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Tengaged's Next Top Model is a modelling competition, which is also a part of the T-Models franchise. It is based off ANTM, sharing similar names, and follows the exact same format as the Next Top Model series. It was created by Supermodel, and host of the show, Millie Titmus, who has now been hosting the show for all 11 seasons.

The first "cycle" premiered on April 16, 2010 making it the second of the T-Models franchise to premiere, shortly behind MMAS, however was thee first to finish, finishing on June 14, 2010. The show is hosted in the group 1895 and is the biggest Top Model-based show on Tengaged. It is currently in it's tenth season, subtitled "The Revival" after being on a two year hiatus. Current judges include Millie Titmus herself, Cycle 9 winner Barbara Palvin, Cycle 9 alumni Lindsay Lavara, as well as Tengaged personality Carly Jay.


Judges Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Millie Titmus Millzipede Main
Barbara Palvin CocoaBean Main
Lindsay Lavara Maxi1234 Main
Carly Jay carlyjordan14 Main
Michael Cimorelli mikec51 Main
Sarah Ward SexyBanana Main Regular Guest¹
Lily Mincey lemonsalsa Main Main Guest
Suzanna Watson Oswald19 Main Guest Guest
Jordan Arias jdsurvivor Guest
Sophia Johnson xbeckywxx Guest
Andrea Smith AndiJean Main

¹Sarah acted a guest judge in Episode 3 of Cycle 10 as Barbara was unavailable. However, Barbara submitted her critiques at the last minute, leaving Sarah's judging role unaired.


As of seasons 1-2, all girls had to be between the ages of 18-25, and be at least 5'7". After Cycle 3, which lasted until Cycle 5, the auditioning age was lowered to 16 to give for more opportunities to younger girls. After cycle 6, the height requirement was raised to 5'8" in an effort to appeal more to the fashion industry's standards, but was lowered back down to 5'7" in Cycle 10 as part of 'The Revival' theme. This rule was revoked in the following cycle, and the height was amended to 5'8".


Cycle Premiere Date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination No. of contestants International destination
1 April 16, 2010 Andrea Smith Angel Tan Skye Johnson, Rachael "Blaze" Lam, Simone Wyse, Felicia James, Monica "McKey" Jefferson, A.J. Patterson, Becky Hoff, Sammy Howland 10 Flag of France.svg
2 June 28, 2010 Sophia Johnson Princess Gard Jackie Linck, Analeigh Roberts, Maryse Brazil, Giselle Ruder, Michelle Jackson, Rosie McGill, Gemma Faulkner, Yema Padilla, Arianna Morse, Rachel Price 12 Flag of Italy.svg
3 October 24, 2010 Lily Mincey Amelia Yach Hilary Green, Kristina Benedict, Aly Klein, Ella Mireles, Tori Alarcon, Jasmina Braithewaite, Danielle Ventura, Kaly Guillemette, Ananda Compo, Tamore Starr, Ciara Young, Lindsey Hannah 14 Flag of Japan.svg
4 November 22, 2010 Jordan Arias Allison Grey Millie Santiago, Eesha Adams, Kalyna Stone, Winnie Vann, Kristen Wood, Sara Bell, Ada "Kandi" Dickinson, Gail O'Brien, Zoe Richardson, Maria Jackson, Alessandra Baumgartner, Gemma Green 14 Flag of South Africa.svg
5 June 24, 2011 Suzanna Watson McKenzie Pablo Eileen "Dimitra" Phillips, Alicia Earls, Danielle Pugh, Diva Powell, Candace McDaniel, Riri Aker, Beverly Clark, Alice Knighton (QUIT), Asia Lira, Yolanda Anson, Becca Hopson 13 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
6 October 22, 2011 Sarah Ward Callie Lusk Paulina Sherma, Aurora Neal (QUIT), Gisela Legere, Kyung Song, Vera Takami, Rose Kaitalyn, Kandi McNeal, Rihanna Lanton, Angel Johnson, Annaliesse Dennigan, Kassi Dungen 13 Flag of Thailand.svg
7 February 12, 2012 Flavia Smith Myzsa Dvorkin Nicolea Levin, Taeyana Kim, Branda-Lee Johnstone, Yaya Teloni, Jessa Bates, Evanessa Flores, Amber Johnson, Bella Ferreira, Taki Takami, Deena Miller, Hailey Clauson 13 Flag of Spain.svg
8 September 4, 2012 McKenzie Pablo Angel Tan Rihanna Lanton, Yolanda Anson, Deena Miller, Andrea Smith, Becca Hopson, Princess Gard, Amelia Yach, Suzanna Watson, Gail O'Brien, Amber Johnson, Flavia Smith, Kristen Wood, Yaya Teloni, Hailey Clauson, Bella Ferreira, Sarah Ward 18 Flag of Greece.svg
9 August 26, 2013 Barbara Palvin Becca Ferreira Kendall Jenner, Dara Tatianna, Miley Love (QUIT), Blossom Hayes, Kendall "Eboni" Washington, Embreal Cameillo, Vanessa Higland, Augustine Rose, Larkin James, Brittany Whitton, Lindsay Lavara 13 23px-Flag of Australia.svg
10 August 17, 2016 Alexandria Ferr Kallie Jenner Tequila Lataynsha, Kylie Blue, Nastasia Gould,
Hailey Morrisey, Ximena De Leon, Brendina Reedera, Chloe Lazaretta, Jessie Woodland, Nina Dobrev, Jordan Jubilee, Anuthida Johnson
13 Flag of the People's Republic of China
11 January 30th, 2017 N/A N/A Eliminated: Jessiba Sharif, Gabrielle Anglerson, Leanne Bower, Siri Handrick (QUIT), Isabelle Rose (QUIT)
Still in the running: Aurora Winters, Estefania Ponce, Hamiko Sai, Kasia Bosko, Marissa Cruz, Sienna Double, Sulli Ahn, Taylor Laine and Victoria Banks
14 N/A


In the past, Tengaged's Next Top Model has collaborated with several other games which follow the same format including Ozzy's Next Top Model and Make Me A Supermodel hosted by Oswald19 and jermin119. Furthermore, a Tengaged 'modelling agency' T-Models was created, to act as prize for winning models. These collaborations acted as a way for creators to share ideas, and to bring more attention to the Top Model community as a whole. While the latter show has now ended, Ozzy's Next Top Model continues to air, however there haven't been any collaborations between the shows since 2012.

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