Can U Sing? Is a new competition on Tengaged. 12 singers will compete for the ultimate Golden Mic. based of of The dancing show Strictly Come Dancing, Can U Sing? Will consist of Singing instead of dancing. The singers will sing and the judges will rate them out of ten. Kat, Aja and Tommy are the first judges of the season.

Format Edit

Week 1-6: The singers will send 1 song to impress the judges, then the judges will comment and rate there performances. The two singers with the lowest rankings will be in the bottom 2 where the judges will all vote to keep 1 of them. A majority decision will decide.

Week 7-8: Same as week 1 to 6 however instead of sending 1 song the remaining contestant will send 2 songs instead of 1.

Final: The four finalists will compete for the final time to win the Golden Mic.

Format will change throughout seasons

History Edit

Series Premiere date Finale date Contestants Number of weeks
Third place
Fourth place
1 25/9/19 23/10/19 12 8 Jessie J Jennifer Hudson Adele Brooke Simpson
2 25/10/19 17/11/19 Tori Kelly Ali Caldwell Amy Vachal Beyoncé
3 25/11/19 29/12/19 9 Morissette Amon Maelyn Jarmon Glennis Grace Kacey Musgraves
4 8
5: AS1 8 4

AS: All Stars

Series 1 Edit

Celebrity Mentor Result (week voted out)
Amanda Palmer Highnoon Week 1
Dylan Gover Dylangover1 Week 2
YELO Ryan5676 Week 3
Demi Lovato Tinkerbelll Week 4
Saara Aalto TheRankKing1 Week 5
Freya Ridings TheRankKing1 Week 6
Diana Rouvas Jameslu Week 7
Davina Michelle Ryan5676 Week 7
Brooke Simpson Rubes Fourth Week 8
Adele Jameslu Third Week 8
Jennifer Hudson Rubes Runner Up Week 8
Jessie J Tinkerbelll Winner Week 8

Series 2 Edit

Celebrity Mentor Result (week voted out)
Melanie Martinez Nateclove Week 1
Katy Perry Tester Week 2
Billie Eilish Ajathekween Week 3
Ed Sheeran Tester Week 4
Gabrielle Aplin Ryan5676 Week 5
Louisa Johnson Rubes Week 6
Koryn Hawthorne Rubes Withdrew
Sia Tinkerbelll Week 7
Beyoncé Tinkerbelll Fourth Week 8
Amy Vachal Jameslu Third Week 8
Ali Caldwell Jameslu Runner Up Week 8
Tori Kelly bbsuper92 Winner Week 8

Series 3 Edit

Celebrity Mentor Result (week voted out)
Ariana Grande Tinkerbelll Week 2
Miley Cyrus Nateclove Week 3
Mariah Carey Bbsuper92 Week 4
La'Porsha Renae AjaTheKween Week 5
Samantha Harvey Aria_Grande Week 6
P!NK Tinkerbelll Week 7
Lady Gaga Bbsuper92 Week 8
Noah Ray Cyrus Nateclove Week 8
Glennis Grace Ryan5676 Participating
Kacey Musgraves Ryan5676 Participating
Maelyn Jarmon Jameslu Participating
Morisette Amon Jameslu Participating

Judging panelEdit

Current judges
  • Kat, S1-
  • Michael S1-
  • Sea S2-
  • Chris S3-
Former judges
  • Aja, S1
  • Tommy, S1
  • Dylan, S1-3
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