Survivor: Arctic - Winner Takes All is the 6th Season of Bingo21's Survivor Series.

The season featured 18 new castaways divided into 2 different tribes, Yukaghir, and Chuckchi. The twist, Winner Takes All, required the winning tribe to vote someone off of the losing tribe. Each tribal council someone from the losing tribe was nominated tribe leader, and was safe from the vote. The twist was highly controversial between the players and the viewers. Castaway MMAjunkieX ended up claiming the title of Sole Survivor on a 6-1 vote against Epstar59.


Castaway Original Tribe Tribe Shuffle Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Mhens Yukaghir 1st Voted Out
Day 2
TheGreat Yukaghir 2nd Voted Out
Day 4
Cubsguy831 Chukchi 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
Ofl1998 Chukchi 4th Voted Out
Day 8
Bigalex1995 Yukaghir 5th Voted Out
Day 10
Pandaluver333 Chukchi 6th Voted Out
Day 12
BBlover96 Yukaghir Chukchi 7th Voted Out
Day 14
Spike15 Yukaghir Chukchi 8th Voted Out
Day 16
Charliescene0214 Chukchi Yukaghir Omayok 9th Voted Out
Day 18
Hippydude126 Chukchi Chukchi 10th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 20
Bclrockschamp Chukchi Chukchi 11th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 22
Whizzy029 Yukaghir Yukaghir 12th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
Gustawind Yukaghir Chukchi 13th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 26
Endo360 Chukchi Yukaghir 14th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 28
Sergeant Yukaghir Yukaghir 15th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 30
Bdreezy15 Chukchi Chukchi 16th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 32
Epstar59 Chukchi Yukaghir Runner-Up 3
MMAjunkieX Yukaghir Yukaghir Sole Survivor 3

^1 Because Sergeant played a Hidden Immunity Idol, 2 votes cast against him did not count.

The Game

Episode Title Immunity Tribe Leader2 Eliminated Vote Finish

"If you do not construct a
shelter, you will die out here!"

Chukchi BBlover96 Mhens 3-2-1-1-1 1st Voted Out
Day 2
"SPARE ME!" Chukchi Whizzy029 TheGreat 3-1-1-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 4
"Time to read the votes I think" Yukaghir Endo360 Cubsguy831 3-2-2-1-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
"Ya I'm a target" Yukaghir Endo360 Ofl1998 5-0 4th Voted Out
Day 8
"I feel somewhat safe" Chukchi BBlover96 Bigalex1995 6-3-1 5th Voted Out
Day 10
"Drop your buffs" Yukaghir Bclrockschamp Pandaluver333 3-1-1 6th Voted Out
Day 12
"Omg they turn on Jayson?" Yukaghir Hippydude126 BBlover96 5-2-1 7th Voted Out
Day 14
"Strength and trust.
Gotta take out the threats"
Yukaghir Bdreezy15 Spike15 3-2-1 8th Voted Out
Day 16
"What is my name doing
over there twice?"
Epstar59 Charliescene0214 5-1-1-1-1-1 9th Voted Out
Day 18
"I feel the numbers are
fairly even"
Epstar59 Hippydude126 4-3-1-1 10th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 20
"I thought I was giving Ep
a run for his money"
Epstar59 Bclrockschamp 4-4/4-2 11th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 22
"This Game is All Luck" Sergeant Whizzy029 4-2-1 12th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
"I'm getting voted out,
it's not hard to know"
MMAjunkieX Gustawind 3-2-1 13th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 26
"This is not fair, I have legit
short term memory loss"
MMAjunkieX Endo360 2-1-0(2) 14th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 28
"Finale and Reunion" MMAjunkieX Sergeant 3-1 15th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 30
MMAjunkieX Bdreezy15 1-0 16th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 32
Jury Vote Epstar59 6-1 Runner-Up
MMAjunkieX Sole Survivor

^2 The elected leader of the losing tribe had immunity from the vote.

Voting History

Jury Vote
Finalist: MMAjunkieX
6/7 Votes
1/7 Votes
Juror Vote
Bdreezy15 MMAjunkieX
Sergeant MMAjunkieX
Endo360 MMAjunkieX
Gustawind MMAjunkieX
Whizzy029 MMAjunkieX
Bclrockschamp Epstar59
Hippydude126 MMAjunkieX


Episode #1 - "If you do not construct a shelter you will die out here!"

The season began with 18 new players. After arriving at the frozen Siberian wilderness (which would be their home for the next 33 Days), they were immediately split into two tribes of nine which were named after indigenous groups: Chukchi, the blue tribe and Yukaghir the red tribe. Before the immunity challenge one of the biggest twists of in the history of bingo's survivor was revealed to the contestants. Instead of the losing tribe voting at tribal council, the winning tribe would get to vote to send somebody from the losing tribe home and as such immunity was more important than ever before. It was also revealed that before each tribal council a tribe leader would be selected via a poll and they would be immune from the vote.

At the first challenge, the imagination and craftsmanship of each tribe was put to the test with both tribes being asked to design a shelter. Both Chukchi and Yukaghir struggled in the task with both camps failing to send me a blog describing their shelter. Hippydude however had posted a link to a blog at Chukchi camp and this was enough to seal victory in the first challenge. At tribal council Chukchi voted out one of Yukaghir's most active members Mhens in a tight 3-2-1-1-1 vote.

Episode #2 - "SPARE ME!"

The second challenge was aimed to increase the participation of the contestants with most players previously trying to seem inactive to avoid being voted out. At the challenge the first tribe to get 8 tribemates to post their tribe name would win immunity. The challenge was neck and neck with both tribes level at 5 posts a piece half way through the challenge. In the end Chukchi were able to streak ahead and win the challenge 8-5 sending Yukaghir to their second straight tribal council. At tribal players were once again hesitant to answer questions apart from BBlover who pleaded to be spared. In the end his pleas were enough as the winners decided to send an inactive player TheGreat home in a 3-1-1-1 vote.

Episode #3 - "Time to read the votes I think"

After 2 straight losses Yukaghir were hoping to achieve their first win at the immunity challenge. It appeared that luck was in their favour as nobody from Chukchi showed up in time so Yukaghir won their first challenge be default. At tribal council Endo as tribe leader had guaranteed safety from the vote and he along with a few others were willing to answer questions at tribal council. Ofl was anxious for the vote to be read and it turned out to be a nail-biter. Nobody was safe with penalty votes for tribe members who had failed to vote at Tribal council 1 and 2 being included in amongst the winners votes. In the closest vote of the season so far bcl and ofl narrowly managed to avoid being voted out with cubsguy leaving the game in a 3-2-2-1-1 vote.

Episode #4 - "Ya I'm a target"

The 4th challenge tested how much the players wanted to be in the game with a poll open to the tengaged public. With 65.5% of the vote, Yukaghir won their second immunity challenge, earning themselves the right to vote out another member of the Chukchi tribe. For the second time running Endo was the tribe leader and thus had guaranteed safety from the vote. At tribal council it seemed bclrocks was the only person worried about the vote as he thought he was a target. Although ofl had avoided a close shave at the previous tribal it appeared his time was up and he was voted out by a unanimous 5-0 vote.

Episode #5 - "I feel somewhat safe"

The 5th immunity challenge provided another chance for castaways to put their creative juices to the test. Each tribe had to design a tribe flag with the best design winning immunity. While Yukaghir submitted a simple design involving a red background and the words Yukaghir Tribe in plain black font, Chukchi seized on the opportunity to gain back momentum and submitted a flag incorporating the season logo, their tribe colour and fancy font, needless to say this design won them immunity. At tribal council most of the Yukaghir members expressed that they felt completely safe while Whizzy and Bigalex commenting that they only felt somewhat safe. In the end it appeared Bigalex's doubts were warranted as he was voted out in a clear 6-3-1 vote.

Episode #6 - "Drop your buffs"

At the immunity challenge Chukchi looked primed to further their 1 player lead on Yukaghir. In a first to five points challenge that involved jumbled words relating to the arctic being unscrambled, Bdreezy scored 4 points in a row to take Chukchi to a 4-0 lead. When a 2 word jumble increased the difficulty, MMA was able to come from nowhere to score Yukaghir's first point. From their he went on a scoring frenzy to level the challenge at 4 all. The final unscramble would be a multitude of words with all the letters jumbled together with no spaces between them. After 3 clues, MMA was able to grab victory from the jaws of defeat, unscrambling the phrase arctic small tool tradition to win immunity for Yukaghir. Yukaghir also won reward which was a feast that they would enjoy while sitting in on Chukchi's tribal council. At tribal council Bdreezy felt he deserved to stay because he competed in the challenge all by himself, hippydude promised to never let his tribe down again and be at all the challenges possible. Neither of these two had to worry though as the winners chose to vote off pandaluver 3-1-1. After the vote the players were told to drop their buffs and with the numbers level once again many thought it was time for the merge but this was not to be the case. In another twist, the tribe leaders (Bcl for Chukchi and Whizzy for Yukaghir) would select new tribes alternating between picking a member of the opposite side to join their tribe and selecting a tribemate to remain on their team. After the shuffle each tribe was made of 3 original Chukchi and 3 original Yukaghir members with the Winner Takes All Twist remaining in play.

Episode #7 - "Omg they turn on Jayson?"

At the immunity challenge it seemed Whizzy had made strong choices in picking the new Yukaghir tribe with them winning immunity in the Go-Go-Stop challenge. Players had to make their way down a gamezone trying to find go's while avoiding stops and hazards. In a close challenge many castaways came close to winning only to step on a return to start square. In the end Sergeant was the first player to step off the gamezone and win immunity for Yukaghir. At tribal council it seemed everyone was anxious about how the new Yukaghir tribe would vote with nobody feeling very talkative apart from charlie who accidentally revealed his vote for gustawind infront of everyone instead of mailing it. In the first vote after the shuffle it appeared Yukaghir was out to eliminate threats with a bitter BBlover(Jayson) voted off in a fairly straightforward 5-2-1 vote.

Episode #8 - "Strength and trust. Gotta take out the threats"

At the second immunity challenge after the shuffle, Yukaghir were able to win immunity by default as no Chukchi members turned up to compete. Bdreezy was the new Chukchi tribe leader and thus was the only player out of the Chukchi 5 with guaranteed safety at tribal council. Endo made it clear that the new Yukaghir would be voting based on strength and trust and that they would be voting out threats. In a tense tribal council, Yukaghir seemed divided over who to vote with Spike15 voted out in a close 3-2-1 vote. After the vote it was revealed that with 10 castaways remaining the two tribes had merged and Bdreezy was given a bag of yellow buffs to distribute as well as a map to the newly merged tribe's camp.

Episode #9 - "What is my name doing over there twice?"

At perhaps the most dramatic immunity challenge in the history of bingo's survivor series, players had to shoot at opponents tiles trying to shatter them and be the player with the last tile standing. The challenge began by bcl being accused of mailing people and trying to vote gustawind out which he denied. Bcl was infuriated by these comments and stated that he quit the game. With the challenge continuing Bdreezy and charlie were the first two players to be eliminated with MMA shattering both of their final tiles. After many more eliminations the final 3 remaining were Whizzy, MMA and Epstar. With Whizzy having 5 tiles left and Epstar and MMA having only 5 tiles combined they both teamed up against Whizzy but with a few stray shots MMA was the next eliminated. With Epstar and Whizzy firing at each other it was clear one of them would soon win. In the end Whizzy missed left when firing at Epstar shattering her own tile and thus eliminating herself from the challenge. Just as whizzy won immunity controversy struck again as another Whizzy logged into the chatzy. It appeared that somebody had been impersonating Whizzy for the challenge which left everyone confused. At the conclusion of the challenge the contestants had to agree on a tribe name. MMA suggested Omayok the Eskimo word meaning alive which everyone thought was appropriate. At tribal council, bcl returned to the game and joined Epstar as immune from the vote due to the controversial events of the challenge and the false accusations against him. The first vote of the newly merged Omayok tribe proved to be just as dramatic as the days events with 6 players receiving votes against them. In the end the result was clear though with charliescene becoming the 9th player voted out of the game 5-1-1-1-1-1.

Episode #10 - "I feel the numbers are fairly even"

At the second individual immunity challenge Epstar was able to take advantage of the lack of participants and earn his second straight individual immunity victory and hold safety once more from the vote. At tribal council some interesting facts were revealed. 9 players remained with the possibility of viewing the numbers in two different lights. Based on original tribes Chukchi held the advantage 5-4 but based on tribes since the shuffle Yukaghir lead Chukchi 5-4. The real question of the night for the castaways was where did their loyalties lie? Hippydude stated that he felt the numbers were fairly even and he was correct, becoming the 10th person voted out and the 1st member of the jury in a 4-3-1-1 vote.

Episode #11 - "I thought I was giving Ep a run for his money"

For the third individual challenge, the remaining contestants had to design what they were playing for...the individual immunity necklace. In a close challenge Epstar won immunity for the 3rd time straight while Endo was deemed to have the best design by a guest judge and thus won reward. At tribal council players were nervous about the vote and Gustawind called himself dumb for not winning the immunity challenge. After players cast their votes it was revealed that the result was the first tied voted of the season with 4 votes for gustawind and 4 votes for bclrockschamp. In the revote the vote shifted just enough and bclrockschamp was voted out 5-3.

Episode #12 - "This Game is All Luck"

At the fourth immunity challenge Epstar was looking to continue his winning streak while the other competitors were looking for their first win. In a game of chance a playing card was revealed to the castaways who would then have to guess if the next card would be higher or lower. Each round the last contestant remaining would score a point, with the first player to reach 3 points winning individual immunity. With Sergeant and MMA tied at two points each the challenge came down to a sudden death battle between the two. An 8 was revealed to the contestants, smack bang in the middle of the order of the cards. Sergeant guessed the next card would be higher while MMA guessed lower. The next card turned out to be a Jack granting Sergeant his first individual immunity win. With the game just progressing past the halfway point it was clear at tribal that nobody wanted to be the next player voted out. In a decisive vote Whizzy became the 3rd member of the jury in a 4-2-1 vote blaming the drama surrounding her in the first immunity challenge for her demise.

Episode #13 - "I'm getting voted out, it's not hard to know"

With 6 players left in the game the immunity challenge tested their knowledge of the season so far as well as US survivor in a trivia challenge. In a neck and neck race to immunity the challenge came down to a two horse race between MMA and Sergeant. Bdreezy and Gustawind tried to keep up but in this first to 7 point challenge they were never really in contention. At the halfway point MMA and Sergeant were locked at 4 points each and it looked like the challenge could go either way. However, from this point in the challenge MMA powered ahead and was able to identify Palau, China, Gabon, Samoa and Kenya as the countries with 5 letters in their names that had hosted survivor. At tribal council Gustawind confessed that he was sure he would be voted out but in a last ditch for survival pointed out to the other Omayok members that he was not a physical threat and could be easily beaten in challenges. In the end his pleas were not enough and Gustawind was voted out 3-2-1.

Episode #14 - "This is not fair, I have legit short term memory loss"

The 6th immunity challenge was designed to test the players memories and was divided into 3 parts. For the first part short snippets of eliminated contestants final words were posted with the castaways guessing who had said the final words. At the end of round 1 MMA and Endo were tied on 3 points each while Bdreezy and Epstar were both not too far behind with 1 point each. For part 2 of the challenge the contestants had to remember the order that their fellow competitors were eliminated from the game with bonus points given to players based on the order they sent their answers. MMA was the first contestant to send their answers and he scored a perfect round getting all 13 eliminated contestants in the right order, Endo was second fastest but made 1 mistake scoring 12/13, Sergeant followed with a perfect round and Epstar was the slowest getting 8 players in the right order. With the round calculated and bonus points added MMA had created a slender lead on 19 points, closely followed by Endo on 17, Bdreezy on 15 and lagging behind Epstar on 9. On part remained however and bonus points would be doubled. For the 3rd round players had to remember the winners of tribal and individual immunity and put them in order. Bdreezy dropped out of the challenge leaving just the 3 other contenders to battle it out. MMA continued his form and completed another perfect round scoring 13/13, Endo had the same trouble as round 2 with 1 answer incorrect scoring 12/13, Epstar was once again not even close with a score of 5/13. Endo was the fastest in the final round but it just wasn't enough with the end margin being just 1 point. The final scores saw MMA win immunity for the 2nd time in a row on a score of 36, Endo finished with 35, Epstar with 16 and Bdreezy with 15. At tribal council it seemed everybody had a hidden immunity idol with the consensus that some of them must be fake. With the votes cast it was the last time a hidden immunity idol could be played. Endo stood up to play an idol but said he felt confident and threw his idol onto the fire (this idol was fake). In a dramatic move that nobody saw coming Sergeant also stood up to play an idol. His idol was indeed real meaning any votes cast against him would not count. With an idol in play the 2 votes cast against sergeant were voided which turned out to be Endo's downfall as he became the 5th member of the jury in an extremely tight 2-2(Idol cancels votes)-1 vote.

Episode #15 - "Finale and Reunion"

"No because I'm in their final 3 deal"

With just 4 players left in the running for the title of sole survivor, it was time to give them some help in the challenges. Each player had a loved one join them in the challenge competing for immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final 3. The challenge involved players cutting ropes of fellow contestants to try and eliminate them from the challenge. There were some impressive performances on display, with players answering questions to cut ropes and their partners answering questions to regain ropes. Sergeant was targeted early on while Epstar was able to answer the most questions correctly but as he had no partner could not gain ropes back and he was eliminated second. In the end it came down to Bdreezy and MMA with both of their partners doing a great job to keep them in the challenge. In one of the closest challenges of the game MMA was able to cut Epstar's final rope and secure individual immunity for the 3rd time running. At tribal council MMA made it clear that he was in a final 2 alliance with Epstar. When Bdreezy was asked if it would be smart to team up with Sergeant to try and get one of the other 2 out he refused as he was part of a final 3 deal with Epstar and MMA meaning if Sergeant was voted out he would have to win immunity to have any shot at making the final 3. When it came time to vote the alliance of 3 stayed strong sending Sergeant home 3-1.

"I submitted dun dun dun"

Before commencing their final challenge the 3 remaining competitors payed their respects to their fallen comrades. Taking the time to say a short piece about all of them and how they had played a part in the game. At the final immunity challenge the fallen comrades had been paired off and their faces morphed together. The final 3 had to figure out whose faces had been morphed together and submit their answers by mail. Epstar was the first to submit his answers but he was incorrect. He was shortly followed by MMA who was also incorrect. Next Bdreezy submitted seconds before MMA resubmitted his answers. 1 player was correct, with Bdreezy expressing doubts that he'd get the answers right on his first try. His doubts were realised as his answers were incorrect with MMA winning immunity for the 4th consecutive time and earning the sole power to vote the last player out of the game. MMA didn't try to disguise his vote and stayed true to his final 2 alliance making bdreezy the final member of the jury with his sole vote.

"What big moves did you make?"

On the final day, MMA and Epstar got to enjoy a feast before heading to face the jury of eliminated peers at the final tribal council. Infront of the jury, MMA was credited for his efforts in the game and the smooth path he took to the final. The main question directed at Epstar asked what moves he made on his own. Epstar tries to argue that he was behind gustawind's elimination and also put forward his 3 challenge wins as reasons to vote for him. In the end the jury believe gust was going home that tribal regardless of Epstar's efforts and MMA had won 4 individual immunity challenges himself. In a convincing 6-1 vote MMA was crowned sole survivor with only bclrockschamp voting for Epstar due to him being the biggest ally he had in the game. After the final a short reunion was held where the next season Survivor Guys vs Girls was announced.


Individual Immunity Challenge #8 (Morphs):


BigAlex and Sergeant


Endo360 and Cubsguy


Mhens and BBlover96


MMAjunkieX and Hippydude


Ofl1998 and Epstar59


Pandaluver333 and Bdreezy15


Spike15 and Gustawind


TheGreat and Bclrockschamp


Whizzy029 and Charliescene0214

Final Words

Castaway Final Words

it was very early on in the game that i got out~ 1ST lol it sucks and i barely had a chance to even compete and strategize! it was fun though goodluck everyone! farewell

TheGreat No final words

No final words


No final words


Well, it was fun! I hope to participate in this kinda thing again, and would hope Bingo would tell me when the next game is! Bye guys, see ya at the Finale!


No final words


this isnt how to play survivor and thats why i lost, oh well.


I wasn't really active, i wish i was


No final words


i've really enjoyed my time in the artic and am quite disappointed that i have been voted off but i believe i always tried my best and showed up to most of the challenges and have never missed a tribal so maybe i didn't deserve to go. All i can say is that at least i am part of the jury and i will hopefully join future games of bingo21's survivor but for now goodbye artic!


No final words


I think my time here was short lived...drama..drama...drama! Alliances were formed quickly. I think my chances of winning plumeted when someone pretended to be me. I had some great friends in this game and i wish them the best of luck!


I say that you can still play the game without alliances. Throughout the whole game, I went without alliances, and if it hadn't been for me being not-so-good in challenges, I would've been even more successful than what i was. :D


Damn, I knew coming into this game it would be hard but never this hard. I met some great people and was one of the two biggest threats in this game. Although being taken out by an idol sucks I definitely feel like I was well played. Good luck, all!


This game was awesome ,I met some great people. I was taken out of this game cause I was a big threat and could of won. I have no regrets and no hard feeling. If I could play again the thing I would do differently is to make alliances sooner. The three other guys in the final 4 with me are awesome i totally respect them and I hope we can be friends outside this game 


No final words

Returning Players

Bdreezy15 returned to compete on the male tribe in Guys vs Girls while Whizzy029 contested the game on the female tribe. They finished 16th and 13th respectively.

Bclrockschamp, Gustawind, Sergeant, and Bdreezy15 all returned to play in Scotland - Arch-Rivals. They placed 17th, 18th, 14th, and 15th respectively.

Bclrockschamp went on to compete in Mesopotamia - Loved Ones and placed 3rd overall.

BBlover96 and Epstar59 competed in Bingo's Best vs. Gaia's Greats. BBlover96 was on the Gaia's Greats tribe and placed 4th overall in the season. While Epstar59 was on the Bingo's Best tribe and placed 12th overall in the season.

BBlover96 appeared as a favourite in Bhutan - Fans vs Favourites placing 8th overall.

Cubsguy831 returned to compete in Second Chances where he placed 13th overall.

MMAjunkieX returned to compete on the Righteous tribe in Rogues vs Righteous where he placed 6th overall.

Hippydude126 and Sergeant returned to compete on the Then tribe in Then vs Now placing 14th and 19th overall.

Ofl1998 returned to compete in India - Second Chances where he placed 5th overall.

BBlover96 returned as a member of Suitman's tribe in Bingo's Battalion vs Suitman's Soldiers where he placed 12th overall.