LoganWorm's Survivor Series
Survivor: Japan
Logo Creator Magically Demented
Genre Reality Competition
Winner Jack I./ItsaMeJack (4-3)
No. of Episodes 15
No. of Days 16
No. of Castaways 16
Tribes      Yotai
Redemption Island: Unit N. (12th place)
Serv "Sf" O. (13th place)
Location(s) Yakushima, Japan
Original Run May 7th 2012 -
May 23rd 2012
Preceded by Survivor: Samoa
Followed by Survivor: Marquesas

Survivor: Japan was LoganWorm's third season in his series. The season began on May 7th 2012 and was slated to last about 13 days. It ended on May 23rd 2012.

The season featured 16 castaways on two different tribes. The main twist was Immunity Island which allowed the holder of individual immunity to hold luxuries, but is not allowed to vote or use a hidden immunity idol. This is also the first time the tribes were "refurbished".

Ultimately Jack I. beat out Patrick S. on a 4-3 vote becoming the first Sole Survivor in a final 2. Patrick S. did not leave empty handed, winning the Sprint's Player of the Season poll.

Both Unit and Sf would return to Redemption Island to be placed on the Zapatera tribe, where the pre-merge boot returnees went. Unit merged for the first time and placed 12th and became the 1st jury member. While Sf placed worse, and was the only returnee to place worse, placing 13th and missing the merge by another elimination again.

This season is known as an "original" season for being in a location in which the actual Survivor series was not yet filmed (if it was filmed there, then it's original because of the logo and tribe names).

35 people applied, 19 were cut from casting, and all 16 participated in the whole season.

People that signed up on the Tengaged website was asked to give their Username, Preferred Survivor Name (Some kind of first name), Age, Color Level, Timezone, and a couple of other answers to questions. Their Preferred Survivor Name is what goes on this wiki, and what goes on the intros.

(Real Cast List w/Usernames)


Castaway Original Tribe Refurbished Tribe Merged Tribe Finish TVs
Unit N.
14, Silver
Kuski 1st Voted Out
Day 2
Nathan C.
18, Red
Yotai 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
Joe J.
18, Black
Kuski 3rd Voted Out
Day 4
Meli C.
19, Silver
Yotai 4th Voted Out
Day 5
B "BHD" D.
15, Dark Green
Yotai Sunto 5th Voted Out
Day 6
Ivan "Pull" D.
14, Black
Yotai Hiriato 6th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 6
Game T.
23, Brown
Kuski Sunto 7th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 7
Serv "Sf" O.
16, Orange
Kuski Hiriato 8th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 7
Janie P.
14, Black
Kuski Sunto Nakaoto Eliminated3
4th Jury Member
Day 9
Porsche F.
14, Orange
Kuski Sunto 9th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 10
Evan "Tinga" L.
16, Dark Green
Yotai Hiriato 10th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 11
Logan "Skillz" D.
19, Blue
Yotai Hiriato 11th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 12
Joe "J-Wiz" W.
17, Light Green
Kuski Sunto 12th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 14
Epstar P.
16, Blue
Kuski Sunto 13th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 15
Patrick S.
16, Black
Yotai Hiriato Runner-Up 4
Jack I.
14, Yellow
Yotai Hiriato Sole Survivor 5

TVs = indicate Total Votes
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

^3 Due to a 2nd tie, the contestants had to draw rocks. Janie drew the purple rock, eliminating herself.
^4 Because Jack played a coin on Tinga, 1 vote against Tinga did not count.
^5 Because Epstar played 2 idols on himself, a total of 6 votes did not count.

The Game

Episode Title Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
"It Turns Around" Yotai Unit 5-2-1 1st Voted Out
Day 2
"Who Are Too Stupid" Kuski Nathan 5-2-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
"It's Strategic All Right" Yotai Joe 5-1-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 4
"I've Been Plotting" Kuski Meli 4-3 4th Voted Out
Day 5
"I'll Strike Like a Snake" Jack1 BHD 4-1-1 5th Voted Out
Day 6
Pull 4-1 6th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 6
"All of My Friends Are Gone" J-Wiz Game 3-1 7th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 7
Tinga Sf 3-1 8th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 7
"I Have No Idea" None2 Janie 4-4/2-2 Eliminated3
4th Jury Member
Day 9
"One by One" Porsche 4-3 9th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 10
"Like the King that I am" Skillz Tinga 1(2)-0(3) 10th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 11
"They are All Morons" J-Wiz Skillz 1-0(3) 11th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 12
"A Date With the Devil" Jack
J-Wiz 2-1 12th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 14
"Digging His Own Grave" Jack Epstar 1-0 13th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 15
"Finale & Reunion" Jury Vote Patrick 5-4 Runner-Up
Jack Sole Survivor

NV = indicates that a person did not get eliminated by being voted out by the tribe, so there were no votes cast.

^1 During Episode 5, only one individual immunity necklace was granted to determine the placings.
^2 During Episodes 7 and 8, either a malfunction happened where no one won immunity, or an auction happened where the items containing the individual immunity necklace were not purchased.
^3 Due to a 2nd tie, the contestants had to draw rocks. Janie drew the purple rock, eliminating herself.
^6 Jack won immunity, but decided to give it to Epstar at the end of the challenge sending Epstar to Immunity Island.

Voting History

Original Tribes Refurbished Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Eliminated: Unit
5/8 Votes
5/8 Votes
5/7 Votes
4/7 Votes
4/6 Votes
4/5 Votes
3/4 Votes
3/4 Votes
Tie Tie Janie
No Vote3
4/7 Votes
1/1 Vote
1/1 Vote
2/3 Votes
1/1 Vote
Voter Vote
Jack Nathan Meli I-I Sf Janie Janie Elimination Porsche Epstar Epstar J-Wiz Epstar
Patrick Pull Meli Pull Sf Janie Janie Elimination Porsche Epstar Epstar J-Wiz
Epstar Unit Joe J-Wiz Game Tinga Tinga Elimination Jack Tinga Skillz I-I
J-Wiz Unit Joe BHD I-I Tinga Tinga Elimination Jack Tinga I-I Jack
Skillz Nathan Meli Pull Sf Janie Janie Elimination Porsche I-I Epstar
Tinga Nathan Meli Pull I-I Janie Tie Elimination Porsche Epstar
Porsche Unit Joe BHD Game Tinga Tinga Elimination Jack
Janie J-Wiz J-Wiz BHD Game Tinga Tie Elimination
Sf Unit Joe Pull Jack
Game Unit Joe BHD Janie
Pull Nathan Patrick Sf
BHD Patrick Patrick Porsche
Meli Nathan Patrick
Joe J-Wiz Epstar
Nathan Pull
Unit Epstar

NV = indicates that the person did not vote, and had no effect on who was voted out.
(usually because they forgot to vote, but there could be another reason)

I-I = indicates that the person was sent to Immunity Island and could not vote at that tribal council.

^3 Due to a 2nd tie, the contestants had to draw rocks. Janie drew the purple rock, eliminating herself.

Jury Vote
Finalist: Patrick
4/9 Votes
5/9 Votes
Juror Vote
Epstar Jack
J-Wiz Jack
Skillz Patrick
Tinga Patrick
Porsche Jack
Janie Jack
Sf Patrick
Game Patrick
Pull Jack

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: "It Turns Around"

When the castaways arrived, it was announced that two of them had been randomly drawn to pick the tribes in a schoolyard pick. Epstar was randomly selected as the first member of Kuski. BHD was selected as the first member of Yotai. Epstar chose Game, Porsche, Janie, Sf, Joe, and J-Wiz to be a part of the Kuski tribe. BHD chose Patrick, Meli, Tinga, Nathan, Pull, Skillz, and Jack to be a part of the Yotai tribe. In the very first immunity challenge the tribes had to make sushi rolls as fast as they could. Whichever tribe made 3 sushi rolls first and ran back to the start won immunity. It was down to seconds, but Yotai ended up winning immunity, sending Kuski to tribal for the night.

At the Kuski camp Game went off to make alliances with J-Wiz and Porsche, noting that he only really cared about Porsche because J-Wiz was a "rat". J-Wiz thought that he didn't deserve to be voted out because he was active even though he messed up the challenge for Kuski. Unit thought that the Kuski tribe should vote out Epstar because he was inactive at the challenge. Porsche proceeded to believe that she was running things on Kuski controlling Sf, Game, and J-Wiz to her liking. Janie had decided that she was going to appear weak until merge time, then make deals with the other tribe and come out for the win. Joe was becoming suspicious of some of his tribemates, but figured he'd be safe at the first tribal council and his suspicions would go away.

At the Yotai camp Pull made an alliance with Tinga, Meli, Skillz, and Jack hoping that would keep him past pre-merge. He had no intentions of working with most of these people come merge time. Meli was getting suspicious and worried at her tribemates because of how they were treating her. Jack noted that he had no intention of being with Meli, Skillz, and Pull, but staying true to Tinga, even past merge. He wanted to stay low key until the merge. Pull believed that Nathan was going to gun for him due to their previous nature, but was confident that he would get to Nathan first due to the alliance he organized. Skillz thought that Pull, Meli, and himself should make an alliance within their alliance to make sure that they got further.

At tribal council there were no fingers being pointed to anyone for the loss of the first challenge. In the end Unit was voted out on a 5-2-1 vote.

Episode 2: "Who Are Too Stupid"

At the next immunity challenge the castaways had to carry bags of sand across the beach for their tribe. Each tribe had 10 bags and each bag varied in weight from 1 pound to 50 pounds. If a castaway had a heavier bag, it would make them move a lot slower across the beach. Whichever tribe had moved all 10 of their bags first won immunity. All 10 bags for each tribe ended up equalling 228 pounds. When Yotai thought they had won the immunity challenge, Kuski had won because of a few mishaps during the challenge.

At the Kuski camp Porsche noted that she thought she was controlling everyone in the game due to the last vote and that the 2 people who didn't vote with her would be gone when Kuski lost a challenge. She said that Epstar would be the 3rd one to go, but she wouldn't tell him that. J-Wiz was worried that Kuski was going to lose every challenge prior to the challenge on Day 2, and he had hoped the Yotai tribe would vote out someone that would ruin him in the long run. Sf confessed that Porsche was his best friend and that he could trust her with his life.

At the Yotai camp Skillz said that the other tribe was stupid for not stopping when they were told to in the challenge, but that it was okay because it made them look more foolish. The rest of the tribe had talked about how stupid the Kuski tribe was

At tribal council no one was revealing who they wanted out, but Nathan was voted out on a 5-2-1 vote.

Episode 3: "It's Strategic All Right"

At the next immunity challenge the castaways were playing an altered blown-up game of Connect 4, where they had to hit 5 targets in a row, column, or diagnol to win immunity. The challenge lasted for about an hour, with Kuski hitting targets all over the board, and Yotai missing the majority of their targets. In the end Yotai won immunity by hitting their last target.

At the Yotai camp Tinga had began to brew up a plan of his own making an alliance with Skillz, Patrick, and Jack to take out Pull as soon as possible.

At the Kuski camp J-Wiz noted that there were people trying to conduct cross tribe alliances such as Meli and Joe. J-Wiz claims that Kuski's original plan was to vote out Epstar, but they instead turned to vote out Joe so that alliance could be no more. J-Wiz said that everyone thought they could trust him, and that if he had backstabbed later let it be known that "they came to me". Game figured that his name was being thrown out, but didn't believe he'd be voted out due to the fact that he took an alliance deal between Porsche, Sf, J-Wiz, and himself.

At tribal council Porsche came out and said that it was going to be a strategic vote for sure. On a 5-1-1 vote Joe was voted out of the tribe.

Episode 4: "I've Been Plotting"

At the next immunity challenge, the castaways had to get help from Tengaged to win immunity. It's known as the classic "spam" challenge, where whichever blog gets the most points for their votes and the most comments will win immunity. Kuski took a hefty lead and eventually came out on top winning immunity.

At the Kuski camp Epstar was getting paranoid at the fact that someone wasn't voting with his tribe (or their alliance) and that at the next tribal Kuski was at, he would listen in and would begin his plan to stay under the radar. J-Wiz was beginning to worry if he made it to the final 4 with Porsche, Sf, and Game that Porsche and Sf were more connected than him and Game, which would allow them the final 2, however J-Wiz said that he had some connections with the Yotai tribe as well.

At the Yotai camp Tinga went around to say that they needed to get rid of the "Squeeky Wheel" referring to Meli because he said that she didn't contribute, and when she did she caused drama at the challenges. To continue to try to get Meli out Tinga went to Jack and said that Meli was working with people like Pull and some of the people from Kuski, convincing Jack to vote for Meli as well. Skillz started to refer to Meli as a threat because of all of the ties she had with people, and he began to think thagt would hurt him at the merge.

At tribal council everyone proceeded to keep to themselves for another time. In a very close vote of 4-3 Meli became the 4th person voted out of the tribe.

Episode 5: "I'll Strike Like a Snake"

Jack had cheered that Meli was now gone because he felt like he had a better chance of going to the end. At the next immunity challenge LoganWorm asked 2 people to step forward. Epstar and Jack then stepped forward. They were required to choose the new Refurbished tribes "Hiriato" and "Sunto". Every person from the Kuski tribe except Sf went on to Sunto and every member of Yotai went on to Sunto except BHD who went on to Hiribato. At this point no one was no longer competing for tribal immunity, but rather individual immunity.

Whoever won individual immunity was then sent to Immunity Island where they'd enjoy food, bath, and entertainment. The tradeoff was that the person who went to Immunity Island couldn't vote at tribal council or use an idol at tribal. In a challenge where the castaways had to cut people's ropes to make vases shatter, Jack won and was sent to Immunity Island. Whoever was voted off of the Hiriato tribe would become the 1st member of the jury.

At the Sunto camp Epstar was originally worried about stepping forward, then decided it went pretty okay. He had wished Pull and Janie were swapped around so he could vote out Pull and BHD, and he was worried BHD would find and play an idol at the next tribal council. J-Wiz hated the switch because only one person from each prior tribe had switched, and he was hoping to vote out BHD because he wanted to make the old Yotai tribe weaker come merge. However Porsche had another look and said that she thought the tribe switch worked out great for her, but that if BHD had an idol she would be the one going home.

At the Hiriato camp Pull noted that he was playing a great game and COULD HAVE contributed to the tribe and won individual immunity, had he been trying. He decided he'd "Strike like a snake" come merge time, when it would be an individual's game. He left his faith in the alliances he had made. Sf was missing his old Kuski tribe and had the immediate instinct that he would be the first one voted off of the Hiriato tribe, even when Jack told him he'd be safe before going to Immunity Island. Later Tinga revealed to Sf that he was truely not going, and Sf now had more faith because he was sure he would be going. Tinga said that now that Meli, the biggest social threat in the game, was gone that it was time to get rid of the biggest strategical player, which in his eyes was Pull. At Immunity Island Jack was happy he had immunity, and said that Pull would for sure become the first member of the jury because he was more than certain of it.

At tribal council the Sunto tribe decided to vote out BHD, the "odd man out" on a 4-1-1 vote. The Hiriato tribe made a surprising decision and decided to vote out Pull on a 4-1 vote making him the 1st jury member.

Episode 6: "All of My Friends Are Gone"

At the next immunity challenge it was announced that both tribes were going to tribal again and 2 people (1 from each tribe) would win immunity and be sent to Immunity Island. For the challenge all of the castaways had to climb a pole and stay on it for as long as possible. In the end 1 person from each tribe would win immunity. Janie tried to tell the Hiribato tribe that Jack was playing both sides and it would be best to get him out. After a short while J-Wiz won the individual immunity for Sunto. The Hiribato tribe went for at least 1 hour until Tinga won individual immunity and went to Immunity Island along with J-Wiz.

At the Sunto camp Epstar had exclaimed how he was surprised Sf had managed to stay, but how he had wanted Janie or Game off of his tribe that night so he could merge and go all out. Porsche began to think about jury votes and how the Hiriato tribe were a tribe full of idiots because they had gotten rid of Pull, who could have converted Janie to their side. And she noted that they were idiots for keeping Sf because he was one of the most loyal members of Kuski. Porsche was convinced she'd get Janie out, but Janie went around and said that Game was trying to get Porsche out. At that moment Porsche went and decided to vote out Game because of the evidence Janie presented.

At the Hiriato camp Sf had hoped that what Janie spread to people at the immunity challenge would make everyone scramble and not vote out Sf. He thought he had a good chance. Skillz believed that Jack would be someone to go against their own tribe, but then he believed Janie would be a lying "****" as noted by Skillz. Skillz thought it was an idiotic move to keep Sf in the game.

At Immunity Island Tinga said that Patrick was "just there" as he had not contributed anything to strategy with him. Tinga noted that Skillz was being paranoid about Jack saying that he was against Yotai before he went to Immunity Island, which Tinga could have believed himself, but chose not to at the time. J-Wiz enjoyed his time and relaxation at Immunity Island.

At tribal council the Sunto tribe came to a decision by voting out Game on a 3-1 vote. The Hiriato tribe decided to vote off Sf on a 3-1 vote making him the 3rd member of the jury.

Episode 7: "I Have No Idea"

At the next immunity challenge the castaways had discovered that they were now merging. For the challenge the castaways had to race through a maze. The first 3 people that made it through would then swim out and do 3 laps. When LoganWorm said go they could swim. Tinga, Jack, and Epstar all made it through. Then before LoganWorm said go Epstar jumped the gun and started swimming. The other 2 castaways then swam too far, and it was decided that no one won immunity and no one went to immunity island.

At the Nakaoto camp Epstar wished he had won immunity and noted that Porsche was running things from the original Kuski tribe, which he was going to stop shortly. He had began to chat with Patrick about both of them being at the bottom of their alliance. Jack just said that people sucked at the challenges. J-Wiz was then approached by Skillz asking him to flip and vote off Jack or Patrick, which J-Wiz thought about as an option, but couldn't decide right away. Skillz wanted to target someone from the Kuski tribe that was strong and make a move, but the rest of the original Yotai members wanted to vote out Janie which Skillz has no choice, but to do. Tinga believed that if this vote went well he would go to the final 4 without any issue. Porsche hated the twists, but was glad Game was out because she wanted him out regardless if what Janie said was true or not. She wanted to flush any potential idol that someone may have, but with no idols being possessed made it impossible. She was worred about Janie flipping with the original Yotai members, but noted that she thought that Jack would flip and vote for an original Yotai member making her feel a little bit better. Porsche went to all other original Yotai members asking for them to flip, but ended with no luck and with her only hope being Jack, which was at the bottom of the alliance if he chose to flip.

At tribal council there was open confessions as that it was still Yotai vs. Kuski, so it would be a tie vote both times. Porsche and Epstar both said they were more than willing to face the Purple Rock. The first vote tied on a 4-4 vote, then the second vote tied on a 3-3 vote. The Purple Rock ended up eliminating Janie.

Episode 8: "One by One"

At the next immunity challenge a Survivor auction was held. There were 2 mystery items and 3 known items. The bidding started at $20 each round and the castaways had to bid at least $10 each round. They were given $500 at the start. Only Jack and Epstar decided to participate. Epstar bid $500 on an idol clue, therefore allowing Jack to have the other 4 items, but Jack decided to only bid on a coin, which would give him the power to void 1 vote from himself. Individual immunity was not granted for a 2nd time in a row.

Castaways Item(s)
Epstar Idol Clue ($500)
Jack A Coin
J-Wiz Chose not to participate due to the Immunity Island twist.
Patrick Nothing
Porsche Nothing
Skillz Chose not to participate due to the Immunity Island twist.
Tinga Nothing

At the Nakaoto camp J-Wiz tried to keep his alliance with Skillz going and tried to convince Skillz to vote out Jack, and noted that if Skillz didn't he would get 4th. Skillz went off and then said that he had a fake allinace with J-Wiz and that if everything played out correctly Porsche would go that night. Porsche decided to give up and blame "those damn purple rocks". Skillz didn't think that his alliance was set yet though, and tried to convince J-Wiz that the original Yotai was voting for Epstar in any hopes that Epstar might have an idol and play it to flush it. Skillz said that J-Wiz thought he was running the game, but J-Wiz was just a puppet in Skillz's game. Tinga said that the original Yotai alliance had to play it smart since a Kuski member was sent home by the purple rock.

At tribal council the original Kuski members thought that it was obvious they were going to be picked off one by one, but some Yotai members were paranoid as if they had a flipper. In the end Porsche was voted out on a 4-3 vote and became the 5th jury member.

Episode 9: "Like the King that I am"

At the next immunity challenge it came down to luck in memory because there were 4 doors that the castaways had to choose from. If they chose the one door that led on to the next room, then they move on. The rest of the castaways are eliminated unless someone doesn't find the sole path. After everyone chose the wrong door, they all reselected a door. In the end Skillz took try #2 to find the sole path and win immunity, he was sent to Immunity Island.

At the Nakaoto camp Jack thought that hell was breaking loose because he believed Epstar had an idol, which at first he thought was a bad thing, then he thought was a great thing. Epstar had found the idol that day and was the first one to find an idol all season. He shared this information with J-Wiz, which J-Wiz was happy about and knew that it gave them a chance. J-Wiz planned to play all sides at this point and make his picks for final 2. Tinga thought it was his perfect opportunity to start planning for the finals because Skillz had been going after Jack earlier in the game and Tinga still believed that the original Yotai members were together.

At Immunity Island Skillz had thought about his strategy. He wanted Patrick and Tinga to go so he could break up his old Yotai alliance, so Skillz had earlier tried to convince Jack to get one of them out.

At tribal council it was clear the Epstar had an idol when he openly presented it. Epstar recieved 3 votes, and would have been voted out if he hadn't use his idol. Tinga was voted out on a 1-0 vote because only 1 vote counted that tribal because of the idol and because of Jack playing his coin on Tinga voiding 1 vote. Tinga became the 6th jury member.

Episode 10: "They are All Morons"

At the next immunity challenge the final 5 got to see their loved ones. If they won immunity they would spend the night with their loved one at Immunity Island, and everyone else had to say goodbye to their loved ones. Each pair had to toss their coconuts to each other and back 10 times. Then both had to run to LoganWorm to win immunity. Skillz and his loved one finished first, but didn't run fast enough back because J-Wiz caught up and his loved one ran as fast as he did to the finish line. J-Wiz won immunity and went to Immunity Island with his loved one.

At the Nakaoto camp Jack took credit for Tinga's departure labeling himself as a Villain. Skillz sat there saying that he was guaranteed a spot in the final 4 and he thought he played the best social game. He thought his best bet was to take Jack or Patrick to the final 2 because he thought he would lose against J-Wiz. He also thought that faking a hidden immunity idol would save himself.

At Immunity Island J-Wiz thought that he was the only one running this game now. He thought that he could convince Jack, Skillz, or Epstar to do whatever he wanted and set himself up to be the Sole Survivor.

At tribal council Epstar had yet another idol up his sleeve and he played it on himself once again, this caused his only vote to count. He voted out Skillz, making Skillz the 7th Jury Member.

Episode 11: "A Date With the Devil"

At the next immunity challenge Epstar and Patrick gave up in Round 1, where the castaways had to cut sushi once again. Whichever two that were the fastest in cutting 6 sushi rolls would move onto Round 2. In Round 2 Jack and J-Wiz had to climb the pole once again for an endurance challenge. They spent about an hour on the poles until J-Wiz could not take it any longer and fell off. Jack had won individual immunity, but he decided to give it to Epstar, forcing Epstar to Immunity Island. Jack was now able to be voted out, so he would continue to tribal council.

At the Nakaoto camp Jack remarked that J-Wiz has been a dumbass and made a date with the devil. J-Wiz said that he was proud because he and Epstar were in the final 4 after coming into a minority at the merge and he said that he took credit for taking Tinga out and gave Epstar credit for blindsiding Skillz. However J-Wiz was not in a good position (or so he had said) and he had spoke to both Patrick about voting out Jack and to Jack about voting out Patrick. He thought about this for hours.

At Immunity Island Epstar knew that having immunity sucked, but was relieved he'd at least have a chance at the finals.

At tribal council Jack was commenting to Patrick stating that Patrick was gone, which aggravated Patrick and caused him to yell a bit. In the end J-Wiz was voted out on a 2-1 vote becoming the 8th jury member causing J-Wiz to feel idiotic for thinking about his vote for hours.

Episode 12: "Digging His Own Grave"

At the next immunity challenge the 3 remaining castaways found out it was to be a final 2 instead of a final 3. For the challenge they had to make as many flowers as they could in 5 minutes. Epstar made less than 10, while Patrick made 12, and Jack made 14. Immunity Island was no longer in play as the vote would result in a tie. Jack won individual immunity.

At the Nakaoto camp Jack thought about his difficult (or not so difficult as Jack had remarked) decision. He thought his best bet was to take Patrick who had done absolutely nothing at all.

At tribal council Jack decided to vote out Epstar making him the 9th and final jury member.

Episode 13: "Finale & Reunion"

At the final tribal council people like Porsche, Skillz, Sf, and Epstar asked the finalists many questions and the finalists had many heated debates over why they deserve to win over the other. Porsche had said that she didn't want to vote any, and Tinga had had intentions of writing Jack's name down, but heisitated and then wrote down Patrick's name, not knowing all of Jack's moves in the game, especially against him. Patrick laid an arguement out that he had the perfect strategy to get to the finals, and that Jack didn't deserve to win more because Jack put himself out there. Jack felt he deserved to win because of all of his risky moves.

In the end Jack won the title of Sole Survivor on a 5-4 vote, making it the closest vote in the series' history for the finale. Jack was not looked upon lightly by many of the Japan cast members.


Tribal Refurbish:

This twist happened on Day 5, the definition of a tribal refurbish is when the castaways go to a tribe that has a new color and a completely new name. The manner in which a tribal refurbish is selected, doesn't matter, but it's usually a schoolyard pick. The 2 refurbished tribes were Hiriato and Sunto which had new colors.

Immunity Island:

This twist was introduced on Day 5 and noted that anyone that has individual immunity will enjoy luxuries on a separate island in exchange for their tribal vote. Anyone on Immunity Island is not allowed to vote and is not allowed to use the hidden immunity idol.

Biggest Critiscisms

On Day 2, during the 2nd immunity challenge Game complained that Yotai had not won immunity because LoganWorm had messed up. LoganWorm spent about a half an hour checking back and making the changes needed. Kuski ended up winning immunity. This challenge was not liked by many.

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