Tommy's X Factor
Season 11
Broadcast from June 18th 2020 - July 7th 2020
Judges Tommy
Host(s) Tommy
Broadcaster Tengaged
Twenty One Two

Twenty one two

Origin Falun, Sweden
Song "Look What You Made Me Do"
Genre(s) Rock
Kelly Clarkson
Proceeded by
Season 10
Followed by
Season 12

The eleventh season of the tengaged version of The X Factor was announced on June 12, 2020 at the season finale of The X Factor: The All Stars. Contestants applications for this season opened on June 15, 2020 once the full panel was revealed the day prior. The season premiered on June 18, 2020.

Tommy and Nehemiah returned for their eleventh and seventh seasons respectively. After two seasons, Taylor stepped down as a judge. Chris also stepped down after returning for last season. Like last season, there were open auditions for the third and fourth judge seats accepting applications from both past and new judges. Jack was revealed as a returning judge, originally being on the panel for the third season of the panel, marking a return after a seven season hiatus. Michael was revealed as a new judge the same day.

This season the format remained unchanged from the previous season. The lifeline vote which was introduced at the end of The Showcases in Season 10 will be returning. The public of tengaged voted for which of the unsuccessful acts from The Showcases that they wanted to see join the live shows. The one act with the most votes would join their judge assigned to them during The Showcases making this the second season to feature a Top 13. This season, each mentor selected two of their eliminated acts to battle in the lifeline vote.

The season was won by Twenty One Two (Moviemusicguy123) mentored by newcomer judge Jack, giving him his first win.

 Selection Process Edit

The applications for the eleventh season of The X Factor opened on June 15, 2020. It has been stated that the auditions round will remain the same as seasons past. Each hopeful had to receive a majority 3 or 4 'YES' votes from the judges to make it through to the next stage of the competition: The Judges' Judgement.

Auditions Edit

Auditions began airing on June 18, 2020.

Audition city Date Audition venue Judging panel
Edinburgh, Scotland June 18, 2020 Kings Theartre, Edinburgh


Cardiff, Wales June 19, 2020 Wales Millennium Centre
Manchester, England June 20, 2020 Palace Theatre
London, England June 21, 2020 Cambridge Theatre
June 22, 2020

Episode #1 (June 18th)Edit

Audtioner's Name Category Audition Song Judge's Results
Tommy Jack Michael Nehemiah
Matt Bloyd Boys "Secret Love Song" Yes Yes Yes No
Christina Marie Girls "I Have Nothing" Yes Yes Yes No
Pia Toscano Overs "Doesn't Mean Anything" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rascal Flatts Groups "Changed" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dermot Kennedy Boys "Young and Beautiful" Yes Yes No Yes
La'Porsha Renae Girls "Creep" Yes Yes Yes No
Melodores Groups "No Tears Left To Cry/Thank U, Next" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Olly Murs Overs "Heart Skips a Beat" No No Yes Yes
Dillon James Boys "Make You Feel My Love" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hannah Houston Girls "Unaware" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kelly Clarkson Overs "Lose You To Love Me" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hello Sunday Groups "The Middle" Yes No Yes Yes

Episode #2 (June 19th)Edit

Audtioner's Name Category Audition Song Judge's Results
Tommy Jack Michael Nehemiah
Angelina Jordan Girls "Shield" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lana Del Rey Overs "Born To Die" Yes Yes No No
Tank and the Bangas Groups "Nice Things" Yes No No Yes
Journey Groups "Don't Stop Believing" No No Yes Yes
Noa Jansen Girls "Shallow" Yes No No Yes
Dennis Lorenzo Boys "In My Blood" Yes Yes No Yes
Demi Lovato Girls "Father" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Luke Friend Boys "Skinny Love" Yes Yes No Yes
Lady Gaga Overs "Million Reasons" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taylor Swift Girls "Blank Space" Yes No Yes No
Alexandra Burke Overs "Saving All My Love" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ella Henderson Girls "Goodbye" Yes Yes Yes Yes

Episode #3 (June 20th)Edit

Audtioner's Name Category Audition Song Judge's Results
Tommy Jack Michael Nehemiah
Lloyd Macey Boys "Lay Me Down" Yes Yes No Yes
Little Mix Groups "Don't Let Go" Yes Yes Yes No
Chris Jamison Boys "Gravity" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Megan McKenna Girls "If You" Yes Yes Yes No
Rose Short Overs "Border Song" Yes Yes Yes No
Faux Paz Groups "Midnight" Yes No Yes Yes
The Petersons Groups "Take Me Home, Country Roads" Yes Yes No Yes
Robyn Adele Anderson Girls "Poker Face" Yes No Yes Yes
Regina Spektor Overs "Folding Chair" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jonny West Boys "Faithfully" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Petr Borkovec Boys "Hold Back The River" Yes Yes No Yes
Jess Folley Girls "Survivor" Yes Yes Yes Yes

Episode #4 (June 21st)Edit

Audtioner's Name Category Audition Song Judge's Results
Tommy Jack Michael Nehemiah
JONA Overs "Never Enough" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Darline Groups "Touch" No Yes No Yes
Paxton Ingram Boys "I'd Do Anything For Love" Yes Yes No Yes
India Carney Girls "New York State of Mind" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elton John Overs "Border Song" Yes No No Yes
Jonas Brothers Groups "S.O.S." No No Yes No
Emarjhun De Guzman Boys "One Day" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elaine Duran Girls "Now That You're Gone" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Garrett Bolden Overs "Lay Me Down" Yes Yes Yes Yes
TNT Boys Groups "Listen" Yes No Yes Yes
Sarah Ikumu Girls "And I Am Telling You" Yes Yes Yes Yes

Episode #5 (June 22nd)Edit

Audtioner's Name Category Audition Song Judge's Results
Tommy Jack Michael Nehemiah
Jess Glynne Overs "I'll Be There" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Melinda Doolittle Overs "I'm a Woman" Yes No Yes Yes
Mo Adeniran Boys "Unsteady" Yes Yes Yes No
Twenty One Two Groups "Drag Me Down" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Walk Off The Earth Groups "Girls Like You" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Florence and the Machine Groups "Cosmic Love" Yes No Yes Yes
Candice Glover Overs "Ordinary People" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Caleb Johnson Boys "Pressure and Time" Yes Yes No Yes
Forestella Groups "Nella Fatasia" Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jane Zhang Girls "Loving You" Yes No Yes Yes
Kwon Minje Boys "Akin Ka Na Lang" Yes Yes Yes Yes
JoJo Overs "Man" Yes Yes Yes Yes

The Judgement Edit

50 acts made it through the auditions to the judgement, the judges reviewed the auditions once more to determine which acts would join which team and which two acts would be eliminated from the competition. They will then rank the Top 50 in order of who they want on their own teams individually. Each team will have 12 artists this season, sticking with the same numbers as last season.

The order was randomized as followed: Tommy, Nehemiah, Jack, Michael. The picking order was reversed back and forth through rounds.

Episode #6 (June 22nd)Edit

Special Guest Performance: All Stars 1 Champion Boyce Avenue "Never Enough".

Draft Round Judge's Pick
Tommy Nehemiah Jack Michael
1 Dillon James Jonny West Melodores Kelly Clarkson
2 Elaine Duran Rose Short Jess Folley Matt Bloyd
3 Pia Toscano Angelina Jordan Demi Lovato Forestella
4 Lloyd Macey JoJo Twenty One Two Hannah Huston
5 Rascal Flatts Luke Friend Jess Glynne Little Mix
6 Dennis Lorenzo Garrett Bolden JONA Chris Jamison
7 Ella Henderson Alexandra Burke Lady Gaga TNT Boys
8 Florence and the Machine Petr Borkovec  Mo Adeniran La'Porsha Renae
9 India Carney Regina Spektor  Megan McKenna Jane Zhang
10 Robyn Adele Anderson Walk Off The Earth  Christina Marie Candice Glover
11 Kwon Minje The Petersons  Sarah Ikumu Melinda Doolittle
12 Faux Paz Caleb Johnson  Paxton Ingram Dermot Kennedy
Eliminated Emarjhun De Guzman, Hello Sunday

The Knockouts Edit

The Knockouts started airing on June 24 for a consecutive four nights. Each judge would have to select one winner from each of their pairings to advance to The Showcases (Top 32). Each judge can steal two eliminated artists from another team.

     Artist lost The Knockout but was stolen by another judge and advanced to The Showcases.
     Artist lost The Knockout and was eliminated.
Episodes Judge Order Artist Song 'Steal' result
Tommy Jack Michael Nehemiah
Episode 7
(June 24th)
Michael 1 Dermot Kennedy "Thinking Out Loud" - - N/A -
2 Hannah Huston "Something's Got a Hold of Me" Winner
Nehemiah 3 Regina Spektor "Don't Leave Me" - - - N/A
4 Angelina Jordan "Bohemian Rhapsody" Winner
Jack 5 Lady Gaga "Speechless" Winner
6 Paxton Ingram "Dancing On My Own" - N/A - -
Michael 7 La'Porsha Renae "Ready For Love" Winner
8 Melinda Doolittle "My Funny Valentine" - - N/A
Nehemiah 9 Luke Friend "Somewhere Only We Know" - - - N/A
10 JoJo "Save My Soul" Winner
Tommy 11 Robyn Adele Anderson "YMCA" N/A - - -
12 Ella Henderson "Believe" Winner
Episode 8
(June 25th)
Michael 1 Candice Glover "Love Song" - N/A -
2 Kelly Clarkson "The Story" Winner
Nehemiah 3 Jonny West "You Found Me" Winner
4 Petr Borkovec "Human" - - - N/A
Michael 5 TNT Boys "Flashlight" Winner
6 Little Mix "You Got The Love" N/A
Tommy 7 Faux Pax "Bad Blood" N/A - -
8 Florence and the Machine "Rabbit Heart" Winner
Tommy 9 Elaine Duran "Someday" N/A - - N/A
10 Kwon Minje "She's Gone Winner
Episode 9
(June 26th)
Jack 1 Sarah Ikumu "Purple Rain" N/A - N/A
2 Demi Lovato "Skyscraper" Winner
Michael 3 Chris Jamison "When I Was Your Man" N/A - N/A N/A
4 Matt Bloyd "Shape of My Heart" Winner
Tommy 5 Dennis Lorenzo "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" N/A - - N/A
6 Lloyd Macey "City of Stars" Winner
Nehemiah 7 Alexandra Burke "You Are So Beautiful" Winner
8 Rose Short "Steamroller" N/A N/A
Jack 9 Melodores "Youngblood" Winner
10 Christina Marie "Vision of Love" N/A N/A - N/A
Nehemiah 11 The Petersons "Wade In The Water" Winner
12 Walk Off The Earth "From Me To You" N/A N/A - N/A
Jack 13 JONA "You Are The Reason" N/A N/A N/A
14 Mo Adeniran "Iron Sky" Winner
Episode 10
(June 27th)
Tommy 1 Dillon James "Flow" Winner
2 Rascal Flatts "I Won't Let Go" N/A N/A N/A
Jack 3 Twenty One Two "Scares To Be Lonely" Winner
4 Jess Folley "Alive" N/A N/A N/A N/A
Tommy 5 India Carney "A Thousand Years" N/A N/A N/A N/A
6 Pia Toscano "All In Love Is Fair" Winner
Nehemiah 7 Caleb Johnson "Still of the Night" N/A N/A N/A N/A
8 Garrett Bolden "Ordinary People" Winner
Michael 9 Jane Zhang "The Diva Dance" N/A N/A N/A N/A
10 Forestella "Face That I Miss" Winner
Jack 11 Jess Glynne "All I Am" Winner
12 Megan McKenna "Story of Me" N/A N/A N/A N/A

The Showcases Edit

The Showcases started airing on June 29 and aired for two consecutive nights. At this stage of the competition, each artist performed for the judges, however it was the decision of their mentor on which three acts from their team made it to the live Quarter-Finals. Returning this season was the Lifeline Vote, however, there was a small change. At the end of the second nights Showcase the judges will select 2 of the 5 eliminated acts from their teams to move onto the public poll. The later 3 would be eliminated and the highest vote getter would join the live shows to form a Top 13, joining their mentor's team from The Showcases. The winner of the Lifeline Vote was announced at the start of the first live show.

     Artist was eliminated, but saved by the Lifeline Vote and advanced to the Live Shows.
     Artist was eliminated, but was eligible for the Lifeline Vote and lost and was eliminated.
     Artist was eliminated in The Showcases.
Episode Judge Order Artist Song Result
Episode 11
May 23rd
Nehemiah 1 Jonny West "Almost There" Eliminated
2 Garrett Bolden "Angels Brought Me Here" Advanced
3 JoJo "Who's Loving You" Advanced
4 Alexandra Burke "Hallelujah" Advanced
5 The Petersons "Jolene" Eliminated
6 Melinda Doolittle "There Will Come A Day" Eliminated
7 Angelina Jordan "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" Eliminated
8 Faux Paz "Emperors New Clothes" Eliminated
Micheal 9 TNT Boys "And I'm Telling You" Eliminated
10 Kelly Clarkson "Love So Soft" Advanced
11 Forestella "Bohemian Rhapsody" Eliminated
12 Hannah Houston "House Of The Rising Sun" Eliminated
13 Matt Bloyd "Tennesse Whiskey" Advanced
14 La'Porsha Renee "No More Drama" Eliminated
15 Rascal Flatts "Bless The Broken Roads" Eliminated
16 JONA "This Is Me" Advanced
Episode 12
May 24th
Tommy 1 Sarah Ikumu "Glory" Advanced
2 Dillon James "Gunsmoke" Advanced
3 Pia Toscano "This Time" Lifeline Vote
4 Candice Glover "I Who Have Nothing" Advanced
5 Ella Henderson "Written In The Stars" Eliminated
6 Kwon Minje "Love Never Dies" Eliminated
7 Lloyd Macey "Hero" Eliminated
8 Florence and the Machines "You've Got The Love Eliminated
Jack 9 Little Mix "Secret Love Song" Eliminated
10 Meladores "Work Song" Eliminated
11 Jess Glynne "Tears Dry On Their Own" Eliminated
12 Lady Gaga "The Edge Of Glory" Eliminated
13 Twenty One Two "Chandlier" Advanced
14 Rose Short "Big White Room" Advanced
15 Demi Lovato "Let It Go" Eliminated
16 Mo Adeniran "Human" Advanced

Live showsEdit

Thirteen acts made it through to the live shows to compete to become the tenth singing sensation of The X Factor. Each judge picked three acts from their showcase team to represent them in the live shows. A new lifeline vote was then introduced for the eliminated acts of The Showcases, the winner of the public lifeline vote would join the live shows as part of their former team.

     Artist was saved by Judges rankings
     Artist was placed in the bottom nine
     Artist was saved by his/her judge
     Artist was eliminated.

Week 1: Quarter-Finals (July 2 & July 3)Edit

In the Quarter-Finals, the Top 13 performed for the judges who awarded points to each artist. At the end of the first night, each judge was able to save one of their own acts by awarding them with a 'fast pass' to the semi-finals. The remaining 8 acts performed their save me songs on the second night, the five acts with the lowest combined points from both nights were eliminated from the competition. TBA was announced as the receiver of the lifeline vote and rejoined Team TBA.

Special guests:

Episode Judge Order Artist Song Result
Episode 13
July 2nd
Michael 1 JONA "You" Bottom Nine
Michael 2 Matt Bloyd "Strangers Like Me" Bottom Nine
Jack 3 Mo Adeniran "Don't You Worry Child" Bottom Nine
Tommy 4 Pia Toscano "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" Bottom Nine
Tommy 5 Sarah Ikumu "Rise Up" Fast Pass
Michael 6 Kelly Clarkson "It's Quiet Uptown" Fast Pass
Tommy 7 Dillon James "The Times They Are A-Changin" Bottom Nine
Jack 8 Rose Short "Preach" Bottom Nine
Tommy 9 Candice Glover "When You Believe" Bottom Nine
Nehemiah 10 Garrett Bolden "All Of Me" Bottom Nine
Nehemiah 11 JoJo "Joanna" Fast Pass
Jack 12 Twenty One Two "Perfect" Fast Pass
Nehemiah 13 Alexandra Burke "All Night Long" Bottom Nine
Save Me Performances
Episode 14
July 3rd
Nehemiah 1 Garrett Bolden "When I Was Your Man" Eliminated
Jack 2 Mo Adeniran "Knocking On Heavens Door" Eliminated
Micheal 3 JONA "I'll Never Love This Way Again" Eliminated
Nehemiah 4 Alexandra Burke "Silence" Eliminated
Tommy 5 Dillon James "Yesterday" Judges Vote
Micheal 6 Matt Bloyd "I Have Nothing" Eliminated
Tommy 7 Pia Toscano "I'll Stand By You" Judges Vote
Jack 8 Rose Short "God's Country" Judges Vote
Tommy 9 Candice Glover "Don't Make Me Over" Judges Vote

Week 2: Semi-Finals (July 5)Edit

In the Semi-Finals, the Top 8 performed for the judges who awarded points to each artist. At the end of the night, the four acts from any team with the lowest points was eliminated from the competition.

Special guests:

Episode Judge Order Artist Song Result
Episode 15
July 5th
Michael 1 Kelly Clarkson "I Dare You" Judges Vote
Tommy 2 Sarah Ikumu Here And Now" Eliminated
Jack 3 Twenty One Two "Love Yourself" Judges Vote
Nehemiah 4 JoJo "White Iverson" Judges Vote
Jack 5 Rose Short "You Make Me Feel" Eliminated
Tommy 6 Pia Toscano "All By Myself" Eliminated
Tommy 7 Dillon James "Hang On, Hang On" Judges Vote
Tommy 8 Candice Glover "You've Changed" Eliminated

Week 3: Season Finale (July 7)Edit

In the Season Finale, the Top 4 performed for the judges who awarded points to each artist. They first had to each perform a new song and then their song of the season, the act in fourth place was then eliminated. The remaining three acts went on to sing their potential winning singles with their points from the previous two rounds carried over.

Special guests:

  • The previous season winners and current judges entered to the song "We Are The World" .
  • TBC
  • TBC
Episode Judge Order Artist Song Result
Episode 16
July 7th
Jack 1 Twenty One Two "7 Years" N/A
Michael 2 Kelly Clarkson Meaning Of Life N/A
Tommy 3 Dillon James "Willing And Able" N/A
Nehemiah 4 JoJo "Say Love" N/A
Song of the Season
Jack 5 Twenty One Two "Scared To Be Lonely" Judges Vote
Michael 6 Kelly Clarkson "It's Quiet Uptown" Judges Vote
Tommy 7 Dillon James "Hang On, Hang On Eliminated
Nehemiah 8 JoJo "Who's Loving You" Judges Vote
Winning Song
Jack 9 Twenty One Two "Look What You Made Me Do" Winner
Michael 10 Kelly Clarkson "Piece By Piece" Runner-Up
Nehemiah 11 JoJo "Pretty Wings" Third Place

Top 13Edit

Elimination ChartEdit


Color Key
Artist's Info
Color Key
Artist's Info
  •      Team Tommy
  •      Team Jack
  •      Team Michael
  •      Team Nehemiah
Result details
  •      Winner
  •      Runner-up
  •      Third place
  •      Fourth place
  •      Saved by the Judges' Rankings
  •      Saved by Judges' Fast Pass
  •      Did not receive immunity from the round 2 elimination
  •      Immune
  •      Eliminated
Live Show Results per week
Artists Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Night 1 Night 2 Top 4 Top 3
Twenty One Two Safe Immune Safe Safe Winner
Kelly Clarkson Safe Immune Safe Safe Runner-up
JoJo Safe Immune Safe Safe Third Place
Dillon James Not Chosen Safe Safe Fourth Place (Week 3)
Rose Short Not Chosen Safe Eliminated (Week 2)
Candice Glover Not Chosen Safe Eliminated (Week 2)
Sarah Ikumu Safe Immune Eliminated (Week 2)
Pia Toscano Not Chosen Safe Eliminated (Week 2)
Alexandra Burke Not Chosen Eliminated (Week 1)
Garrett Bolden Not Chosen Eliminated (Week 1)
JONA Not Chosen Eliminated (Week 1)
Mo Adeniran Not Chosen Eliminated (Week 1)
Matt Bloyd Not Chosen Eliminated (Week 1)
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