Colby's Survivor Series
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Logo Creator JosephinaAlexis
Genre Reality Competition
Created by  ColbyDonaldson8513
Starring Many Survivor castaways
Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 16
Executive producer(s) ColbyDonaldson8513
Original Run May 26, 2013-present
Original Site Tengaged Groups
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Colby's Survivor Seires is a Tengaged reality group game based on a American television show called Survivor. The series premiered on May 26, 2013 on the Tengaged website. The series is hosted by ColbyDonaldson8513, and is Co-Hosted by JosephinaAlexis

The show introduces a group of 16 or more castaways divided into two/three tribes in a specific environment where they must compete in challenges to earn a reward or immunity to not get removed from the game at Tribal Council. Medical conditions such as injuries will be based if a player is banned for more than three-days, or if they decide to not continue on the game show. The game continues until someone is crowed the winner. Winner is chosen by the past members that were chosen to be the Jury

The Seasons[edit | edit source]

# Season Title Tribes Winner Runner-Up Votes
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Survivor: Jenny's 40th Birthday
2 Survivor: TBA

Group Notes[edit | edit source]

Season Notes
Jenny's 40th Birthday
  • Three tribes of five castaways.
  • Game Merged in Final 9
  • Jury of 

Group Records[edit | edit source]

Most Individual Immunity Wins In A Season[edit | edit source]

Rank Player Wins Season

Most Tribal Immunity Wins In A Season[edit | edit source]

Rank Tribe Wins Season

Most Votes Against In A Season[edit | edit source]

Rank Player Total votes Season

List of contestants[edit | edit source]

Artilce: Coming Soon . . . 

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