LoganWorm's Survivor Series
Survivor: Marquesas
800px-Marquesas Original Fan Recreation
Logo Creator CBS
Genre Reality Competition
Winner Mearl L./Mearl (4-3)
No. of Episodes 17
No. of Days 20
No. of Castaways 16
Tribes      Rotu
Redemption Island: Rumtin T. (Sole Survivor)
Location(s) Marquesas Islands, Polynesia
Original Run May 25th 2012 -
June 14th 2012
Preceded by Survivor: Japan
Followed by Survivor: Nicaragua

Survivor: Marquesas was LoganWorm's fourth season in his series. The season began on May 25th 2012 and ended on June 13th 2012.

The season featured 16 brand new castaways on two different tribes. The main twist was called: "Isolation Island" This twist brought back one of the first four people voted out of the tribe by holding one challenge and having the person who did the worst eliminated, then have a mini-tribal council voting off someone else. Then 10 people voted one of the 2 remaining people back.

Mearl L. won again Jack B. in the finals on a 4-3 vote making him the Sole Survivor. Stefan M. was the first person not in the finals to formerly receive the Sprint Player of the Season, but this would not be the first occurrence because Bwburke W. was also be given the Sprint Player of the Season with Link T. in The Plains before Pearl Islands began.

Rumtin returned to play in Redemption Island, ultimately getting voted out 13th. He then returned to the game with the Redemption Island twist and secured himself a spot in the final 3. He then was named the Sole Survivor and won the season on a 5-3-1 vote.

47 people applied, 31 were cut from casting, and all 16 people participated in the season.

People that signed up on the Tengaged website was asked to give their Username, Preferred Survivor Name (Some kind of first name), Age, Color Level, Timezone, and a couple of other answers to questions. Their Preferred Survivor Name is what goes on this wiki, and what goes on the intros.

(Real Cast List w/real Usernames)


Castaway Original Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Isolation Island Finish TVs
Rstar T.
15, Orange
Rotu 4th
Day 6
Day 7
Day 7
Taryn N.
15, White
Maraamu 1st
Day 2
1st Voted Out
Day 7
Day 7
Dan "Danyo" G.
14, Orange
Rotu 3rd
Day 5
Day 9
Day 9
Jack T.
13, White
Maraamu 5th
Day 7
Day 7
Boots R.
18, Red
Maraamu 6th
Day 8
Day 8
Rumtin T.
16, Yellow
Rotu Soliantu 7th
Day 10
Day 10
Mana L.
19, Light Green
Rotu 8th
Day 11
Day 11
Chris G.
15, Brown
Maraamu 2nd
Day 3
1st Returnee
Day 9
1st Jury Member
Day 12
Day 12
Danny C.
16, Blue
Rotu 10th
Day 13
2nd Jury Member
Day 13
Stefan M.
15, Blue
Maraamu 11th
Day 14
3rd Jury Member
Day 14
Beast K.
20, Blue
Maraamu 12th
Day 15
4th Jury Member
Day 15
Bryce T.
16, Black
Rotu 13th
Day 16
5th Jury Member
Day 16
Antonio T.
14, Yellow
Rotu Eliminated1
Day 18
6th Jury Member
Day 18
Parv S.
17, Light Green
Rotu 14th
Day 18
7th Jury Member
Day 18
Jack B.
17, Yellow
Maraamu Runner-Up 2
Mearl L.
22, Silver
Maraamu Sole Survivor 33

TVs = indicate Total Votes
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council, or any votes received at Isolation Island.

^1 Because Antonio lost the tiebreaker duel, he was eliminated from the season.
^2 Because Antonio played the Hidden Immunity on himself, 3 votes cast against Antonio did not count.
^3 Because Mearl played 2 idols on himself, a total of 4 votes did not count.

The Game

Episode Title Isolation Island Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
Inhibitants Eliminated
"Don't Underestimate Me" Rotu Taryn 4-2-1 1st Voted Out
Day 2
"Anyone But Me" Taryn Rotu Chris 6-0 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
"Total Idiots" Taryn, Chris Maraamu Danyo 3-3/4-2 3rd Voted Out
Day 5
"Most of Them
Are Followers"
Taryn, Chris
Maraamu Rstar 6-0 4th Voted Out
Day 6
"I Hope You're Happy" Taryn, Chris
Danyo, Rstar
Day 7
Rotu Jack T. 5-1 5th Voted Out
Day 7
"All Bow Down to Me" Taryn, Chris
Taryn (1-0)
Day 7
Rotu Boots 3-2 6th Voted Out
Day 8
"I Deserve the Spot" Chris, Danyo Danyo (8-2)
Day 9
"My Egotistical Allies" Mearl Rumtin 6-1-1-1-1 7th Voted Out
Day 10
"We Need to
Blindside You"
Antonio Mana 6-3 8th Voted Out
Day 11
"I Wasn't Playing" Antonio Chris 7-0(2) 9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 12
"Pegging Himself
as the Mastermind"
Jack B. Danny 5-0(3) 10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 13
"One of You Two Lied" Mearl Stefan 4-2-1 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 14
"It's Just Luck Really" Jack B. Beast 3-1-0(2) 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 15
"You Lied to Me" Mearl Bryce 2-2/2-1 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 17
"Rooted in Trust" Jack B. Antonio 2-2/1-1/
6th Jury Member
Day 18
"I'm Not a Threat" Mearl Parv 1-0 14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 18
"Finale & Reunion" Jury Vote Jack B. 4-3 Runner-Up
Mearl Sole Survivor

NV = indicates that a person did not get eliminated by being voted out by the tribe, so there were no votes cast.

^1 Because Antonio lost the tiebreaker duel, he was eliminated from the season.

Voting History

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Eliminated: Taryn
4/7 Votes
6/6 Votes
Tie Danyo
4/6 Votes
6/6 Votes
Jack T.
5/6 Votes
3/5 Votes
8/10 Votes
6/10 Votes
6/9 Votes
7/7 Votes
5/5 Votes
4/7 Votes
3/4 Votes
Tie Bryce
2/3 Votes
Tie Tie Antonio
No Vote2
1/1 Vote
Voter Vote
Mearl Taryn Chris Jack T. Jack B. Danyo Rumtin Mana Chris Danny Stefan Beast Parv Parv Antonio Tie Elimination Parv
Jack B. Stefan Chris Jack T. Boots Chris Rumtin Mana Chris Antonio Parv Bryce Bryce Bryce Antonio Mearl
Parv Danyo Danyo Rstar Chris Antonio Chris Chris Danny Stefan Mearl NV Tie Mearl Antonio
Antonio Danyo Danyo Rstar Danyo Mana Chris Chris Danny Stefan Beast Bryce Bryce Mearl Tie Elimination
Bryce Rstar Rstar Rstar Chris NV NV Chris Danny Stefan Beast Parv Tie
Beast Taryn Chris Jack T. Boots Chris Rumtin Mana Chris Danny Bryce Mearl
Stefan Taryn Chris Jack T. Boots Chris Rumtin Mana Chris Antonio Parv
Danny NV Danyo Rstar Chris Rumtin Mana Mearl Antonio
Chris NV NV Rumtin Mana Mearl
Mana Rstar Rstar Rstar Chris Stefan Chris
Rumtin Danyo Danyo Rstar Chris Chris
Boots Taryn Chris Jack T. Jack B.
Jack T. Chris Chris Beast
Rstar NV Tie NV
Danyo Rstar Tie
Taryn Chris

NV = indicates that the person did not vote, and had no effect on who was voted out.
(usually because they forgot to vote, but there could be another reason)

^2 Because Antonio played the Hidden Immunity on himself, 3 votes cast against Antonio did not count.
^4 Due to the Isolation Island twist, Chris and Danyo were eligible to be voted back into the game by the 10 merged castaways. Chris was voted to return with 8/10 votes.

Jury Vote
Finalist: Jack B.
3/7 Votes
4/7 Votes
Juror Vote
Parv Mearl
Antonio Mearl
Bryce Mearl
Beast Jack B.
Stefan Mearl
Danny Jack B.
Chris Jack B.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: "Don't Underestimate Me"

When the castaways arrived, their tribes were already preselected. There were 8 people on each tribe. They found out that when someone was voted out, that they would have a chance to get back into the game, but this only applied to the first 4 people. Hidden immunity idols also made a return for the 4th consecutive time, with 1 being placed at each camp. The tribes had to chop coconuts, run them, then throw them at a target. The first tribe to knock down their 2 targets would win immunity. Rotu and Maraamu were head to head, and it even looked like Maraamu could have won, but didn't. Rotu won immunity sending Maraamu to tribal council.

At the Rotu camp Antonio was glad they won immunity because he saw all of his potential allies on the opposing tribe. He said that he had talked to Mana and they had gotten something going and that his strategy was to go under the radar and back stab people. Meanwhile Rumtin made one alliance with Danyo and Mana and another with Rstar, Antonio, and Danny. Mana was working closely with Danyo deciding with him who they should both work with. Danyo thought it was a good idea to work with Rumtin in an alliance. Danny was worried because he didn't know anyone on his tribe, but he thought that aligning with the lower levels would put him into control on the Rotu tribe. Danyo found the clue to the idol.

At the Maraamu camp Jack B was worried that he could be a target for not helping his tribe in the challenge. Taryn noted that Mearl was beginning to become the leader of Maraamu and that it was fairest to vote off someone who didn't show up versus herself and Stefan who made a couple of blunders in the challenge. Jack T was noting how he wouldn't play it safe and he would play for another chance in a new season as well. Stefan and Beast wanted an alliance so they went to Boots and Mearl asking for an alliance, which they agreed to. This alliance decided it was best to vote off Taryn. Jack T approached Stefan asking for him to vote for Chris because Chris hadn't shown up, but Stefan was more satisfied with voting for Taryn because Mearl had said Taryn was the one that had screwed up the challenge for them. Mearl made a side alliance with Boots and Chris, but noting that Boots was 4th in the other alliance. He said that he was going to run the game and whoever did not get him out early would regret it. Mearl found the clue to the idol, and then the idol itself.

At tribal council Jack T. said that someone who wasn't contributing should go home, and he pointed his finger at Chris more than anyone else, however Mearl and Boots had a different view and thought that Stefan or Taryn should go for messing up the challenge. In the end Taryn was sent to Isolation Island on a 4-2-1-1 vote, it wasn't over for her yet.

Episode 2: "Anyone But Me"

At the next immunity challenge the tribes had to swim across to the platform together, then back. Both tribes tied, so a rock made the decision sending the Maraamu tribe to tribal yet again.

At the Rotu camp Antonio said that Boots was running the Maraamu tribe and that Rotu needed to get Parv out first because she was a tramp. Rumtin was glad that Parv didn't show up because of his decision to sit her out, which would have made him look bad. Danny went fishing and caught nothing for the tribe. Parv made an alliance with Mana and Bryce and noted that even though she would be a target at tribal council for not showing up, she said she'd be safe. Danny noted that he was close with Antonio and Rumtin and was ready to start running the game.

At the Maraamu camp the general consensus was to get rid of the inactive Chris and Jack B. had wanted this. Boots didn't want to vote for Chris because he knew if Chris came back that Chris would help tons in the challenges and Chris was his friend. Mearl told people to begin looking for the idol, he did this so he could keep them busy and strategize with others.

At Isolation Island Taryn was all alone and was having trouble building a fire and getting herself food. She wanted off of the Island so bad, but had to stay there for many days.

At tribal council Jack B. and Jack T. both noted that Chris deserved to go because he had not contributed anything to the first 2 days. In the end Chris was sent to Isolation Island on a 6-0 vote. He joined Taryn there.

Episode 3: "Total Idiots"

At the next immunity challenge the 2 tribes had to answer trivia questions on LoganWorm's previous 3 seasons. Rotu had scored 4 points and Maraamu had 1 point when it only took 5 points to win, then Maraamu scored 3 more points tying it to a 4-4 score, then Maraamu scored the last point winning immunity and sending the Rotu tribe to their first tribal council of the game.

At the Maraamu camp Mearl thought he had proved himself enough to the tribe that he would be a useful asset. He held his idol and didn't tell anyone about. He said he didn't plan on telling anyone either. Stefan got mad at Jack T and Beast for not contributing to the challenge when they were there, and he felt Mearl and himself were contributing the most to the tribe.

At the Rotu camp Danyo believed he had a strong alliance with Rumtin and Mana, along with Antonio as another part. He was certain that Rstar would be sent home because of his lack of effort for the Rotu tribe. However Rumtin began to plot against Danyo as he saw him as a threat, and told his alliance of Danny, Mana, and Antonio. Danny then recruited Parv into the alliance, causing a 5 person alliance between Danny, Mana, Antonio, Rumtin, and Parv. Danyo began to believe that he was getting targeted, yet didn't know it was Rumtin plotting against him, so he planned to give up his idol to Rumtin if he was voted off. Rumtin began to believe he was controlling his whole tribe. Antonio began to believe Danyo was a threat to him, and that Rumtin had a fantastic social game.

At Isolation Island Taryn thought that Chris and Boots had an alliance prior to the show. She was mad and wanted revenge on her tribe for getting rid of her even though she contributed. She said that if she returned she would go and align with the other tribe and get rid of her original tribe.

At tribal council the whole tribe decided that it was time for Rstar to go for not contributing a single thing. However, the tribe and Tengaged was shocked to find a tie vote between Danyo and Rstar, when the revote happened Danyo was voted out on a 4-2 vote, and went to Isolation Island.


Rumtin T. came in 11th place.

Episode 4: "Most of Them Are Followers"

At the next immunity challenge, the 2 tribes had to race each of their members through a pile of mud and back. The first tribe that raced all of their members first won immunity. Maraamu took their race slow, taking a lead with Rotu falling behind, they eventually lost their chance at immunity sending them to tribal council.

At the Maraamu camp Beast said he would take it day by day laying low away from everyone else. Boots began to believe that Maraamu was a very difficult tribe to beat and that they would continue to win. Jack B. began plotting against Jack T. because he believed Jack T. was going to get people to vote against him at the next tribal that Maraamu went to. Mearl then went on to finally tell someone (Stefan) of his idol. Stefan was behind telling Jack B. about Jack T. plotting against him, when it was actually not true. Jack T. actually had been plotting to get rid of Boots, not Jack B.

At the Rotu camp Bryce thought it was a dumb move to get rid of Danyo, and that Danny was leading the Rotu tribe. He thought he should get close to Danny so he could make the merge. Danny said he thought he was losing his momentum as a leader, and that Rumtin and Antonio were beginning to take over. He believed Rstar should go home, but he said if he had found an idol a blindside would occur. Rumtin thought that getting rid of Danyo was a great move and that his alliance was tighter than ever with Parv, Antonio, and Danny.

At Isolation Island Taryn and Danyo discussed some matters, and they both came to the conclusion that Rumtin was leading the Rotu tribe. Danyo threw a fit that his tribe had gotten rid of him over Rstar, and he then believed that he hated his old tribe. Chris claimed himself king of Isolation Island, saying that he knew he would return to the game.

At tribal council the tribe discussed that Rstar was their sole option to vote off because he contributed absolutely nothing to the Rotu tribe, there was absoultely no other discussion. The Rotu tribe indeed voted off Rstar on a 6-0 vote.

Episode 5: "I Hope You're Happy"

At the next immunity challenge both of the tribes had to "pull their weight" by grabbing a random bag and bringing it to the other side of the beach. The tribe that finished first, or carried the most weight along before the buzzer went off won immunity. The Rotu tribe carried the most weight and almost completed before the buzzer went off, causing them to win immunity sending Maraamu to tribal council.

At the Rotu camp Antonio felt like Rumtin was then taking the pressure of his tribe. He wanted Taryn to return so he could work with her because she assumed that Taryn would not go back with her original tribe. Antonio then began saying he was controlling what happened on his tribe, and said he lied to Danny saying that Danyo was after him causing Danyo to get voted out. Mana was happy that his tribe won, and didn't want to risk going to tribal council, however he thinks if Rotu went to tribal he would have been safe because of his relationships with each person on the tribe. Rumtin celebrated and was happy that his tribe won, and that Parv finally contributed something in the challenges. He was mostly happy that he carried the most weight for his tribe though.

At the Maraamu camp Beast hated that the Maraamu tribe had to go to tribal council again and lost the challenge. However, he was making himself seem like he wasn't in the loop, when in reality he felt like he knew everything. Jack B. went up to Beast and told him he was safe for the night, but Beast knew he was safe with his 4 person alliance of Stefan, Mearl, and Boots. The alliance wanted to target Jack T. because they believed Jack T. was being cocky and they could take him out easily. Mearl also shared that he had an idol to Beast, making 2 people know of the idol's existence. Jack B. also targeted Jack T. wanting to blindside him. Beast and stefan worked closely together, however Stefan counted Jack B. in the alliance. They thought about merge, and said that Mearl would need to go mid-merge, but they would be a solid alliance coming into the merge. Stefan had then made a final 2 deal with Beast, Jack B, and Mearl ensuring he would get to final 2 no matter what happened.

At Isolation Island the 4 sat there wondering what was going to happen next. Danyo and Taryn made their own area and caught their own food while Rstar and Chris split up as well and had their own areas.

At tribal council no one revealed anything, except for the fact that the next person gone wouldn't expect it. Indeed Jack T. didn't expect it getting voted out on a 5-1 vote being the 1st one officially out of the game, but placing 13th overall.

Episode 6: "All Bow Down to Me"

At the next immunity challenge the tribes had to step onto logs that moved easily. Whichever tribe had their members standing on it at the end would win immunity. Rotu ended up winning immunity in a close battle.

At the Rotu camp Rumtin was disappointed when he sat out Antonio, then they later learned that he was fantastic standing on logs. Nontheless, they won the challenge sending Maraamu to tribal council yet again. Mana began to believe everyone was his sheep and that he was the wolf of his tribe. Rumtin thought Bryce would have gone had they gone to tribal council. Danny figured out he wanted to work with Stefan from the other tribe and decided that they would either blindside Rumtin or they would align with him. Danny then figured out Antonio lied to him, so he wanted Antonio out. Danny said that the next person to go would be Bryce because Rumtin said so and he was too tired to control anyone.

At the Maraamu camp Jack B. knew he was on the chopping block. Stefan began to think that Chris could return and become #5 of the alliance rather than Jack B. Jack B. believed the vote was between him and Boots, so he tried to convince people to vote out Boots. Jack B. said his first target come the merge was Rumtin because of him leading the Rotu tribe.

At Isolation Island the 4 castaways sitting there found out that they were going to do an 'immunity challenge' of sorts. The first one out would be out of the game for good, and the winner of the challenge would eliminated another person leaving the winner and the other castaway the only ones left on the island. Before the challenge Chris made a deal with both Taryn and Danyo that he would take both of them if they just stepped off (assuming it was an endurance challenge). It was an endurance challenge where the castaways had to hold onto poles. Rstar was the first off, causing him to receive 16th place. Chris won the challenge.

At the Isolation Island tribal council Chris had decided to vote out Taryn taking Danyo with him to the final 2 of Isolation Island to face the merged tribe. One of them would return to the game.

At tribal council Maraamu stated that it was to be yet another blindside, whether anyone liked it or not. Boots got the boot on a 3-2 vote being the 4th one officially out of the game, but placing 12th overall.

Episode 7: "I Deserve the Spot"

The tribes were then sent to tribal council again the next day, finding out that they were merging into the new Soliantu tribe. There were 10 members total. However they had to choose to vote back in Chris or Danyo, who survived Isolation Island after being voted out. Chris went to the old Rotu tribe and told them he would work with them, then went to the old Maraamu tribe and said he understood why they voted him out, then he told them he would work with them if he returned. Jack B. wanted to vote back in Danyo, but thought Chris would be more reliable in the end. Danny planned to get people to vote back Chris so he could align with Chris, Stefan, Beast, and a few other Rotu members to take out Rumtin and Antonio. Antonio made an alliance with Stefan, Beast, and Parv. He said he would vote for Danyo because Chris was a huge threat. Mearl wanted his tribe to think he'd vote for Chris, but in reality he would want to vote for Danyo because Chris was a huge threat in his mind. Stefan talked to Mana and Mana claimed that Rotu was divided into pairs, not listing who the pairs were. Beast then made an alliance with him, Stefan, Rumtin, and Parv. Beast and Stefan were a tight pair, and Beast was working both tribes to make his options endless. Rumtin believed that if Danyo returned he would be the first one to go in the merge, where as he would actually have a chance if Chris returned because Chris was a target. In the end they chose Chris to come back on a 7-2 vote causing Danyo to receive 14th place overall.

Episode 8: "My Egotistical Allies"

At the next immunity challenge the castaways found out that individual immunity was now the thing to play for. The object of that challenge was to try to throw the ball and hit someone before they dodge it, if you did that then you would have gotten a point, and you only got 3 tried. Mearl and Stefan hit all 3 times their first try, then causing a tiebreaker round where Mearl would throw at Stefan and Stefan would throw at Mearl. In the end Mearl won individual immunity.

At the Soliantu camp Mearl called his tribe an idiot and went off searching for the hidden immunity idol. Danny went to Stefan and offered a final 4 deal between himself, Stefan, Chris, and Beast. Stefan took the opportunity to be safe, but did not want to end up in the final 4 with Chris. He also believed that Jack and Mearl were still with him at this point. Antonio began to stir trouble up by telling Stefan that Mearl had thrown his name out, which worried Stefan. Danny began going to work trying to get others to vote off Rumtin, a former Rotu member. Antonio proceeded to approach everyone except for Jack B, Bryce, and Chris about alliance (some one on one and others a combination of people). He said he was going to vote off Mana to show his loyalty to Beast, Parv, and Stefan. He procceeded to believe that most of his alliances were voting off Mana. Antonio believed he was calling the shots and that Rumtin was going to eventually take the fall for it and he didn't trust Stefan at all. Jack B. believed that it was best for all original Maraamus to vote off what remained of the Rotu tribe, but he doubted his old tribe and expected something else to happen. Then he began to think he could grab the rest of the Rotu tribe and Stefan and eliminate his own tribe in the merge.

At tribal council everyone said that the vote was going to be crazy and indicated that it was an individual's game, making any sign of Rotu vs. Maraamu now dead. Rumtin was voted out on a 6-1-1-1-1 vote.

Episode 9: "We Need to Blindside You"

At the next immunity challenge the castaways had to swim out to a platform, collect 5 flags (one by one) then swim back, and set them onto their stations. Once they had set their flags down, the castaways had to figure out the correct combination of flags, which were to be put into 5 different slots. After a while of guessing the castaways were able to ask if 1 slot was correct or incorrect. By seconds Antonio got the correct combination and won immunity, Mearl did this 10 seconds later.

At the Soliantu camp Antonio was shocked that so many people lied to him about the vote and believed that Danny was telling Chris to vote him out. So he wanted to turn the tables and get people to vote out Chris. Danny originally wanted to get Antonio out at tribal council, however Stefan urged people to vote for Mana. Danny's alliance of Stefan, Chris, Beast, and himself wanted to vote out either Parv or Mana, both of which were labeled as weak players. Danny then approached Mearl and Jack B. to vote for Mana and unraveled Mana's plans for the merge. Antonio went back to Danny to patch up their alliance, but Danny wasn't necessarily so enthusiastic about it. Mearl was getting nervous about his position in the game, and felt like people were plotting a blindside against him. His trust in Stefan began to let up a little bit and he wondered if playing an idol was the right move at tribal council. As Stefan plotted to get Mana out, Mana approached him and talked to him about how they were running the show together. Stefan then went on to call him an idiot (outside of their conversation). Jack B. did not like his tribe, but believed Rotu was going to get picked off (despite his efforts to keep them in) one by one because they would trust anyone and anything said to them. Beast believed he was in a good spot in the game because no one was targetting him, but he had wanted to get out Danny or Mearl soon because they were both threats to him. Antonio went to Mearl and tried to get him to vote for Chris at tribal council, during which Mearl tried to get any possible information of his blindside at tribal council. Stefan then went on to convince Mearl, Danny, Beast, Jack B, and Chris to all vote for Mana and claimed that Parv, Mana, Antonio, and Bryce would all vote for Chris. Then Stefan tried to convince Mearl not to use his idol because it would be a waste. Stefan then tried to strategize for the future and told Mearl perhaps it was in their best interest to tell others bull about who was in possession of the idols, so they could blindside who they wanted to in the future.

At tribal council Mearl decided to play a hidden immunity idol he was holding, ultimately wasting it because 0 votes were cast against him. Yet another Rotu member ended up being sent out of the door on a 6-3 vote, which was Mana.

Episode 10: "I Wasn't Playing"

At the next immunity challenge the castaways had to hold a torch, then pass the torch. There was a timer with a drum, when the drum was hit automatically whoever holding the torch was eliminated. Antonio won his 2nd straight individual immunity challenge in a row.

At the Soliantu camp Chris revealed that he was throwing challenges to look like less of a threat, but Jack B. had told him people were going to vote for him. Antonio went to Parv and Stefan and enthused about how he made Mearl waste his idol and that it was the perfect time to blindside Mearl. Antonio proceeded to feel betrayed when no one voted the way he wanted to the previous tribal. Danny believed that him, Stefan, and Chris were running the game. Danny tried to get Antonio to give up his immunity necklace to Chris in exchange for information about the game. Antonio refused, but offered to vote however Danny wanted him to in order to get some information, but this did not end up working out. Antonio then offered a final 3 with Danny, and said he would be willing to get himself voted out at the final 3. Stefan approached Danny and told him that Mearl obtained 2 idols and that he wanted to get rid of Antonio, Chris, and Mearl, but getting rid of Chris first because Antonio won immunity and Mearl had two idols. Danny said he could not bring himself to vote for Chris, but would vote for Mearl at the tribal council. Then Danny told Stefan it would be funny to keep Antonio and to have himself vote himself off at the final 3. Stefan went to Jack B. to get him to vote for Chris, to which Jack B. went off and told Chris about Stefan's plan to try to get Stefan out. Though Stefan's ideal final 3 was Beast, Jack B, and himself, Jack B. easily did not keep that a priority. Stefan wanted Mearl to play his idol so he could blindside Mearl the next tribal council. Bryce was told to vote for Chris, and he did not know who to trust and decided it was a good idea.

At tribal council a huge conflict arised between Danny and Antonio. With Chris revealing that he had found out that a plan against him was being devised and Danny coming out and saying he also knew about it, but was not a part of it tribal council got heated. Jack B. proceeded to go against what Antonio was saying and came out to say that he was digging himself a hole. Mearl played an idol at the tribal council, which ended up voiding 2 votes against him. Chris was voted out on a 7-0(2) vote becoming the 1st jury member.

Episode 11: "Pegging Himself as the Mastermind"

At the next immunity challenge the castaways had to answer questions about other castaways. Once they did that they came back together and had to guess what the majority said. If you got the answer incorrect you'd be eliminated. Jack B. ended up winning individual immunity.

At the Soliantu camp Danny and Stefan strategized to blindside Mearl. Mearl spoke to Stefan telling him that he doesn't feel the most comfortable about tribal council and that people have told him they were targeting him. He then went on to say that he may or may not be playing his idol (which he did not have) at tribal council causing Stefan to tell people that very thing then in turn causing almost no one to look for the idol. Mearl went off searching for a hidden immunity idol, and quickly found it. Antonio then approached Mearl and found out about Mearl's newly found idol and plead for Mearl to play it on him which Mearl considered. Mearl then went and told Stefan someone had told him that he was targeting Mearl. Stefan immediately responded with a comment trying to solidify Mearl, Jack B, Beast, and himself as an alliance that could trust each other. And he also added in that it would be stupid for him to target Mearl because they were equal targets. Antonio then went to his alliance consisting of Stefan, Parv, Beast, and himself asking why they did not all vote out Danny at the last tribal council. Stefan replied stating that he trusted Danny, to which Antonio tried to call him out as an untrustworthy rat to all of the others. Antonio quickly went off to the side complaing to Beast about Stefan, and revealing that Mearl was playing an idol on Antonio. Stefan began to feel like he was on the outs with Antonio and Mearl potentially against him, and he hoped that Mearl would not flip and vote for him. Antonio went on to call Jack B. a sheep, which Jack B. did not appreciate and wanted to vote out Antonio which was the worst player in LW's Survivor history according to Jack B. Beast hoped that either Mearl or Danny would go because Antonio was an asset for his future plans, and had Antonio gone his plan would then be ruined.

At tribal council Jack B and Danny again went at Antonio and Antonio even deliberately asked LoganWorm to ask him a question to make him "crazy". In an eventful shock Mearl played his idol on Antonio praying he would not regret the decision. Which he didn't because Danny was voted out on a 5-0(3) vote making him the 2nd jury member.

Episode 12: "One of You Two Lied"

At the next immunity challenge the castaways had to answer trivia about the past 3 seasons. If they got a question correct they got to cut another castaway's ropes, however if they answered incorrectly first a torch was brought to their rope. Whoever had their ropes standing last won individual immunity. Antonio and Stefan dwindled each other down to 1 hit then Stefan took out Antonio. Mearl took out Stefan and answered all other questions correctly allowing himself to win Individual Immunity.

At the Soliantu camp Beast believed that he was in the middle of 2 sides, 1 side wanting Stefan out and 1 side wanting Antionio out. Jack B. made an effort to get Parv out of the game, and he had heard from the general majority of people that they were down with voting her out. Mearl began to turn on Stefan for turning on him. Mearl called himself the 'master' and said that he wanted to vote out Stefan for doing it. Stefan said that Mearl playing the idol on Antonio made Mearl seem like he was playing the entire Maraamu tribe the whole game just to further himself. Antonio kept talking to Stefan, saying that Stefan was going to be voted out that night. Stefan then began to search for the idol.

At tribal council Stefan voted for Parv because he thought Antonio would get an idol played on him, if anyone. Stefan was very worried and Antonio was confident for a second night in a row. In the end Stefan was voted out on a 4-2-1 vote becoming the 3rd jury member.

Episode 13: "It's Just Luck Really"

At the next immunity challenge the castaways had to unscramble a word pertaining to island life or the game, then they had to run out and run back a few times lighting some torches. Jack B barely beat Beast and won individual immunity.

At the Soliantu camp Antonio put scenarios through his head with finals. Jack B. couldn't decide whether he wanted to vote for Bryce, Mearl, Antonio, or Beast. He then decided he was going to vote for Bryce because he was a floater and he predicted Mearl to get voted out on a 4-1-1 vote. Mearl was really glad that Stefan left, but he was worried about the vote and felt like people were going to vote for him. So he thought about playing his idol. He wanted to target Beast for the night. Antonio and Mearl chatted. Mearl said he locked in his vote for Beast and Antonio said he'd tell people that Mearl was going to play his idol, then Antonio asked Mearl if in a final 3 situation he would choose Bryce or him to go to the final 2. Mearl replied with Antonio, and Antonio believed it and became very relieved. At this point Antiono believed he was the swing vote between Beast and Mearl. He said that if he voted for Mearl, Mearl would be very mad and if he had played an idol that Antonio would have been the next one voted out. Beast began to get more worried as the day went on because no one was really talking to him. 

At tribal council no one wanted to point fingers at who exactly was the most likely to be going home, but Antonio yet again said it would not be him. Jack B continued referencing Antonio as the next jury member. On a 3-1-0(2) vote Beast became the 4th jury member.

Episode 14: "You Lied to Me"

At the next immunity challenge the castaways had to unscramble words, then make a phrase out of it. Mearl made the most progress and completed the first half within seconds, and Bryce and Jack B. could not compete. Mearl won individual immunity by figuring out the phrase.

At the Soliantu camp Antonio reflected on his final 2 deals with everyone except for Bryce. He wanted Bryce gone, that was his ideal final 4 was him, Mearl, Parv, and Jack B. at this point. Jack B. and Antonio wanted to go to the final 2 together and thought it would be really nice, but knew they had a lot to go through if they were going to do it. Antonio heard Mearl say that Mearl would take Antonio over Bryce to the final 2, but Antonio did not believe it. Antonio claimed that him and Parv had a final 2 since the beginning of the game and he wanted to bring her to the final 3 and betray her. Antonio called Bryce a floater and said that Mearl had the best chance of winning (besides himself) because of the idols he found. Jack B. decided that his alliance with Antonio was brilliant because they had hated each other prior to the alliance. He wasn't exactly sure if he was going to take Antonio to the final 2 yet, but he knew he wanted to take Antonio farther. Jack B. claimed that Antonio and him were going to vote out Parv, but Antonio seemed to have different plans. Mearl thought about voting for Parv since she had not talked too much to him and it was the final 5. Antonio and Jack B. strategized with each other, first deciding to vote for Parv then switching to plot to vote Bryce out. Jack B. said he would tell Mearl to vote for Parv and that they would vote for Bryce.

At tribal council Antonio said he didn't know who to trust anymore and that the game was getting to it's craziest point. Mearl said it was only good to get a threat out if a threat was against him. At the vote Bryce and Parv received 2 votes each, with Parv not voting at all. At the revote people seemed to believe that Parv should go and Parv was worried that it was to be her, but she was saved when Bryce got the boot on a 2-1 vote making him the 5th jury member.

Episode 15: "Rooted in Trust"

At the next immunity challenge the castaways had to to crack and drain the milk of as many coconuts as they could in a 5 minute span. Antonio began late costing him the challenge, but Mearl and Jack B were head to head ,but Jack B came out on top by draining 4 extra coconuts granting him individual immunity.

At the Soliantu camp Antonio had wanted to advance with his final 2 deal with Jack B. and eliminate Mearl from the tribe. He thought that if Mearl was gone, he could win the entire season. He said that people saw him as a threat throughout the game. He said that Mearl was too sympathetic, Parv never spoke, and Jack B. was plain stupid. All while Antonio was having a celebration for Bryce's vote out, Jack B. did not have a mutual feeling. Jack B. had thought about voting out Mearl, but he had serious doubts about Antonio's word. Why would someone take someone they hated to the final 2? This is what Jack B. reasoned with himself. As he thought about it, he decided that he would vote out Antonio and Parv wouldn't vote, so Antonio would finally become a jury member. Mearl thought that idols were not just items to void votes, but power symbols that could be used to run a game. Mearl began to think that he was going to he went to Antonio and tried to get him to vote out Parv, then he went to Jack B. saying that he should vote for Antonio. He assessed his situation and if both Antonio and Jack B. had lied to him he thought he would be voted out.

At tribal council all 3 people without immunity were certain it could be them, but solely relied on trust, including Mearl who said: "It's always based on trust". At the vote it tied on a 2-2 vote between Mearl and Antonio. On the revote there was yet another tie between Mearl and Antonio, with this being the first season without a Purple Rock Scenario. Mearl and Antonio had to duel to decide who would become the 6th jury member. At the duel Mearl and Antonio went at it, however they were both allowed a slip-up AFTER the challenge began. The Survivor team (a.k.a LoganWorm) spent hours thinking about the decision and who was actually eliminated, but the results showed that Antonio was eliminated. Antonio became the 6th jury member.

Episode 16: "I'm Not a Threat"

At the final immunity challenge the castaways had to climb poles and hang there for as long as they could. Parv immediately fell off of her pole, while Mearl and Jack B. held on a strong position. Jack B. offered Mearl a deal where if he fell off he'd vote out Parv, and Mearl said he believed him, but stayed on the pole because he said he wanted to take out Parv by voting her out. After an hour Jack B. had had enough and believed Mearl would stay true to his word, then jumped off of his pole making Mearl the last winner of individual immunity in the season.

At the Soliantu camp Jack B. had faith in Mearl's deal to vote out Parv in exchange for individual immunity. He had never expected to make it past the merge, let alone the final 2, so he was happy. He said if Mearl had voted him out, he was going to vote for Parv. Mearl has his reasons to vote out both people, but he wanted to honor his word and vote out Parv because she had done absolutely nothing the entire season in his mind.

At tribal council Parv said that Mearl's best move was to keep her in the game because she was not as active as Jack B. Jack B. countered with a statement saying that the final 2, should be 2 people that deserve it and that Mearl would be losing a lot of respect if he had taken Parv to the final 2. Mearl said the vote was easy and that he was voting based on how hard he played the game. In the end Mearl voted out Parv, making her the 7th and final jury member. 

Episode 17: "Finale & Reunion"

At the Final Tribal Council Jack B. opened with a statement saying that he apologized to anyone he hurt during the season and that he proved himself to be a great player because of his individual immunity wins. Because he outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted he believed he was qualified to be a winner. Mearl's opening statement was centered around the fact that he was always in the hotseat and in control. He had found idols, been a challenge threat (much like Jack B.) amd he had played a good social and strategic game. He believed that anyone who had went after him, left shortly after. Stefan said that he had wanted Mearl out of the game from the start and that he had wanted Jack B. to not win because he felt that Jack B. did nothing. Chris said he was no threat at all and seriously wondered why he was voted out so early in the merge. Antonio picked on Jack B. the entire time he could, saying his opening statement sucked and that he sounded stupid when he spoke. Parv called herself the ultimate floater and stated the Jack B. had a mental disorder for him coming to her on the revote at the final 4 and saying to vote out Antonio, while he switched his vote to Mearl. Parv said that Mearl had played the better game from what he had said in the final tribal council. Bryce said he was disappointed that Parv did not make the finals because he felt she could win the entire thing. He had also said that both of the finalists were 'devilish men' that had a deserving case to win. His question was what was the most annoying aspect of Antonio's personality. Danny said that both players had played a horrible game and that neither truly deserved to win. He also said that Stefan was the reason many people were sitting on the jury, including himself and Danny. Some other small questions were asked by the rest of the jury.

At the reunion Mearl was crowned as the Sole Survivor of Marquesas on a 4-3 vote. 


Isolation Island:

The first 4 people voted out of the game had a chance to return. They went to Isolation Island, and has to wait for it to fill with all 4 people before finding out what they had to do. They found out there would only be 1 challenge, and who won it would face 10 people that would be left in the game to return. Whoever won the challenge also decided who sat next to them in that vote. Whoever lost first in the challenge was automatically eliminated. When there were only 2 people left, one of them were voted back into the game by the 10 people left.

Numbers and rules may variate if the twist is ever used again however.

Biggest Criticisms

At the final 4 tiebreaker, Antonio said it was unfair that he lost and some of the viewers began to believe it was Antonio who should have won, after careful consideration by LoganWorm. This stands as one of the most dramatic days in the history of the series, with the challenge coming by so close.v

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