Him as of October 17th, 2012

Bwburke94 is an experienced group game player on the Tengaged website. He is most notable for his victory in Bcl's Survivor: Dynamic Duos, his appearances in multiple seasons of many of the series he plays in, and his own series.

Group GamesEdit

Game Placing Individual
Merge Jury Votes

Bcl's Survivor Dynamic Duos

1st/16 3/6 Yes Final 2 1
Bcl's Survivor Philippines 12th/12 0/0 No No 2
Bcl & Antega's Survivor Sarawak 11th/16 1/1 No No 5
Bingo's Survivor: Komodo Island 11th/16 0/0 No No 5
Bluba's Survivor: Marquesas 16th/16 0/0 No No 4
Cmack's Survivor Idol Island 6th/18 ???/7 Yes Yes 8
Drago's Survivor Tokelau 15th/16 0/1
0-1 in duels
No No 5
Drago's Survivor Occultus Island TBD/25 0/0 TBD TBD 0
Flamelord's Pokémon Survivor: Safari Zone 9th/10 0/0 No Yes ???
Gaia's Survivor: Estonia 8th/20 ???
(1-1 in duels)
Yes Yes ???
Gohan's Survivor: Individuality 1st/13 2/12 N/A N/A ???
Gohan's Survivor: Solomon Islands - All-Stars TBD/18 0/1 TBD TBD 0
Juna's Survivor: China 10th/16 1/2 Yes Yes ???
Kikorus' Survivor: Africa 7th/16 1/2 Yes Yes 5
Link's Survivor: Pearl Islands 15th/16 0/0 No No 5
LoganWorm's Survivor: The Plains 7th/18 1/4 Yes Yes 8
Mana's Survivor Panama: Exile Island 12th/16 0/0 No No 4
Mana's Survivor China 8th/18 1/3 Yes Yes 6
NicholasDavies' Survivor: Honduras 5th/???
0/??? Yes Yes 0
QueenSheeba's Survivor: Burma 11th/16 0/0 No No 2
Spinner's Survivor: Perhentian Islands ~12th/18 ??? No No ???
Katherine Survivor: The Amazon 16th/16 0/0 No No 4

Bwburke was eligible for Survivor: Bingo's Best vs Gaia's Greats and chose to apply as one of Gaia's Greats. However, he was not selected.

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