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Survivor:Guatemala is the 14th Season in the Cmack's Survivor Franchise and will debut in the last week of September, 2011

This season will be a basic format with 16 players(2 of which are former winners)

Players will be divided into 2 Tribes of 8 with the Merge at 10. The Jury will consist of the Last 7 players voted out and they will pick from 1 of the 2 finalists to win the game.

The cast was officially announced on September 22, 2011 with the game starting on Sepetember 27, 2011

Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Comando666 Yaxha 1st Voted Out 4
zaza Nakum 2nd Voted Out 5
Yingyang Yaxha 3rd Voted Out 3
lemonsalsa Nakum 4th Voted Out 6
avatar3939 Nakum Quit 0
bclrockschamp Nakum 5th Voted Out 6
DEACES Yaxha Xhakum 6th Voted Out 8
Tombique55 Nakum

7th Voted Out

1st Jury Member

logan44244 Yaxha

8th Voted Out

2nd Jury Member

Hudspith Yaxha

9th Voted Out

3rd Jury Member

lamontlamar1998 Nakum

10th Voted Out

4th Jury Member

Bolet36 Yaxha

11th Voted Out

5th Jury Member

Ireks Yaxha

12th Voted Out

6th Jury Member

johnoliver96 Nakum

13th Voted Out

7th Jury Member

Ronburt1 Yaxha Runner-Up 0
GabCo Nak um Sole Survivor 1

Episode Title Immunity Voted Out Vote
"I will win" Nakum Comando666 4-3-1
"We had a challenge?" Yaxha zaza 5-1-1-1
"Hi Guys, Bye Guys" Nakum Yingyang 3-2-2
"You're just too quiet" Yaxha lemonsalsa 5-1-1
"I Quit" Yaxha avatar3939 Quit
"Who I can't Trust" Yaxha bclrockschamp 4-1
"Let the Games begin!" johnoliver96 DEACES 8-1-1
"I vote for myself" NONE Tombique55 5-1-1-1-1
"Survivor Auction" johnoliver96/Hudspith logan44244 6-1-1-1
"Excuse Me?" Ireks Hudspith 4-1-1-1
"Final 4 Deal?" GabCo lamontlamar1998 5-1
"Bye Bye Bitch" Ronburt1 Bolet36 5-0
"Just Do It" johnoliver96 Ireks 3-1
"I won't Win" Ronburt1 johnoliver96 1-0
"He deserved it" N


GabCo(Survivor) 4-3

Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16
GabCo zaza lemonsalsa bclrockschamp DEACES Tombique55 logan44244 Hudspith lamontlamar1998 Bolet36 Ireks Sole Survivo r
Ronburt1 Comando666 Yingyang DEACES Tombique55 logan44244 Hudspith lamontlamar1998 Bolet36 Ireks johnoliver96 Runner-Up
johnoliver96 zaza lemonsalsa bclrockschamp DEACES Tombique55 logan44244 Hudspith lamontlamar1998 Bolet36 Ireks Ronburt1
Ireks Comando666 logan44244 DEACES Tombique55 logan44244 Hudspith lamontlamer1998 Bolet36 GabCo Ronburt1
Bolet36 Comando666 Bolet36 Bolet36 Bolet36 Bolet36 Bolet36 Bolet36 Bolet36 GabCo
lamontlamar1998 zaza lemonsalsa bclrockschamp DEACES lamontlamar1998 lamontlamar1998 lamontlamar1998 lamontlamar1998 Ronburt1
Hudspith logan44244 Yingyang DEACES Tombique55 logan44244 johnoliver96 GabCo
logan44244 Bolet36 Bolet36 Ireks johnoliver96 Ireks GabCo
Tombique55 lemonsalsa lemonsalsa bclrockschamp DEACES Ireks GabCo
DEACES Bolet36 Yingyang DEACES
bclrockschamp bclrockschamp lamontlamar1998 lamontlamar1998
avatar3939 zaza lemonsalsa Eliminated
lemonsalsa johnoliver96 bclrockschamp
Yingyang Bolet36 Yingyang
zaza zaza
Comando666 Comando666