Him as of October 17th, 2012

Zbase4 is a user that plays in various Tengaged group games. He is a black level on the site.

Games played:Edit

Name of Season



Idols/Trinkets Found/Given

Yankeemans Survivor Superpowers 7th place Everyone has a special superpower given to them. Shape-Shifting
LoganWorm's Survivor: Samoa 12th Phony Idols No Idols Found

Suitman's Survivor: Tocantins


Twistless Forza Idol
BENLINUS': Survivor Panama - Exile Island 4th Exile Island No Idols Found
Mearl's Survivor: Idol Wars 12th Everyone has a special idol Force Idol (Given to BBLover96)
Suitman's Survivor: South Pacific 3rd Redemption Island Idol given to me from Cmack, Final 7
BENLINUS': Survivor Micronesia - Fans vs Favorites 7th Tribe switch No Idols Found
Mearl's Survivor: Redemption Island 8th Coaches + Tribe Switch  No Idols Found
Gaiaphage's Survivor: Return to Bouvet Island 29th 91 person season with numerous twists Idol of Discord located, Idol of Force given
Survivor: All-Stars: Two Worlds 15th Two Worlds + Tribe Switch No Idols Found
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