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Uziga Waita or 氏賀Y太 is the pen-name of a famous manga artist who is widely regarded to be Japan's equivalent of Dr. Suess - Except instead of writing stories with rhymes and lovable characters, Uziga enjoys writing stories about women being mutilated and killed in the most absurd and over-the-top ways that he can think of. Isn't Japan just wonderful?

The phrase "Uzi ga waita" can literally mean "The maggots have gushed forth" in Japanese – So you know that this guy's put a lot of effort into his image and branding.


Cat Hole

A girl goes looking for her lost cat, falls in a hole, gets impaled on a metal pole, dies and gets eaten by her cat.


A loli calls a fat, ugly otaku "disgusting" and he responds by raping her and then turning her inside-out.

Mr. Sarubato's Rowdy Classroom

A girl wets herself in class and her teacher turns her into a brain in a jar.

Night of Chrysalis

A woman dissolves her daughter's innards with chemicals and then wears her skin as the God-bestowed ultimate "Cloth of Rapture".

You After the Rain

A guy's girlfriend becomes a zombie and then he feeds himself to her. This story actually got a live-action movie adaptation, srsly.

This Piece of Meat is Talking

A loli is forced to watch as her mother is dissected alive by communists.

Flesh-Coloured Liquid

A mad scientist turns a girl into Jabba the Hutt and then ends up being eaten alive by the girl's vagina.

The Lawless Area of Oz

Uziga's take on The Wizard of Oz, with more rape and murder than the original source material.

Jingle Bells

Santa Claus murders a girl's parents, gets the girl to murder her own sister and then fucks the girl on top of her sister's mutilated corpse.

High School Girl in Concrete

Quite possibly the most disturbing of Uziga's works. This is based off the real life story of Junko Furuta, a girl who was abducted, raped, murdered and stuffed in a drum that was then filled with concrete.

Child of Mixed Parentage

A half-black half-Japanese boy grows up to become a serial killer because his mom hated him and everyone in Japan called him a n*gger.
The Gravestone of My Sister Suzuri
After loosing their parents a boy becomes obsessed with his sister to the point where he pays a doctor to mutilate her so she can’t leave him for someone else.
The Case of the Murder of a Pregnant Woman in Central District
A pregnant woman is raped and strangled, then the killer removes her unborn baby and stuffs a telephone in her womb. They never catch him and the statute of limitations runs out.

Dreamy Hamburg Steak


This is the man who should be running Tengaged.

Mai-chan's Daily Life

A girl works as a servant and a sex slave to her mistress. Oh and she can regenerate so like G O D level shit, ya know ? So like, she's raped, burner and mutilated and shit. Her mistress brings another boy whose can also regenarate. They're forced to fuck and she gets pregnant. This American rich man president fuck digs out the the baby in her stomach and blends the baby after fucking her. This got a live-adaptation :/