Survivor Peru 2
The second season of Smiley20's Survivor Series was held in the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru where 20 contestants battled for the title of Sole Survivor! In the end, Benlinus outplayed all the others and won the second season!
Contestant Original Tribe Tribe Swap Merged Tribe Position Days Votes
moose Atahualpa 1st voted out day 3 3
drupayneis Atahualpa quit day 6 2


Atahualpa evacuated day 9 0
MHens Atahualpa 2nd voted out day 12 3
Usher Cajamarca 3rd voted out day 12 6
ziggyzaggy Cajamarca 4th voted out day 15 4
hippydude Atahualpa Cajamarca 5th voted out day 18 5
DEACES Atahualpa Cajamarca 6th voted out day 20 6
Bellezza Atahualpa Atahualpa 7th voted out day 22 5
BBlover Cajamarca Atahualpa Cajahualpa 8th voted out / 1st jury member day 24 9
bingo Cajamarca Atahualpa 9th voted out / 2nd jury member day 26 5
sbs Cajamarca Cajamarca 10th voted out / 3rd jury member day 28 5
bclrockschamp Cajamarca Cajamarca 11th voted out / 4th jury member day 30 9


Cajamarca Cajamarca 12th voted out / 5th jury member day 32 10
jogo Cajamarca Atahualpa 13th voted out / 6th jury member day 34 9
realitymogul Atahualpa Atahualpa 14th voted out / 7th jury member day 36 11
peace Cajamarca Atahualpa 15th voted out / 8th jury member day 38 8
jflora Cajamarca Cajamarca 2nd Runner-up day 39 5
rapboy Atahualpa Cajamarca Runner-up day 39 2
BENLINUS Atahualpa Atahualpa SOLE SURVIVOR day 39 8