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Welcome to the Tengaged Groups Wiki. This wikia is about the site Tengaged and Groups on Tengaged http://www.tengaged.com. If you would like to set up a page for your group then don't hesitate to contact Kpnna, Bingo21, LoganWorm Leli14 or 01Gohan by mail on Tengaged. If you would like to setup your individual wikia page to provide information for all of the placings or all of the groups you've hosted on your own personal account, contact LoganWorm to set it up (certain restrictions may apply). NOTE: If you have made a page please inform us so we can link it to the main page. Similarly if you no longer want to use a page, want pages deleted or if your page is vandalised report it to us (01Gohan, Bingo21, Kpnna, Leli14 or LoganWorm) via Tengaged and appropriate action will be taken. Groups Open for Applications (Mail a mod if you want to have your application linked here):

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