LoganWorm's Survivor Series
350px-LoganWorm's Survivor Series 2
Logo Creator LoganWorm
Genre Reality Competition
Created by  LoganWorm
Starring Survivor Castaways
Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 7
No. of Episodes 94
Original Run March 12th, 2012 -
April 11th, 2013
Original Site Tengaged Groups
Related Shows Survivor
Big Brother

For the Remastered Series, go here.

LoganWorm's Survivor Series, commonly referred as LW's Survivor Series, is an online version of the popular American version of the show, Survivor. It loosely follows the same format of Survivor and has it's own flavor to the game. It is all hosted, produced, and created by LoganWorm. The series began it's first season on March 12th 2012 on the Tengaged website.

The game takes a sum of people (called castaways) and maroons them in a place without much civilization. The goal is to build a society that will last through the elements and survive the vote. These castaways must win immunity to be safe from the votes for elimination. Some contestants leave on their own accord and some are pulled from the game due to a life threatening condition. The game begins with multiple tribes fighting for immunity and as the game proceeds eventually one tribe remains and a jury is formed with those voted out of the game. The jury then questions the final few, asking why they deserve the title of Sole Survivor. The jury then votes for who they want to win the game and the title of Sole Survivor.

The series currently holds a nomination in the TOGAs for Best Survivor Group and a win in the TOGAs for Best Survivor Group. It also holds a nomination for Best Group in the 2012 Tengaged Awards.

The series was cancelled during it's 7th season, Survivor: Pearl Islands. The six remaining castaways were proclaimed co-survivors of the season. A new Survivor series began production after Pearl Islands was cancelled. It's called LoganWorm's Survivor Remastered Series.

An All-Stars season filled with people from the original series is planned to take place after the Remastered All-Stars.[1]

(Real Cast Lists for all Seasons)


The Game:Edit

# Season Sole Survivor Runner(s)-Up Final Vote P(s)OS1
1 Survivor: The Plains Kyle S.
Link T.
(Themissinglink) &
Tyler R.
2-1-1 Link T.
Bwburke W.
2 Survivor: Samoa Zach T.
Erik E.
6-2-0 Cochran E.
Cochran E.
3 Survivor: Japan Jack I.
Patrick S.
5-4 Patrick S.
4 Survivor: Marquesas Mearl L.
Jack B.
4-3 Stefan M.
5 Survivor: Nicaragua Tyla T.
Jesse R.
(TheJesseHudson) &
Aly R.
4-2-2 Priscilla D.
6 Survivor: Redemption
Rumtin T.
Mykel C.
5-3-1 Unit N.
Kyle C.
Pamela R.
7 Survivor: Pearl Islands Carlos, Christian, David,
Michael, Prue, Sally
No Vote None

P(s)OS = indicates Player(s) of the Season
All players' usernames can be found on the Tengaged site.

^1 After Season 4 each Player of the Season poll was kept away from all merged tribe members and any users who did not follow the season. From the Season 5 player of the season and on, is considered to be the actual opinions of dedicated viewers and not of people who were spammed the link.


# Season Notes
1 Survivor: The Plains Introduced the Reverse Tribal Council twist.
First time an eliminated castaway re-entered during the game.
Featured the Purple Rock tiebreaker for the first time.
2 Survivor: Samoa Introduced the Phony Idol.
First time a castaway was medically evacuated.
3 Survivor: Japan Introduced Immunity Island.
Introduced a coin in which one vote was not counted against someone.
First time the winner of individual immunity gave it up to someone else.
First time the final vote included only two people.
Featured the tribes refurbishing for the first time.
4 Survivor: Marquesas Introduced Isolation Island.
Introduced Treemail.
Featured a duel to break a tie rather than the Purple Rock tiebreaker.
First season without the Purple Rock tiebreaker.
5 Survivor: Nicaragua Introduced The Fire Necklace.
Featured the Phony Idol for a second time.
Began a back-to-back filming trend (5 & 6, 7 & 8, 9 & 10)
6 Survivor: Redemption
Introduced Redemption Island.
First time castaways returned to play again.
First time returning castaways and new players played against each other.
First time Exile Island was used (but not formally introduced)
First time a returnee won the game.
7 Survivor: Pearl Islands

Noted as a "Back to Basics" season.
First season without any twists.
First season to divide the tribes by gender.
Drake lost 6 challenges until they were absorbed into Morgan, there was no merge.
Only Season to have 6 Sole Survivors.
Final Season of Survivor Series.

Some twists can be seen in the real Survivor Series, some twists have never been seen before.

Tribes & Location:Edit

# Season Location Original Tribes Changed Tribes Individual Tribe
1 Survivor: The Plains Gabon, Africa 2 tribes of 9
(18 new)
1: 2 tribes of 7
2: 2 tribes of (5 & 7)
1 tribe of 10
2 Survivor: Samoa Upolu, Samoa 2 tribes of 10
(20 new)
0: 2 tribes of 10 1 tribe of 12
3 Survivor: Japan Yakushima, Japan 2 tribes of 8
(16 new)
4: 2 tribes of 6 1 tribe of 8
4 Survivor: Marquesas Marqueas Islands,
French Polynesia
0: 2 tribes of 8 1 tribe of 10
(1 tribe of 11)
5 Survivor: Nicaragua San Juan del Sur,
2 tribes of 9
(18 new)
1: 2 tribes of (6 & 7) 1 tribe of 10
6 Survivor: Redemption
2 tribes of 9
(12 new, 6 returning)
0: 2 tribes of 9 1 tribe of 12
7 Survivor: Pearl Islands Pearl Islands, Panama 2 tribes of 8
(16 new)
0: 2 tribes of 8 1 tribe of 10

0 = indicates no tribal change (from original tribes)
1 = indicates a tribal switch
2 = indicates a mutiny
3 = indicates a tribal absorbtion
4 = indicates a tribal refurbish

Season RankingsEdit

#1: Survivor: Redemption Island
#2: Survivor: Japan
#3: Survivor: Nicaragua
#4: Survivor: Samoa
#5: Survivor: Marquesas
#6: Survivor: The Plains

Winner RankingsEdit

#1: Mearl L. (Marquesas)
#2: Rumtin T. (Redemption Island)
#3: Tyla T. (Nicaragua)
#4: Jack I. (Japan)
#5: Kyle S. (The Plains)
#6: Zach T. (Samoa)

Hall of Fame/RecordsEdit

Most Seasons Played:Edit

Rank Castaway # of Seasons Seasons
=1 Josh J. (JoshJosh123) 2 (The Plains, Redemption Island)
=1 Kamika L. (KamiLynne) 2 (Samoa, Redemption Island)
=1 Unit N. (Unit8890) 2 (Japan, Redemption Island)
=1 Serv "Sf" O. (Survivorfan1111) 2 (Japan, Redemption Island)
=1 Rumtin T. (Rumtin) 2 (Marquesas, Redemption Island)
=1 Stephen R. (SimvivoRWay) 2 (Nicaragua, Redemption Island)

Most Individual Immunity Wins (in a single season):Edit

Rank Castaway Individual Immunity Wins Season
1 Rumtin T. (Rumtin) 6 Redemption Island
2 Link T. (Themissinglink) 5 The Plains
=3 Dustin S. (Survivor525) 4 Samoa
=3 Mearl L. (Mearl) 4 Marquesas

Most Tribal Wins (in a single season):Edit

Rank Castaway Tribal Immunity Wins Season
=1 Morgan 6 Pearl Islands
=2 Ita1 5 The Plains
=2 Ometepe 5 Redemption Island
=3 Galu 4 Samoa
=3 Rotu 4 Marquesas

^1 This tribe had a switch, mutiny or an absorbtion, the amount of immunity wins was through the course of its changes.

Most Votes Against (in a single season):Edit

Rank2 Castaway Votes Against Season
1 Chris G. (Gaiaphage) 19 Marquesas
2 Stephen J. (SimvivoRWay) 16 Redemption Island
3 Unit N. (Unit8890) 14 Redemption Island

Least Votes Against (in a single season):Edit

Rank2 Castaway Votes Against Season
1 John O. (Johnoliver96) 0 Nicaragua
2 Logan "Skillz" D. (SkillzDatKillz) 1 Japan
=3 Jack B. (Jackbritt13) 2 Marquesas
=3 Jesse R. (TheJesseHudson) 2 Nicaragua
=3 Aly R. (Alyxandra) 2 Nicaragua

^2 Those who quit or were removed from the game are not counted. The vote counts are with the total of votes affected by idols, but no votes from Isolation Island.

Awards and NominationsEdit

Date Awards Category Nominee Result
May 30th, 2012 Tengaged Awards
(In 2012)
Best Group For Overall Group Series Nominated
July 1st, 2012 5th TOGAs
(In June 2012)
Best Survivor Group
(Green TOGA)
For Survivor: Nicaragua Nominated
January 11th, 2013 11th TOGAs
(In December 2012)
Best Survivor Group
(Green TOGA)
For Survivor: Redemption Island Won


1. ^ LoganWorm. "LW's Survivor: Viewers Lounge Discussion." LW's Survivor: Viewers Lounge. Tengaged, 27 Apr. 2013. Retrieved 27 Apr. 2013.

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