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Survivor:Past vs Present is the 15th Season in the Cmack's Survivor Franchise

It features 22 players from previous seasons competing to win 1 more time

This is the 1st season that will last for 39 Days

The tribes were divided based on their original seasons

Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Day Total Votes
johnoliver96 Present 1st Voted Out Day 2 7
BestHeroD Present 2nd Voted Out Day 3 9
49288 Present 3rd Voted Out Day 6 7
avatar3939 Present 4th Voted Out Day 8 7
Samoa Present Okolo Quit Day 10 1
Kumquat78910111 Past Okolo 5th Voted Out Day 11 4
MHens Present Espiritu 6th Voted Out Day 13 6
UndercoverMonk Present Espiritu 7th Voted Out Day 15 10