloyd and Beth were declared the bottom 2 by the judges. Cher managed to get the votes to send Beth home and coming 18th place in the competition.

Rank Contestant
1 Beyonce "End Of Time"
2 Fifth Harmony "Miss Movin' On" 
3 Jessica Sanchez "The Prayer"
4 Ellie Goulding "I Need Your Love/Burn"
5 Taylor Swift "Eyes Open"
6 Demi Lovato "Give Your Heart A Break"
7 Imagine Dragons "Radioactive/Demons"
8 Mariah Carey "Emotions"
9 Miley Cyrus "These Four Walls"
10 Cascada "Dangerous"
11 The Saturdays "Higher"
12 Christina Aguilera "Blank Page"
13 Madilyn Bailey "Not Afraid"
14 Chris Daughtry "Hemorrage In My Hands"
15 Jason Aldean "She's Country"
16 Jena Irene "Suddenly I See"
17 Cher Lloyd (2) "Oath"
18 Beth (2)* "Why Did You Call Me When You're High"

(2) - Bottom 2

  •  - Eliminated

Week 4 - Top HITS With The Top TWIST!Edit

On Week 4, it was proclaimed "one of the biggest nights of the season" as not only was it a double elimination week, but a big twist was going to happen as well. The contestants battled hard as they performed their top hits for the judges. In the end, Beyonce had won her 3rd consecutive #1 place in the standings. She beat 2nd place Jessica Sanchez barely as Beyonce received 2 1st's and a 3rd while Jessica received 2 2nd's and a 1st. The twist was revealed that the winning mentor (which turned out to be Vinny) would be allowed to swap one of their players for another team's player in a different category. Vinny chose Fifth Harmony to join The Over 30's and sent Jason Aldean to The Groups. He claimed "the girls were consistent and that was the reason that I chose them". On the negative part of the night, the bottom 2 of the rankings automatically got eliminated. Chris Daughtry and Imagine Dragons were eliminated as they fell below the line and were the bottom 2 of the double elimination night.

Rank Contestant
1 Beyonce "Irreplaceable"
2 Jessica Sanchez "I Have Nothing"
3 Fifth Harmony "Me & My Girls"
4 Madilyn Bailey "Titanium"
5 Jena Irene "Deocode"
6 Jason Aldean "Dirt Road Anthem"
7 The Saturdays "What About Us"
8 Taylor Swift "You Belong With Me"
9 Cascada "Everytime We Touch"
10 Ellie Goulding "Lights"
11  Demi Lovato "This Is Me"
12 Cher Lloyd "Want U Back"
13 Mariah Carey "Fantasy"
14 Christina Aguilera "Genie In A Bottle"
15 Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop"
16 Imagine Dragons (2)* "It's Time"
17 Chris Daughtry (2)* "Breakdown"

(2) - Bottom 2

  • - Eliminated

Week 5 - All You Need Is Love!Edit

On Week 5, The Top 15 battled for a spot in the Final 14. The contestants were asked to perform a love song that related to the theme of the week. In the results, Fifth Harmony claimed their first ever #1 place in the rankings. In the last 5 weeks, the girls have managed not to drop from the Top 4 position in the standings. Also ending the 3 week 1st place reign from Beyonce. Beyonce was declared 3rd place that week after 2nd place Jessica Sanchez. Beyonce had an incredible 3 straight weeks on top of the rankings. The bottom 2 of the week turned out to be Cascada and Jason Aldean. In an X-Factor first, the poll turned out to be tied 50% to 50%. The judges discussed who should be sent home (Zoey was not there at the time) and Cascada was sent home after a unanimous 3-0 vote to keep Jason Aldean.

Rank  Contestant
1 Fifth Harmony "Who Are You"
2 Jessica Sanchez "Love On Top"
3 Beyonce "Love On Top"
4 Madilyn Bailey "Just Give Me A Reason"
5 Jena Irene "Somebody That I Used To Know/When You Were Young"
6 Mariah Carey "We Belong Together"
7 Taylor Swift "Enchanted"
8 Demi Lovato "Without The Love"
9 Christina Aguilera "I Turn To You"
10 Ellie Goulding "The Writer"
11 Miley Cyrus "Adore You"
12 Cher Lloyd "With Ur Love"
13 The Saturdays "Issues"
14 Jason Aldean (2) "Big Green Tractor"
15 Cascada (2)* "Truly Madly Deeply"

(2) - Bottom 2

  • - Eliminated

Week 6 - Hello Holidays!Edit

March 17th was the day that Week 6 had began. Also happening on that day was St.Patrick's Day. As a result of celebrating St.Patrick's Day, the contestants had to bring some holiday spirit to the panel as they performed a holiday hit. The holiday could've been anything, it ranged from Spring Break to New Year's Day to Christmas and to the most popular theme of that week Valentine's Day. In first place that week, after a bit of an inconsistent start of the competition, the X-Factor audience viewed a new #1 star as Demi Lovato took over the rankings and stood up tall as she took the #1 spot in the rankings for the first time ever in her season. Controversy began as popular star and fan favorite Beyonce didn't perform before the deadline. As a result, she was placed in the bottom 2 and fighting for her life along with her fellow Over 30's partner Christina Aguilera. In the end, the dream of being X-Factor champion came to an end for Beyonce. She was eliminated from the competition, finishing in 14th place. She was a favorite to win due to her powerful vocals and her consistent high rankings including 3 straight 1st place finishes. Beyonce is now the 7th contestant to be eliminated from the competition.

Rank Contestant
1 Demi Lovato "All I Want For Christmas"
2 Jessica Sanchez "Love You I Do"
3 Fifth Harmony "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
4 Madilyn Bailey "Starships"
5 Jena Irene "Clarity"
6 The Saturdays "Winter Wonderland"
7 Taylor Swift "Change"
8 Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas"
9 Jason Aldean "Black Tears"
10 Cher Lloyd "Love Me For Me"
11 Miley Cyrus "Santa Clause Is Comin' To Town"
12 Ellie Goulding "All I Want For Christmas"
13 Christina Aguilera (2) "Have Yourself A Merry Christmas"
14 Beyonce (2)* "Drunk In Love"

(2) - Bottom 2

  • - Eliminated

Week 7 - Du-et For The Judges!Edit

On Week 7, the contestants were asked to perform a duet with another artist of their choosing. The Top 13 battle it out to claim the #1 spot in the rankings in Week 7. The contestants were paired up with another artist and they performed a song for the judges. Although there were a lot of strong performances, the competition gets stiffer and stiffer as two more artists are going to face elimination that week. Jessica Sanchez captured her second #1 spot in the rankings. The last time she had a #1 in the rankings was in the first ever rankings in Week 1. The bottom 2 of the week turned out to be Christina Aguilera (second week in a row in the bottom 2) and Ellie Goulding for the first time. For the second time this season, the poll results couldn't be decided. The vote was split 50% to 50% between both the girls. The results had to be determined by the panel, the 3 impartial judges voted the one who they feel is the best to move on. In the end, in a close vote on the panel as well, Christina Aguilera survived her 2nd straight elimination week. Ellie Goulding was sent home by a vote of 2-1.

Rank Contestant
1 Jessica Sanchez "Up Where We Belong" ft Phillip Phillips
2 Taylor Swift "Everything Has Changed" ft Ed Sheeran
3 Fifth Harmony "Leave My Heart Out Of This" ft Alex G
4 Madilyn Bailey "Royals" ft Megan Nicole
5 Jason Aldean "Don't You Wanna Stay" ft Kelly Clarkson
6 The Saturdays "The Way You Watch Me" ft Travie McCoy
7 Miley Cyrus "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" ft Johnzo West
8 Mariah Carey "I'll Be There" ft Wanya Morriis
9 Cher Lloyd "It's All Good" ft Ne-Yo
10 Jena Irene "Payphone" ft Steve Acho
11 Demi Lovato "One And The Same" ft Selena Gomez
12 Christina Aguilera (2) "Just A Fool" ft Blake Shelton
13 Ellie Goulding (2)* "Be Mine" ft Erik Hassle

(2) - Bottom 2

  • - Eliminated

Week 8 - Cover Me Up!Edit

The Top 12 perform a cover and hope to keep their dreams alive in the X-Factor competition. Things are heating up as Week 8 marks the week of another Double Elimination which means it'll be narrowed down to the Top 10. Not only will the contestants be fighting for the #1 Ranking, but they'll also be fighting to be above the Bottom 2 line. On Results Night, the Double Elimination was set for a surprise Live Results special as the contestants was unaware that the results were going to be posted live. The rankings proved to be the closest of the season yet. When the results were revealed, it showed that Demi Lovato had took over the #1 Ranking for the second time in the season. Unfortunately in the end, Cher Lloyd and Mariah Carey were sent home in the Double Elimination. The Top 10 are now revealed.

Rank Contestant
1 Demi Lovato "Stay"
2 Fifth Harmony "Anything Could Happen"
3 Jessica Sanchez "Everybody Has A Dream"
4 Christina Aguilera "It's A Man's World"
5 Taylor Swift "Drops Of Jupiter"
6 Jason Aldean "Asphalt Cowboy"
7 Madilyn Bailey "Berzerk"
8 Miley Cyrus "Summertime Sadness"
9 The Saturdays "I Just Can't Get Enough"
10 Jena Irene "Clarity"
11 Mariah Carey (2)* "Don't Play That Song For Me"
12 Cher Lloyd (2)* "E.T."

(2) - Bottom 2

  • - Eliminated

Week 9 - I Can Be Your Hero Baby!Edit

With 10 contestants left in the competition, the artists have only 9 people left in their way to becoming the first X-Factor winner. The contestants were asked to perform a song that they feel inspires them. A song that represents a hero and a song that'll keep them fighting until the end of the competition. The contestants have to creative with this theme as it could help them in the week. Jessica Sanchez captured another first place ranking in Week 9. Unfortunately, in the end Christina Aguilera used a repeated song and was in the bottom 2 along with Jason Aldean. Both were fighting for a spot in Week 10. In the end, an X-Factor first as Christina Aguilera was the lowest ranking and she made it to the next round over second last place Jason Aldean. Also, Week 9 has been marked as the most votes ever casted in the season with 59 votes casted. 



1 Jessica Sanchez "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"
2 Demi Lovato "Warrior"
3 Fifth Harmony "I'll Stand By You"
4 Jena Irene "Bring Me To Life"
5 Taylor Swift "I Knew You Were Trouble"
6 Madilyn Bailey "Can't Hold Us"
7 The Saturdays "Died In Your Eyes"
8 Miley Cyrus "Butterfly Fly Away"
9 Jason Aldean (2)* "Not Every Man Lives"
10 Christina Aguilera (2) "I Turn To You"

(2) - Bottom 2

  • - Eliminated

Week 10 - Let's Slow It Down!Edit

The Top 9 are fighting for a spot in the Final 8. The contestants were asked to perform a slow song that they would hear at a wedding, a school formal dance, prom, etc. The song has to show their vocal capability and their emotions throughout the song. The contestants fought hard as only 8 out of them could move on to the next stage. Fifth Harmony captured their second #1 Ranking with their cover of "Red". Jena Irene and Miley Cyrus were in the bottom 2 of the week and were currently fighting to stay in the competition. For the second week in a row, the last place contestant beat out the second last place contestant in votes. Jena Irene successfully moved on to Week 11's performance as Miley Cyrus was sent packing home.

Rank Contestant
1 Fifth Harmony "Red"
2 Jessica Sanchez "You Are So Beautiful"
3 Demi Lovato "Angels Among Us"
4 Taylor Swift "Treacherous"
5 Madilyn Bailey "Young And Beautiful"
6 Christina Aguilera "The Voice Within"
7 The Saturdays "Last Call"
8 Miley Cyrus (2)* "Goodbye"
9 Jena Irene (2) "Free Fall"

(2) - Bottom 2

  • - Eliminated

Week 11 - You Were Born To Do This!Edit

On Week 11 of the X-Factor, only 8 contestants remain. The competition gets harder and harder as only 7 of the artists will be moving onto the next round. The contestants were all given a genre based on their music interests that they perform. From there, they would have to perform a song that suited the category. The bottom 2 of the week would have to face off in a poll to stay alive in the competition. After the results were in, it was revealed that Fifth Harmony had won their 2nd consecutive #1 ranking. That is their 3rd #1 ranking overall in the season. Christina Aguilera was in the bottom 2 for a record breaking 4th time this season along with The Saturdays. In the end, Christina Aguilera won her 4th win from the fans in the poll as The Saturdays had also dropped out of the competition prior to the results of the poll.

Rank Contestant
1 Fifth Harmony "Stay"
2 Madilyn Bailey "Mirrors"
3 Demi Lovato "Nightingale"
4 Jessica Sanchez "Sweet Dreams"
5 Taylor Swift "Red"
6 Jena Irene "Speak Softly"
7 Christina Aguilera (2) "Impossible"
8 The Saturdays (2)* "All Fired Up"

(2) - Bottom 2

  • - Eliminated

Week 12 - Learn From Your Mistakes!Edit

On Week 12 of The X-Factor, only 7 contestants remain in the battle to win The X-Factor Season 1. The contestants were given a second chance to correct their mistakes that they had earlier in the competition. The contestants had been given the week of their worst performance and they had to redo that week and make it better. With only 6 people left in every contestants way and the competition getting stiffer, this is their only chance of getting a second chance, they will not get another one. They have to impress the judges or they will be on the chopping block. This week, Vinny did not post his rankings due to controversy in the game. The other 3 judges created an overall ranking for the contestants. Fifth Harmony won their 3rd consecutive #1 ranking. While Madilyn Bailey and Jena Irene found themselves in the bottom 2 that week. Jena Irene was sent home after a close poll of 52% to 48%. 

Rank Contestant
1 Fifth Harmony "American"
2 Jessica Sanchez "California King Bed"
3 Demi Lovato "Really Don't Care"
4 Christina Aguilera "Say Something"
5 Taylor Swift "Back To December"
6 Jena Irene (2)* "Rolling In The Deep"
7 Madilyn Bailey (2) "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

(2) - Bottom 2

  • - Eliminated

Week 13 - It's Hollywood Night!Edit

On Week 13, The Top 6 were asked to perform a Hollywood Hit. It could be a song that involved glamour, fame, popularity, cameras, lights, etc. The judges asked the contestants to be creative and to add their own touch. This week, host Vinny asked the contestants to describe their biggest threat in the competition and their least biggest threat in the competition to see their opinions on each other. In the end, Demi Lovato recorded another #1 Ranking in the standings. Fifth Harmony was unfortunately eliminated due to an unavailable performance. They finished the competition being the only contestants EVER to be in the Top 3 for 11 straight weeks. Fifth Harmony was voted the most threat by the contestants as well. 

Rank Contestant
1 Demi Lovato "La La Land"
2 Christina Aguilera "At Last"
3 Jessica Sanchez "My All"
4 Taylor Swift "The Lucky One"
5 Madilyn Bailey "Diamonds"
6 Fifth Harmony ^ "N/A"

(2) - Bottom 2

^ - Fifth Harmony was eliminated due to a "no performance"

Week 14 - Do You Believe In Magic!Edit

On Week 14, the competition starts heating up as only 5 remaining contestants are fighting to make it to the next round. With only 2 performances left until Finale Night, the contestants start battling it out to see who will become the Final 4. This week, the contestants were asked to perform a magical song. A song that made the fans feel like they were in a fairy tale. The bottom 2 of the week will be facing off in a poll. Week 14 proved to be one of the weeks of shock as one of the biggest competitors in the competition Jessica Sanchez lands herself in the Bottom 2 for the first time ever, along with another consistent competitor Taylor Swift whose also first time in the bottom 2. Both ladies will be fighting for a spot in the Top 4 but only one of them can move on to the next round. In the end, Taylor Swift was sent home, finishing in 5th place out of 20. Jessica Sanchez moved on to the Top 4 rounds to compete with Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera and Madilyn Bailey.

Rank  Contestant
1 Demi Lovato "Let It Go"
2 Madilyn Bailey "Skyfall"
3 Christina Aguilera "Beautiful"
4 Jessica Sanchez (2) "Stuttering"
5 Taylor Swift (2)* "Love Story"

(2) - Bottom 2

  • - Eliminated

Week 15 - Time For Unplugged, Time For Finale!Edit

On Week 15, only 4 contestants remain in the battle of the X-Factor title. The Top 4 were asked to perform two performances that night, an unplugged performance, along with a "Song To Get Me To Finale" song, it could be any song that they want as long as it helps them to get to finale night. They were also asked why they should be in the Top 3. On the results show, it was revealed that the judges had ranked the contestants and that there wouldn't be a bottom 2 poll anymore. In the end, Demi Lovato, Jessica Sanchez and Christina Aguilera successfully made it to the X-Factor Season 1 Finale. Madilyn Bailey finished 4th and was the final member to join the Top 10 jury and will help decide who will win The X-Factor.

Contestant Unplugged Performance "Song To Get Me To Finale" Performance
Demi Lovato "Fix A Heart" "Made In The USA"
Madilyn Bailey "Talking To The Moon" "Radioactive"
Christina Aguilera "Lift Me Up" "Let There Be Love"
Jessica Sanchez "Stand Up For Love" "Listen"
Rank  Contestant
1 Jessica Sanchez
2 Demi Lovato
3 Christina Aguilera
4 Madilyn Bailey*
  • - Eliminated

Week 16 - It's The Final Countdown!Edit

The Top 3 have successfully made it to The X-Factor Season 1 Finale. Demi Lovato, Jessica Sanchez and Christina Aguilera were voted by the judges to be the Final 3 of the competition. The fans poll has officially opened and the fans are now available to vote for who they want to the first ever X-Factor competition. Vinny revealed that there will be 3 stages of the voting process: The Fan's Poll, The Judges Vote, and the Top 10 Jury which consists of the 7 eliminated contestants who made it to the Top 10. The Top 3 were asked to perform 3 songs, a "Song of The Series" song, a "Vinny's Choice" song and a "Winner's Single" song. Vinny chose the categories that he would like the contestants to sing in the "Vinny's Choice" performance, Jessica was given an upbeat, dance song, Demi was given a deep, powerful ballad and Christina was given a rhythm and blues song. The contestants only have one chance left to win over the X-Factor fans and judges. The X-Factor Season 1 Finale is scheduled for 5pm EST/ 2pm PST.

Contestant "Song of The Series" Performance "Vinny's Choice" Performance "Winner's Single" Performance
Jessica Sanchez "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" "Tonight" "I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going"
Demi Lovato "Skyscraper" "Shouldn't Come Back" "For The Love Of A Daughter"
Christina Aguilera "It's A Man's World" "Ain't No Other Man" "Fighter"

Week 16 - X-Factor Season 1 Finale! 

Season 1 Winner - Christina Aguilera


On the Season Finale of the X-Factor, the Top 3 contestants performed their 3 songs for the judges. Based on their song choices, the fans, the Top 10 jury and the judges voted for who they wanted to see win the competition. The voting process was set in 3 stages, The Fan's Poll, The Top 10 Jury Vote, and the Judge's Vote. In the fans poll, Christina Aguilera won unanimously by a 55.4% amount of votes over the other two contestants. In the Top 10 Jury, there was a deadlock as Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera both received 2 votes from the jury while Jessica Sanchez received 1. In the Judge's vote, Brandon and Zoey voted Demi Lovato as the winner while Vinny and Stuart voted Christina Aguilera as the winner. In the end, Christina's won over the fan's vote and that sealed her victory as she became the first person to win The X-Factor. Christina recorded the record for most times in the bottom 2. She fought hard and came back and slipped through to finale night where she met some tough competition in Jessica Sanchez and Demi Lovato.

X-Factor Season 1 Finale - Voting ProcessEdit

Contestant Fan's Vote
Jessica Sanchez 28.6%
Demi Lovato 16.1%
Christina Aguilera 55.4%

Winner: Christina Aguilera


Vote To Win
Vinny (WeAreAllWitnesses) Christina Aguilera
Zoey (ZoeyLacey) Demi Lovato
Stuart (StuartLittle16) Christina Aguilera

Brandon (BrandonH1)

Demi Lovato

Winner: Tie (Demi Lovato/Christina Aguilera)

Top 10 Jury Contestants

Vote To Win 
Jason Aldean (neathery) Christina Aguilera
Miley Cyrus (buge26) N/A
The Saturdays (raygan94) Demi Lovato
Jena Irene (kkoster001) Jessica Sanchez
Fifth Harmony (jaxmk12) N/A
Taylor Swift (summerrae101) Demi Lovato
Madilyn Bailey (mikespike) Christina Aguilera

Winner: Christina Aguilera

X-Factor Season 1 ResultsEdit

The X-Factor rankings determines who goes in the bottom 2 and who's in the top. Not only is the rankings important but the polls are as well. The audience are the ones who make the eliminations happen. Every week, fans vote to keep there favorite contestant on the show. These are results for X-Factor Season 1.

1. Christina Aguilera

2. Demi Lovato

3. Jessica Sanchez

4. Madilyn Bailey

5. Taylor Swift

6. Fifth Harmony

7. Jena Irene

8. The Saturdays

9. Miley Cyrus

10. Jason Aldean

11. Mariah Carey

12. Cher Lloyd

13. Ellie Goulding

14. Beyonce

15. Cascada

16. Imagine Dragons

17. Chris Daughtry

18. Beth

19. Yeah Yeah Yeah's

20. Amber Riley

The X-Factor Season 2Edit

After a successful first season, X-Factor Season 2 is set to premiere around Easter Weekend on April 18-21. Auditions and applications are going to be asked for during this time. Vinny and Brandon returned as judges this season and two new judges Skai and Andrew joined the panel for season 2. The first twist of the season included that the normal categories would not be in play this season, it would be #TeamVinny, #TeamBrandon, #TeamSkai, and #Andrew. 

Auditions StageEdit

For the Auditions stage of Season 2, it was also part of Vinny's new twist. The contestants would be able to impress the judges by casting performing for the judges and being able to select their judge in the end if the judge picked them to have join their team (like The Voice). When the blind auditions were over and 7 people were on each team, the contestants were not finished the Auditions Stage yet. The contestants have to go through a Four Chair Challenge. Each coach will be able to give their contestants a chair but once their 4 chairs are filled up and more performances are still left, they'll have to remove one of their contestants from a seat and send them home if they would like to keep the other contestant. Only 4 from each team will move on to the Live Shows which means 3 from each team will be leaving the competition.

Blind AuditionsEdit

The Blind Auditions took place in 2 different days: April 23, 2014 and April 25, 2014. The auditions included 20 contestants each with a combined number of 40 contestants auditioning to be in the competition. The coaches had to choose wisely because there was 2 days and they were warned not to use it all on Day 1.

Day 1

Order Artist Song Contestant's choices
Vinny Skai Andrew Brandon
1 Blake Shelton "Over" --- ---
2 Adele "Someone Like You"
3 Hunter Hayes "Invisible" --- --- ---
4 Rihanna "Only Girl (In The World)" --- ---
5 Colbie Caillat "Bubbly"
6 Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way" ---
7 Cascada "Blink" ---
8 Rupaul "Geronimo" ---


9 Jessie J "Who You Are" --- --- ---
10 Miley Cyrus "The Climb" --- --- ---
11 Katy Perry "Waking Up In Vegas" --- --- ---
12 Demi Lovato "Neon Lights" --- --- ---
13 Selena Gomez "Slow Down" --- --- ---
14 Cher Lloyd "Sirens" --- --- --- ---
15 Lorde "Buzzcut Season" --- --- ---
16 Beyonce "Love On Top" --- --- ---
17 The Vamps "Can We Dance" --- --- ---
18 Avril Lavigne "My Happy Ending" --- --- --- ---
19 Boyce Avenue "The Monster/Counting Stars" --- --- ---
20 Nicki Minaj "High School" --- --- ---

Day 2

Order Artist Song Contestant's choices
Vinny Skai Andrew Brandon
1 Taylor Swift "Speak Now" --- --- ---
2 Justin Timberlake "Mirrors" ---
3 Jena Irene "Creep" --- --- ---
4 Alicia Keys "Girl On Fire" --- --- ---
5 One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful" ---
6 Spice Girls "Spice Up Your Life" ---
7 Alex Newell "And I Am Telling I'm Not Going" ---
8 Christina Grimmie "Wrecking Ball" ---


9 Malaya Watson "I Am Changing" --- --- --- ---
10 Sisaundra Lewis "Take Me To The King" --- --- --- ---
11 Cyndi Lauper "Sally's Pigeons" --- --- --- ---
12 Carrie Underwood "Mama's Song" --- --- ---
13 Lana Del Rey "Black Beauty" --- --- --- ---
14 Fifth Harmony "Better Together" --- --- ---
15 Lea Michelle "Cannonball" --- --- --- ---
16 Mariah Carey "Honey" --- --- ---
17 Kelly Clarkson "Stronger" --- --- ---
18 Britney Spears "Circus" --- --- ---
19 Chris Daughtry "No Surprise" --- --- ---
20 Jessica Sanchez "Roar" --- --- ---

Season SummaryEdit

1 Vinny Stuart Zoey Brandon
Mariah Carey
Christina Aguilera
Chris Daughtry
Fifth Harmony
Imagine Dragons
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Saturdays
Jason Aldean
Jessica Sanchez
Madilyn Bailey
Jena Irene
Miley Cyrus
Demi Lovato
Taylor Swift
Ellie Goulding
Amber Riley
Cher Lloyd

Information About The ShowEdit

Vinny's X-Factor Series


Reality TV Show


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Vinny (WeAreAllWitnesses)


WeAreAllWitnesses (S1-)

StuartLittle16 (S1-)

BrandonH1 (S1-)

ZoeyLacey (S1-)

BigBrotherManiac (S1)

Country of Origin

United Kingdom



No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes

36 (As of May 4, 2014)

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