Konohavillage1's Big Brother US 3 (known as Big Brother US: Season Three) is a group game hosted by konohavillage1. The season will feature 16 players. However, it is currently unkown how many will be returnees and how many will be new players.

  The season is the third of a currently unkown number in the series.



The current season of BBUS3 will include the MVP twist. It will also hold other twists that are yet to be revealed. Otherwise, it will follow the traditional format of Big Brother.


Username  Actual Name
ILoveSleep Benry
Brandonator Brandon
Volibear Jasper
LunaPark Jayden
JeantheBean Jean
Jenna2010 Jenna
sahmosean Jimbo
jojo7784 Jojo
Max7313 Max
JudiCamille Nicole
Patrick319 Patrick
bowling4fun Roman
Stering_butter Sterling
blatastic1234 Titus
CocoaBean Tommy
bigbrothermaniac Trey

Voting HistoryEdit

can not be revealed at this time

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