Survivor: All-Stars
Season 6
Genre Reality Competition
Winner Sterling
No. of Episodes 12
No. of Days 39 in-game (28 real)
No. of Castaways 25



Filming Location Isla Contoy, Mexico
Season Run May 20, 2014 - June 17, 2014
Previous Season Madagascar
Next Season Scorched Earth

Survivor: All-Stars is the sixth season of Obscurity's Survivor. This season features some of the best and most controversial players and characters from the five previous seasons of Obscurity's Survivor.

Each season featured 5 representatives, for a grand total of 25 players--the largest cast ever assembled in Obscurity's Survivor history. This season is considered by many, including the host, to be the greatest season of the entire series thus far.

In the end, Sterling defeated Kenneth by a vote of 6-3 and claimed the title of Sole Survivor.

Post-Season Awards
Award Winner
Fan Favorite Dino
Hero of the Season Mike
Villain(s) of the Season Sean and Patrick
Best Confessor Rhys
Best Premerge Boot Nick

Twists Edit


Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Second SwappedTribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Total Votes
Cole Fregata

1st Voted Out

Nikki Auritus 2nd Voted Out 4
Sackeshi Imbricata 3rd Voted Out 4
Jasper Mydas 4th Voted Out 3
Scott Caretta 5th Voted Out 3
Snow Imbricata Imbricata 6th Voted Out 4
Cody Imbricata Caretta 7th Voted Out 4
Anthony Fregata Imbricata Mydas 8th Voted Out 6
Sam Mydas Imbricata Imbricata 9th Voted Out 5
Danny Auritus Fregata Mydas 10th Voted Out 4
Sim Mydas Imbricata Caretta 11th Voted Out 8*
Nick Mydas Fregata Imbricata 12th Voted Out 3
Benry Fregata Mydas Caretta 13th Voted Out 3
Ali Fregata Imbricata Mydas The Piñatas 14th Voted Out 7
Jenz Auritus Mydas Mydas

15th Voted Out

1st Juror

Joey Imbricata Caretta Imbricata

16th Voted Out

2nd Juror

Patrick Caretta Caretta Caretta

17th Voted Out

3rd Juror

Rhys Auritus Mydas Imbricata

18th Voted Out

4th Juror

Sean Imbricata Mydas Caretta

19th Voted Out

5th Juror

Dino Mydas Mydas Caretta

20th Voted Out

6th Juror

Gerard Caretta Caretta Caretta ? 8
Mike Fregata Caretta Mydas ? 12*
Derek Caretta Fregata Imbricata ? 6*
Kenneth Auritus Fregata Imbricata ? 6*
Sterling Caretta Fregata Mydas ? 3

Game HistoryEdit

Voting History Edit

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