Cm started in August 2010. Throughout the entire series, many have entered and many have been named the Sole Survivor.

As of Seaso11 different players have won the game(2 of them twice, and 1 of them 3 times)

Over the course of each season, different twists have changed the course ofd they have had a huge impact on who won in the end.

Season History
Runner-Up(s) Vote
Yankees14456 vikejk17 4-2-1
Heroes Vs Villains DanieleD Kumquat78910111 4-3 The tribes were divided based on self-assessment.
Fans Vs Favorites Ronburt1 smi9127 RShowFreak 5-4-0 9 players from the previous season returned to face 9 brand new players.
China futurewinner1 jag0827 6-1 The "Outcast" twist brought 1 player back 3 different times.
flamergamer8 4-2-1 18 past players returned for a showdown of the best players.
ANTMM88 2-1-1 4 Tribes of 4 competed for the 1st time.
3-1-1 Introduced R.I. with 2 players returning to the game after the Merge.
jag0827 5-2 Similar to Fans vs Favs, with 8 of the Best players competing against 8 new players.
Leon989 irberger24 6-2-1 Divided the players based on Karma at the start of the game.
Good Vs Evil titan24maniac RShowFreak Ronburt1 6-3-0 25 players from every season returned to compete and were divided based on how they were precieved.
Tengaged Rules GabCo MMMMM jbmbb11 4-3-2 The Tengaged public voted on certain things, such as: Challenges, twists, and who to return to the game.
Jamaica titan24maniac NatalieRoux soccerbchris 5-2-0 Split up the tribes with half veterans and half newbies.
Mystery Island DEADBEATJONAH14 BBlover96 RShowFreak 7-4-0 Introduced Mystery Island, which was a 2nd Redemption Island in which you needed to lose 2 Duels to be eliminated.
Guatemala GabCo Ronburt1 4-3 Featured 2 Veterans returning to lead their tribes against eachother.
Past Vs Present titan24maniac BBlover96 DanieleD 7-1-1 Featured 11 of the oldest players taking on 11 of the latest players.
CaptainTangerine Joeker DanieleD 5-3-1 Introduced Vengeance Island, where voted out players can vote out those who voted them out before.
South Pacific Gaiaphage Ireks Caliboy
Brazil sarge455 49288 Joeker
ZeroToHero TheJesseHudson Mearl
Piddu ZeroToHero EmoPinata
Nicaragua Jag0827 splozojames50 5-4

Record Holder
Most Days Played BBlover96(168)
Most Wins titan24maniac(3)
Most FTC Appearances RShowFreak(5)
Most Seasons Played GabCo(9)
Most Votes Against Winner CaptainTangerine(13)