General Information

'Survivor: The Maldives' is Mittens' First Season of Survivor, and it Launched on the 24th November 2011. There is Currently 16 Castaways, and they have been divided into 2 Tribes of 8. The first Twist has been Announced, and that is 'The Little Water Fall' Twist. More about this Twist can be found here;


Below are the Castaways that are Taking Part in 'Survivor: The Maldives'

Castaway Original Tribe Merged Tribe Placing

Votes Recieved at

Tribal Council

Corena Baltari None

16th Place

1st Person Voted Out

6/8 Votes

(1 Self Vote)

Bclrockchamp Guachi None

15th Place

2nd Person Voted Out

7/8 Votes

(1 Self Vote)

Etaco75 Baltari
MaxHZ39 Guachi
Black0ut247 Baltari
Gaiaphage Guachi
Soccerbchris Baltari
Kimmal8 Baltari
SweetRem Guachi
CaptainTangerine Baltari
Spinner554 Guachi
Amf7410 Baltari
Bingo21 Guachi
Steveguy Baltari
Hudspith Guachi