Survivor cambodia 4
This is the 4th season of Smiley20's Survivor Series !!! We are in the Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary, in the country of Cambodia. A place where once upon a time religion was so important, that huge temples were built for the gods. In the second half of the 20th century, Cambodia was the place of one of the bloodiest wars in history and as result, the Khmer Rouge ruled the country. After it's fall, the country started to reestablish itself. Now, this is the place where 18 players will battle with the elements and with each other to be the SOLE SURVIVOR!!!
Contestant Original Tribe Tribe Swap Merged Tribe Position Days Votes
luvable Mekong 1st voted out day 3 3
swimboy Mekong 2nd voted out day 6 6
abeline Mekong quit day 9 2
bobsaget Mekong 3rd voted out day 12 4


Romania Edit
Mekong Dangrek 4th voted out day 15 7
rasmusjt Dangrek Mekong 5th voted out day 15 3
Sunslicer Dangrek Dangrek 6th voted out day 18 5
ferdinandz Dangrek Mekong Angkor 7th voted out / 1st jury member day 21 7


New ZealandEdit
Dangrek Dangrek 8th voted out / 2nd jury member day 24 7
kraken3van Dangrek Dangrek 9th voted out / 3rd jury member day 27 5
Joeker Mekong Mekong 10th voted out / 4th jury member day 30 7
Woodzy Mekong Mekong Evacuated / 5th jury member day 33 8
Jalande Dangrek Dangrek 11th voted out / 6th jury member day 33 9
lamontlamar Dangrek Dangrek 12th voted out / 7th jury member day 35 7
Mrpigglywiggly Dangrek Mekong 13th voted out / 8th jury member day 37 7
Prince_Charming Dangrek Dangrek 14th voted out / 9th jury member day 38 4
pekic Mekong Mekong Runner-up day 39 3
MaxHZ Mekong Dangrek SOLE SURVIVOR day 39 3