Ontario's avatar as of March 13, 2013.

Ontario is a user on the Tengaged website.

She is a Green Level. She likes Survivor and Big Brother. She is formaly known as Pamela, and now known as Blondelle B.

She was a competing castaway in LoganWorm's Survivor: Redemption Island. The merge has taken place and she was very close in winning one of the first individual immunities. Coming from the Zapatera tribe, she had a disadvantage in numbers in the merge, but managed to survive and see an Ometepe get voted off. She created the Merged Tribe name Zapé for LoganWorm's Survivor: Redemption Island . She Placed 1st (Sole Survivor) onLoganWorm's Survivor: Cook Islands. She then entered Seth's Big Brother on Day 12 as a twist.


Survivor & Big Brother:Edit

Game Placing
LoganWorm's Survivor:
Redemption Island
LoganWorm's Survivor: Cook Islands 1st/16

LoganWorm's Survivor: All-Stars 

Gheesling's Big Brother 1 12/17
JETTEJ's Survivor: China 4/16
Link's Survivor: Thailand 7/16
Link's Survivor: All-Stars 11/24
Massgustavo's Survivor: Greece Exile Island 3/20
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