Survivor romania 1

This is the first season of Smiley20's Survivor Series, which was held in the Danube Delta in Romania. The winner of the season was soccerbchris, who received the only vote sent in by one of the jurors.

Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Position Days
timpaxton Danube 1st voted out day 3
eddog Carpatia 2nd voted out day 6
BestHeroD Carpatia 3rd voted out day 9
qwerty3000 Carpatia 4th voted out day 12
me72 Danube 5th voted out day 15
acftw Carpatia 6th voted out day 18
yerg Carpatia Wallachia 7th voted out day 20
boomike Danube 8th voted out day 20
cobain Carpatia 9th voted out / 1st juror day 23
gbold1 Danube 10th voted out / 2nd juror day 26
laidback27 Carpatia 11th voted out / 3rd juror day 29
49288 Carpatia 12th voted out / 4th juror day 32
subfriend Danube 13th voted out / 5th juror day 35
jcolts622 Danube 14th voted out / 6th juror day 37
dolphinsoccer Carpatia 15th voted out / 7th juror day 38
nhulse19 Danube 2nd Runner-up day 39
Ireks Danube Runner-up day 39
soccerbchris Danube SOLE SURVIVOR day 39