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Bingo21's survivor series began in February 2011 with the commencement of Survivor Djibouti. In each season a group of castaways are pitted against one another in an attempt to outwit, outplay and outlast their way to the title of Sole Survivor. Castaways compete in challenges to win immunity and guarantee their safety in the game. While the winner/s are safe from the vote, the remaining castaways are vulnerable to elimination at tribal council where contestants must vote to evict a fellow tribemate. The player with the most votes cast against them is eliminated from the game and has their torch ceremoniously snuffed.


The Seasons

# Name Location Original Tribes Sole Survivor Runner(s)-up Vote Notes
1 Survivor: Djibouti Djibouti Two tribes of Nine KathrineOliver MMMMM 5-2 N/A
2 Survivor: Global - Nations of the World Switzerland Three tribes of Six Mrlincoln2u Thedarkpassanger Jigger 4-3-0 Players represented countries
3 Survivor: Heroes vs Zeroes Greece Two tribes of Eleven Thedarkpassanger KingTut BENLINUS 4-3-2 First time former players returned. Featured Super Powers
4 Survivor: Japan Japan Four tribes of Five DarkTyphoon23 LeighBee101 5-0 Featured the cherryblossom ceremony
5 Survivor: El Dorado - All Stars El Dorado Two tribes of Ten Thedarkpassanger Insanity17 Smiley20 6-1-0 Featured the Fountain of Youth
All Stars4.jpg
6 Survivor: Arctic - Winner Takes All Siberia, Russia Two tribes of Nine MMAjunkieX Epstar59 6-1 Featured the controversial winner takes all twist
7 Survivor: Guys vs Girls Egypt Two tribes of Ten Sarge455 Joshg222 Brittyxx 4-2-1 Tribes divided by sex
8 Survivor: Scotland - Arch-Rivals Scotland Two tribes of Ten Milkisgood Gaiaphage 5-4 Tribes divided based on rivalries. Featured RA and RI
9 Survivor: Scandinavia Norway Three tribes of Six Pedlick44 Leonine_Divine Caliboy 3-2-2 Featured the pillage twist
10 Survivor: Hosts vs The Toast USA Two tribes of Ten Pattieilikefun Piddu 5-2 Tribes divided into celebrities and hosts
11 Survivor: Komodo Island Komodo Island, Indonesia Two tribes of Eight Jonofthefunk Mearl Themissinglink 5-2-0 Featured the Dragon Lord twist
12 Survivor: Mesopotamia - Loved Ones Turkey Two tribes of Nine Piddu ShadowBaller000 5-2 Cast made up of pairs of Loved Ones
13 Survivor: Costa Rica Costa Rica Two tribes of Nine 01Gohan Karolusmagnus Emily08 4-3-0 Tribes divided by age. 15Und and 15+Old
14 Survivor: Bingo's Best vs Gaia's Greats Bosnia and Herzegovina Two tribes of Twelve Mearl 5651Omar Thedarkpass 6-2-0 Players represented Bingo's and Gaia's series
15 Survivor: Mozambique Mozambique Three tribes of Six Leli14 Booyahhayoob 5-2 N/A
16 Survivor: Bhutan - Fans vs Favourites Bhutan Four tribes of Six Smiley20 Pepster101 Ferdinandz 5-4-0 New players vs returnees. Featured the Captains twist
17 Survivor: Suriname Brokopondo, Suriname Two tribes of Nine Timster Missalice3 4-3 Tribes divided by sex
18 Survivor: Second Chances Egypt Three tribes of Seven Mattkwon1 Kpnna 7-2 Featured the Outcasts twist
19 Survivor: Haiti Tortuga, Haiti Two tribes of Eight Donosaurus_rex IceIceBaby LusciousLips5 6-1-0 Featured the Black Vote twist
Haiti copy.jpg
20 Survivor: Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Two tribes of Nine MikaylaLemon Realchance 4-3 Featured the Back to Basics twist
21 Survivor: Rogues vs Righteous Greece Two tribes of Ten LoganWorm AshlynArehart TylerKeith 4-3-1 Tribes divided into Good vs Evil
22 Survivor: Angola Angola Three tribes of Six Dfalc7 Tuter32 6-0 Tribes divided by age
23 Survivor: Chile - Survival of the Fittest Chile One tribe of Eighteen SimvivoRWay Matt99 5-1 Players began competing as individuals not tribes
24 Survivor: Tuamotus Tuamotus, French Polynesia Three tribes of Five Ethan000 Skyhawk SurvivorFan37 6-0-0 Featured Exile Island
25 Survivor: Then vs Now Czech Republic Two tribes of Ten ShadowBaller000 Piddu Amf7410 5-3-0 Tribes divided based on season (1-12) vs (13-24)
26 Survivor: Laos Laos Two tribes of Nine OhNatalie Survivorgame1 5-1 Featured the Black Vote twist
27 Survivor: Brazil - Fans vs Favourites Brazil Four tribes of Five Renegade628 SimvivoRWay 6-2 New players vs returnees. Tribes divided by sex
28 Survivor: Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Two tribes of Eight MikaelXD KingB24 4-2 Featured the Back to Basics twist
29 Survivor: Dominica - Loved Ones Dominica Two tribes of Nine AshlynArehart Adamsel Blondelle 5-1-1 Cast made up of pairs of Loved Ones
30 Survivor: Djibouti Five tribes of Five Thedarkpassanger Bearpatrol LusciousLips5 8-0-0 Players divided by amount of times played
31 Survivor: Malawi Malawi Two tribes of Eight MaxHZ39 MooseAntler86 7-0 Tribes divided alphabetically
32 Survivor: India - Second Chances India Three tribes of Seven Turney1805 Aiwfwyattroh Saxonmath 6-3-0


33 Survivor: Poland Słowiński National Park,  Poland Two tribes of Nine MyMilkshakes TheEclipse Sahmosean 5-1-0 Featured the kidnap twist
34 Survivor: Bingo's Battalion vs Suitman's Soldiers Falkland Islands Two tribes of Ten Splozojames50 KidA Econ21 4-3-2 Players represented Bingo's and Suit's series
35 Survivor: Solomon Islands Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands Three tribes of Six NJKoda1998 WANJ 5-0 Tribes divided by favourite Survivor season
Solomon Islands.png
36 Survivor: Jordan - Fans vs Favourites Wadi Rum, Jordan Two tribes of Ten Obscurity KimGIb Broniak 5-3-0 New players vs returnees
37 Survivor: Bahamas Bahamas Two tribes of Eight TheRealSlimShady Wuau 6-0 Featured the idol stealing twist
38 Survivor: Macedonia - Mates vs Mavericks Republic of Macedonia Two tribes of Ten Leli14 TheEclipse 7-2 Tribe of pairs vs a tribe of individuals
39 Survivor: Venezuela Canaima National Park, Venezuela Two tribes of Nine _Ivyyy_445 Ticofernandez 5-2 Tribes divided by age
40 Survivor: Togo - Tengaged's Choice Togo Three tribes of Seven Bigben1996 BOBROCKS333 Bradyspaulding 7-1-0 Cast selected via a poll
41 Survivor: Tibet Tibet, China Three tribes of Six JuiceBxx IRandomal123 SkillzDatKillz 3-2-2 N/A
42 Survivor: Tuvalu Tuvalu Two tribes of Eight Writinglegend Walkerbait27 7-0 Featured the idol trading twist


Most Days Played

Rank Player Days Seasons
1st Thedarkpassanger 194 5 (Global, Heroes vs Zeroes, All Stars, BB vs GG,
2nd TylerKeith 141 5 (DjiboutiArch-RivalsBB vs GG, Rogues vs Righteous,
3rd Gaiaphage 140 5 (Japan, All Stars, Arch-RivalsRogues vs Righteous,
4th Bearpatrol 137 5 (Djibouti, Heroes vs Zeroes, All Stars, Rogues vs Righteous,
Equal 5th Smiley20 132 4 (Global, All Stars, Bhutan, Macedonia)
Equal 5th Mrlincoln2u 132 5 (Global, Heroes vs Zeroes, All Stars, BB vs GG, Dominica)
7th PeaceOut14 124 4 (Costa Rica, Mozambique, Rogues vs Righteous, BB vs SS)
8th Sarge455 120 3 (Guys vs Girls, Arch-Rivals, Then vs Now)
9th Milkisgood 118 4 (Guys vs Girls, Arch-Rivals, Bhutan,
10th BBlover96 117 4 (Arctic, BB vs GG, Bhutan, BB vs SS)

Most Individual Immunity Wins In A Single Season

Rank Player Individual Immunity Wins Season
1st Renegade628 7 Brazil
2nd Pedlick44 6 Scandinavia
Equal 3rd Thedarkpassanger 5 Heroes vs Zeroes
Equal 3rd DarkTyphoon23 5 Japan
Equal 3rd ShadowBaller000 5 Mesopotamia
Equal 3rd Mattkwon1 5 Second Chances
Equal 3rd NJKoda1998 5 Solomon Islands
Equal 3rd Leli14 51 Macedonia
Equal 3rd Patrick319 5 Venezuela
Equal 10th MMAjunkieX 4 Arctic
Equal 10th Milkisgood 4 Arch-Rivals
Equal 10th Piddu 4 Hosts vs The Toast
Equal 10th Timster 4 Suriname
Equal 10th Qwerty101 4 Kyrgyzstan
Equal 10th Dfalc7 4 Angola
Equal 10th Ethan000 4 Tuamotus
Equal 10th Obscurity 4 Jordan
Equal 10th Byp123 4 Bahamas
Equal 10th BOBROCKS333 4 Togo

^1 Leli14 won 5 individual immunity challenges though chose to give up individual immunity at one tribal council.

Most Tribal Immunity Wins In A Single Season

Rank Tribe Tribal Immunity Wins Season
1st Rapaz 101 Brazil
Equal 2nd Thimphu 91 Bhutan
Equal 2nd Holhol 91
Equal 4th Damphu 81 Bhutan
Equal 4th Homem 81 Brazil
Equal 6th Jakar 71 Bhutan
Equal 6th Idoso 73 Angola
Equal 6th Galafi 71
Equal 6th Bihar 71 India
Equal 6th Paruru 72 Solomon Islands
Equal 11th The Toast 6 Hosts vs The Toast
Equal 11th Zambezia 6 Mozambique
Equal 11th Was 62 Second Chances
Equal 11th Righteous 6 Rogues vs Righteous
Equal 11th Polog 61 Macedonia
Equal 11th Vardar 61 Macedonia
Equal 11th Bassar 61 Togo

^1 This tribe was subject to tribe switch(es) and as such the tribe members may have changed.
^2 This tribe received new members due to a tribe absorption and as such the tribe makeup may have changed.
^3 This tribe received and/or lost members due to a mutiny offer and as such the tribe makeup may have changed.

Most Valid Votes Against In A Single Season

Rank Player Votes Against Season
1st Gustawind 21 Arctic
2nd Glinda 20 Second Chances
3rd Soiyer 17 All Stars
4th KingTut 16 Heroes vs Zeroes
5th PeaceOut14 14 Bingo's Battalion vs Suitman's Soldiers
6th Leonine_Divine 15 Bingo's Best vs Gaia's Greats
Equal 7th JIMM 13 Global
Equal 7th GabCo 13 Heroes vs Zeroes
Equal 7th Soiyer 13 Heroes vs Zeroes
Equal 7th 5651Omar 13 Mesopotamia
Equal 7th Ghoul 13 Bingo's Best vs Gaia's Greats
Equal 7th RachelReilly1 13 Bingo's Best vs Gaia's Greats
Equal 7th Survivor8 13 Togo

Least Valid Votes Against In A Single Season

Rank Player Votes Against (Votes Voided) Season
Equal 1st Piddu 0 Mesopotamia
Equal 1st Mearl 0 BB vs GG
Equal 1st Leli14 0 Mozambique
Equal 1st Mattkwon1 0 Second Chances
Equal 1st SimvivoRWay 0 Chile
Equal 1st Illana 0 Brazil
Equal 1st SurvivorFan37 0 Brazil
Equal 1st AshlynArehart 0 Dominica
Equal 1st LusciousLips5 0
Equal 1st MaxHZ39 0 Malawi
Equal 1st Sahmosean 0 Poland
Equal 1st TheEclipse 0 Macedonia
Equal 13th Karolusmagnus 0 (1) Costa Rica
Equal 13th Piddu 0 (2) Hosts vs The Toast
Equal 13th Smiley20 0 (2) Bhutan
Equal 13th DarkTyphoon23 0 (3) Japan
Equal 13th Piddu 0 (3) Then vs Now
Equal 13th Thedarkpassanger 0 (3)
Equal 13th Leli14 0 (3) Macedonia
Equal 13th Dfalc7 0 (5) Angola

Biggest Improvers From One Season to the Next

Rank Player Original Placing Improved Placing Difference
1st Jakehou97 22nd Bhutan 5th Second Chances +17
Equal 2nd Kpnna 18th Hosts vs The Toast 2nd Second Chances +16
Equal 2nd Realchance 18th Costa Rica 2nd Kyrgyzstan +16
4th Bclrockschamp 17th Scotland 3rd Mesopotamia +14
Equal 5th Turney1805 14th Hosts vs The Toast 1st India +13
Equal 5th Saxonmath 16th 3rd India +13
Equal 7th Mrlincoln2u 17th BB vs GG 5th Dominica +12
Equal 7th NovaScotiaChic 19th Brazil 7th India +12
Equal 7th Aiwfwyattroh 14th Tuamotus 2nd India +12
Equal 7th IceIceBaby 18th Rogues vs Righteous 6th Macedonia +12

Fan Favourite(s)

Season Fan Favourite
Guys vs Girls Johnoliver96
Arch-Rivals Gaiaphage1
Scandinavia Joeker
Hosts vs The Toast Chantra1 and Yankeeman311
Komodo Island Jonofthefunk and Mearl
Mesopotamia BengalBoy
Costa Rica Karolusmagnus2
Bingo's Best vs Gaia's Greats Thedarkpassanger
Mozambique LoganWorm
Bhutan LoganWorm
Suriname Timster
Second Chances Mattkwon1
Haiti Tadds
Kyrgyzstan Qwerty101
Rogues vs Righteous AshlynArehart
Angola Renegade628
Chile Cole91 and SimvivoRWay
Tuamotus Ethan000
Then vs Now Cole91
Laos OhNatalie
Brazil OhNatalie
Papua New Guinea Sackeshi
Dominica Blondelle Thedarkpassanger
Malawi Dryerfish
India Chastain and Turney1805
Poland Sahmosean
Bingo's Battalion vs Suitman's Soldiers OldNewz and PeaceOut14
Solomon Islands Bryjow123
Jordan KimGIb
Bahamas Cjuddy and TheRealSlimShady
Macedonia IceIceBaby and Timster
Venezuela _Ivyyy_445
Togo Bigben1996
Tibet JuiceBxx
Tuvalu BeastBoy and Writinglegend

^1 Gaiaphage bought the title of fan favourite off of Milkisgood who received the majority of the public vote.
^2 3 players were tied for fan favourite so it was up to the host to select the winner. Bingo21 selected Karolusmagnus.

Tribe Colors

Tribe Colours
Colours Blue Teal Red/Maroon Pink Green/Olive Yellow/Gold Purple Orange Black/Rainbow Brown Grey/White
Djibouti Arta Palawan Obock
Global Gondwana Aventura Pangea Laurasia
Heroes vs Zeroes Heroes Ares Zeroes
Japan Aoi Akai Midori Daidaiiro Kuroi
All Stars Pizarro Orellana Conquistador
Arctic Chukchi Yukaghir Omayok
Guys vs Girls Macholini Lantana Mantana
Scotland Chattan MacKay Naimhde
Scandinavia Jannock Scaur Ghyll Syke Fell Keld
Hosts vs The Toast The Toast The Hosts Tonkawa
Komodo Island Api Nusa Sunda
Mesopotamia Ammon Petra Unidad
Costa Rica BriBri Boruca Amistad
Bingo's Best Gaia's Greats Gaia's Greats BeeGee Bingo's Best
Mozambique Niassa Paraíso Zambezia Gaza
Bhutan Damphu Mongar Druk Yul Jakar Thimphu
Suriname Alukuwai Aluku Matawai
Second Chances Was Ankh Djed Wedja Outcasts
Haiti Riona Cayona Ringot
Kyrgyzstan Khitan Chokusu Oirat
Rogues vs Righteous Righteous Rogues Armageddon
Angola Jovem Idoso Médio Idovem
Chile Atacama Parinacota
Tuamotus Arutua Makemo Tepoto Rangiroa
Then vs Now Tenkrát Budoucnost Právě
Laos Huam Kan Loum Soung
Brazil Mulher Rapaz Homem Estou Confusa Moça
Papua New Guinea Angu Molucca Sawi
Dominica Berekua Lien Roseau HolHol Dorra Tadjoura Zeila Galafi Loyada
Malawi Balaka Pambana Zomba
India Sikkim Bihar Jai Ho Assam
Poland Scalanie Olsztyn Poznan
BB vs SS Bingo's Battalion Suitman's Soldiers Bae Yon Cae
Solomon Islands Tutumu Avu Tuturu Paruru Avu Avu
Jordan Zarqa Madaba Karak
Bahamas Taino Deveaux Lucayan
Macedonia Polog Vardar Skopje Timster
Venezuela Mestizo Kalina Mariche
Togo Aného Bassar Famille Sokodé
Tibet Kham Ngari Guòqí de Amdo
Tuvalu Funafuti Vaitupu Niutao


Continent Locations (Season Number)
Africa Djibouti (1, 30), Egypt (7, 18), Mozambique (15), Angola (22), Malawi (31), Togo (40)
Asia Japan (4), Russia (6), Indonesia (11), Turkey (12), Bhutan (16), Kyrgyzstan (20), Laos (26), India (32), Jordan (36), China (41)
Europe Switzerland (2), Greece (3, 21), Scotland (8), Norway (9), Bosnia and Herzegovina (14), Czech Republic (25), Poland (33), Macedonia (38)
North America USA (10), Costa Rica (13), Haiti (19), Dominica (29), Bahamas (37)
South America Suriname (17), Chile (23), Brazil (27), Falkland Islands (34), Venezuela (39)

French Polynesia (24), Papua New Guinea (28), Solomon Islands (35), Tuvalu (42)

Other El Dorado (5)

Alternate Returning Players

For a complete list of alternate returning players check out the Bingo's Survivor Alternate Returning Players page.