Survivor Easter Island is the Second Season of BENLINUS's Survivor Series. It Was Started On March 23 2011 and Ended On April 31 2011. The Winner was 77sparks77 with Leacroft as the Runner-Up. 77sparks77 was voted as sprint player of the season and won the $100,000 prize with it. The tribe Fuego brough the Fuego 4, an alliance who dominated the game and 3/4 made it to the final 4. Player Sirbeastly was medically evacuated on day 12 and was replaced by Amf7410, who later went on to come 3rd, but players didnt like the fact that someone came in later after being voted out as it gave a better chance in the game. It was set in Hanga Hotu Iti, Easter Island but the location is yet to be used again. This season also featured a duel for some eliminated players making it a chance of getting back in the game. thecoolyest beat Aerothunder in the final duel but became ill and couldnt be around so Aerothunder re-entered the game.


Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Liamjohnothon Fuego 1st Voted Out Day 3
Harmheijnen Esperanza 2nd Voted Out Day 5
Eman003 Esperanza 3rd Voted Out Day 7
Soiyer Esperanza 4th Voted Out Day 7
Sparticus142 Fuego 5th Voted Out Day 12
Sirbeastly Fuego Medically Evacuated Day 12
Jfsredhead Esperanza 6th Voted Out Day 15
Bobcatmascot16 Esperanza 7th Voted Out Day 18
thecoolyest Esperanza 8th Voted Out Day 20
Kaseyhope101 Fuego 9th Voted Out Day 21
Dolfan1010 Esperanza 10th Voted Out 1st Jury Member Day 24


Esperanza 11th Voted Out 2nd Jury Member Day 28


Fuego 12th Voted Out 3rd Jury Member Day 31
PizPaz Fuego 13th Voted Out 4th Jury Member Day 33
Flamergamer8 Esperanza Quit Day 34
Aerothunder Esperanza Rapa Nui 14th Voted Out 5th Jury Member Day 35
Candaceglam Fuego 15th Voted Out 6th Jury Member Day 36
iGoddess Fuego 16th Voted Out 7th Jury Member Day 37
Amf7410 Fuego 17th Voted Out 8th Jury Member Day 38
Leacroft Fuego Runner-Up
77sparks77 Fuego Sole Survivor